Dear Candidate Mitt Romney,

We still need some information from you – Your Tax Returns

We received your application for the vacant tax payer  funded federal Government opportunity – Office of the President. Thanks for your interest in this position.However, we still need  more information from you before we review your request.

Nothing personal, ” we are urging you to follow  our protocol of transparency set by past candidates and releases your tax returns. Employers (Voters) deserve to know your financial history.”

Please release or send us all of your information below as soon as possible. Don’t risk being dropped from this one life opportunity. We are happy that you are applying for the first job in this country. However, part of the interview process, is to submit to us all the documentation required.

There are rules and regulations to this vacancy  called “Vetting” as requirements for all the candidates. Since I am one of the panelists interviewing you, I noticed your application is incomplete. You didn’t send all the information required to approve your application.

As a matter of urgency for your pending application, Please send all your tax returns for the past 10 years by October 15,2012, to unable us make a right decision whether you qualify for this job or not. We will appreciate your response by October 15 2012.

Please let us know if you are having problems obtaining your tax copies from IRS, so that we can help you with option B. Fill in IRS Form 4506T-EZ ( Request for Transcript of Tax Return) – sign and date this form. You can choose to send it direct to IRS, or send it to us so that we can ask it for you.

NOTE: Please do not send us your original Tax returns. Send copies or post them on-line in PDF format so that we can download them and make them available to our panelists for your second interview. You have 2 more interviews to go.

Again, we appreciate your interest in the federal government job, but as per protocol, we are urging you to follow the same rule as precedent of transparency set by past candidates and release your tax returns.

By that we mean, all candidates should have no secrets about their financials, paying  fair share of taxes, and investing here in America.


Tax Payer

Your Prospective Employer


What happened last night? Romney got away with murder on middle class. No mention about 47%, No mention about Bain Capital, No mention “I like to fire people”, No challenging him on his Tax returns, no challenging Romney about shipping jobs overseas, No challenge on his investment in Cayenne Island, No going after him about his Romney Care. Millionaire tax cuts. How about Romney advocating to go

to war with Iran? No mention, nothing, Zero.
What happened to President Obama? Why did he look that flat? Why did he look so dehydrated? Why wasn’t he looking at Romney, and ask him questions about his flip flopping on issues? Why did he let Romney walk on him like that, without punching back? Could it be that, the president was dealing with some foreign policy issues during the day? Why did the president accept to have his first debate on his wedding day anniversary?
I mean Romney has said stupid stuff, and yet the president just stood there and said nothing about Romney’s record. The philosophical approach does not work when your opponent is taking you in a mud slide fight.
When somebody punches you hard, change your stance and punch harder. Romney is sitting on so many time bombs and yet, the president did not challenge Romney on any of his flip flopping stances. The mistake Democrats are making, is assuming all Americans are savvy, and know what’s going on.
Mr. President, your campaign advisor said Americans know the truth, and I am saying no they don’t. Many are not interested in reading long essays, or going to read on your website. They are babies. They need to be fed porridge every morning.
Not many people follow the blogs, or stick to a television set. A debate is a huge thing, and should not be underplayed. Many Voters wait for that moment, and President Obama just brought back Romney back in the race. He should have finished him off, by asking him to explain himself about the 47% remarks, About Bain Capital, and about how he, Romney was part of shipping jobs overseas. Again what happened to President Obama last night? I still do not trust Romney with the middle class and immigrants. So even if he shined on the first debate, having experience with Christ Christie, taught me a lesson not to trust anything that comes out of a Republican mouth.

Dear readers  of this blog,

I would like to apologize for being  quiet for a long time.  Time to get to work.

I can admit one thing, The rhetoric from both parties, Democrats and Republicans threw me off the cliff. The 2010 election, was so disgusting . As you can see , My last blog was in 2010. As many of you know I blogged a lot about politics, specifically election years, 2008, and 2010. The Rhetoric against immigrants and towards the sitting president turned me off. However, I am here to announce to you that I am back. I can’t sit back and just watch on the sideline. I will talk a lot about  immigration, since I am an immigrant. I will talk about the 2012 election, and I will call out any politician who is flip floping  just to win an election.

I will also talk a bit about my back ground, my native country, issues of my native country and what is going on outside this world for education purpose only.

Warning:  I am a well informed immigrant and, and registered Independent voter. If you punch me, I will punch back harder.

I am not afraid to call out hypocrisy, so fasten your belts, because  it’s going to get hot in here. At the end of the day we all want a peaceful happy America that gets along with many countries.

I am an Independent voter, and a proud immigrant, who not only pays attention to what politicians say, but also takes pride in helping others, and, the vulnerable in my community.I am a strong advocate for women across the globe as well.

I decided to change the title of this blog, so that it reflects, who I am. I am an immigrant, just like every person living in America. You are all immigrants, except the native Indians. Whether you crossed the ocean in 1607, or you came yesterday, the point is, it does not make you better than others who came after you.

I fully supported the sitting president in 2008, and guess what? I will still support him this year. Call me what you want , but truth is, I pay attention to details.

The fact that the Republican minority leader of the senate Mitch McConnell, and, the  leader of the house John Boehner, declared that they want to make sure president Obama is a one term president, I  can’t trust, or support any policians who just turn against his own sitting president in the time when this country needs to unite, especially after the election. Republicans and some Democrats could not put the party line aside and make a compromise, for the sake of your country.

It’s not that President Obama’s supporters threw him under the bus, the problem is, any normal American who  pays attention to politics , is disgusted with the system, where money is buying elections.

As long as no politician or any corporation pays my bills, you have no right to shut me up, especially when I pay my fair share of Taxes and you refuse to pay your share, you hide your taxes, you  dodge your obligation to pay your taxes, but come hard on a people  like me, expect me to follow all the laws, including paying my taxes.

That is why I am back, and that is why I am here to voice out my views and opinions.

Stay tuned for more …..


November 02, 2010.

Vote Theise  For Congress. Today is Election Day. Polls are open from 6:00AM to 8:00PM.

  1.  Express Times:- ” Theise makes a more balanced argument to steer the country out of its crisis, and we endorse his candidacy. He is showing a willingness to engage the public and debate in a way Garrett did not in this campaign. While most incumbents claim this advantage, Garrett seems to be taking it to an extreme.”
  2.  Michael Fremer:-We deserve moderate, responsible representation in Washington. We haven’t had that since Marge Roukema retired.”
  3. The Records:- “Democratic challenger Tod Theise would bring a very different voice to Washington, one that deeply understands the district’s conservative base, but is more in line with the state’s social values.   Keeping a close eye on federal dollars and trying to rein in spending where necessary is a wise and good thing to do, but we do not believe a congressman who votes against nearly every bill simply on fiscal grounds best serves the people of the 5th District.”
  4.  Theise will never vote against the will of middle class.
  5.  Theise will fight to bring back 9.8 Billion back to New Jersey from Washington by introducing the law when elected for every state to get a minimum of 75 cents minimum back to every tax dollar we send to Washington.
  6. Theise believe in being our brother and sisters keepers in time of hardships. We rise and fall together as Americans.
  7. Theise is a uniter and not a divider.
  8.  Theise wants tax cuts for Middle class not only the 2% rich. He criticized the Bush Cuts  in contributing to the deficit that brought this country to its knees from 2000 -2008. They contributed to a lot of unemplyment because jobs were shipped abroad.
  9. Theise Supports investing in America and creating jobs for Americans.
  10.  Theise supports the Obama health care law. He believes it has good things in it but should be improved to remove mandates.
  11.   Theise  understands that, punishing people who try to follow the law is not a way todeal with Illegal immigration . The immigration system should improve and  for undocumented immigrants living here, he wants to revive the guest-worker program backed by Sen. John McCain and former President George W. Bush. For people brought to the United States when they were small children, he supports finding a way for them to apply for citizenship.
  12.  Theise does not support privatization of Social security. Seniors will lose their money if that happened.

 Why Should you retire the incumbent Garrett his  opponent ?

Garrett  voted against everything that benefits middle class Americans. 

  1. He voted against bills to help Hurricane Katrina victims ,
  2.  He Voted against  providing a Medicare prescription drug benefit plan,
  3.   Twice he voted against a bill to ensure medical care and compensation for Ground Zero workers. 
  4. He also has voted repeatedly against extending unemployment benefits.
  5.  He voted against Senior Financial Empowerment Act 2010 H R 3040
  6.  He voted against Consumer protection Act
  7.   He voted against Medical Relef Act H R 3421
  8. He voted Against Small Business Development  H R 1845
  9.  He voted against  Natural Risk Reduction Act 2009 H R 3820
  10.  He voted against Health Insurance Industry Fair Competition Act H R 4626
  11.  He voted against Energy jobs for Veterans ACT HR 4592
  12.  He voted against Plain Writing Act

The list is too long to list all the bills Garrett voted against. He is fine with collecting Government funded benefits and his big salary.

Did I also mention that he has made a career out of politics? In Warren county the worse thing is cronyism, We have people like Republican DiMao  Assembly man  collecting two checks from the government, funded by the tax payers. typical of the Republican hypocrisy.

They want small government and yet they are always lining up for government jobs. Republican Acetturo lost his election for Freeholder, an antic dealer by profession, now  has been appointed to head the motor vehicle department.. How is that shrinking the size of government? I thought Government is bad…

Coming back to Garrett, he should be sent packing. He does not represent the middle class but  foreign corporations and financial institutions who got the bailout  from the government , as evidenced below:


Garrett  Foreign Corporation REPRESENTATIVE (R – NJ)  

Donors (Big Corporations)

Download: View Top 20 | Top 100
Rank   Contributor   Total   Indivs   PACs  
1 Ridgewood Renewable Power $12,000 $12,000 $0
2 Bank of America $10,500 $500 $10,000
3 GFI Group $10,200 $10,200 $0
4 Indep Insurance Agents & Brokers/America $10,000 $0 $10,000
4 KPMG International $10,000 $0 $10,000
4 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance $10,000 $0 $10,000
4 New York Life Insurance $10,000 $0 $10,000
4 PricewaterhouseCoopers $10,000 $0 $10,000
9 Harris FRC $9,600 $9,600 $0
9 Mobile Fabrics Inc $9,600 $9,600 $0
9 Permal Group $9,600 $9,600 $0
12 American Shipping & Logistics Group $8,600 $0 $8,600
13 Hartford Financial Services $8,500 $0 $8,500
14 FMR Corp $8,250 $250 $8,000
15 ACA International $7,500 $0 $7,500
15 Investment Co Institute $7,500 $0 $7,500
15 National Beer Wholesalers Assn $7,500 $0 $7,500
15 Valley Health System $7,500 $7,500 $0
19 BASF SE $7,000 $0 $7,000
19 Managed Funds Assn $7,000 $0 $7,000
19 Prudential PLC $7,000 $0 $7,000

Top 20 Industries


contributing to Campaign Cmte      
Industry   Total   Indivs   PACs  
Securities & Investment $131,310 $52,310 $79,000
Insurance $129,300 $12,100 $117,200
Retired $63,872 $63,872 $0
Lawyers/Law Firms $42,791 $31,791 $11,000
Real Estate $36,075 $14,575 $21,500
Misc Finance $31,760 $12,760 $19,000
Commercial Banks $31,500 $9,500 $22,000
Accountants $30,400 $4,400 $26,000
Finance/Credit Companies $27,500 $0 $27,500
Oil & Gas $26,400 $9,900 $16,500
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $24,600 $9,600 $15,000
Health Professionals $18,900 $16,650 $2,250
Electric Utilities $18,500 $0 $18,500
Lobbyists $18,210 $17,210 $1,000
Republican/Conservative $16,750 $14,750 $2,000
Business Services $16,700 $15,700 $1,000
Automotive $15,050 $9,050 $6,000
Misc Manufacturing & Distributing $14,400 $8,400 $6,000
Pro-Israel $13,050 $12,050 $1,000
Hospitals/Nursing Homes $12,875 $11,375 $1,500

Guest post

Tod Theise Demands that Scott Garrett Resign his Office Immediately

News Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                            CONTACT:                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

September 30, 2010

Congressional Candidate and first responder calls out Garrett for voting

Two times in less than two months to deny 9/11 heroes life-saving medical benefits

Washington, NJ – Democratic candidate for Congress Tod Theise today called upon Congressman Scott Garrett to resign his seat based on Garrett voting twice in less than two months to deny the heroic 9/11 first responders medical benefits necessary to save their lives. 

Theise, who serves as a 1st Lieutenant in the New York Guard and works with first responders, issued the following statement:

“Congressman Scott Garrett irreparably dishonored his office by voting not just once, but twice, to deny health care funding for the heroes that responded to the call of duty on September 11, 2001.   This isn’t a campaign issue for me.  It is personal.

I currently serve as a 1st Lieutenant in the New York Guard (the “Guard”).  The Guard is a volunteer military force whose stated mission is to augment the New York National Guard (unfortunately, New Jersey has no counterpart to the Guard).  We train primarily in the areas of emergency management and response.  In the likely event New York City is once again subjected to a 9/11-scale attack, I will be called upon to serve alongside the same courageous breed of first responders that Scott Garrett callously cast aside with his vote.

Every single member of New Jersey’s Congressional delegation other than Garrett – both Republican and Democrat – twice voted to honor these brave men and women by extending them health care coverage to treat the grievous damage they suffered defending our nation.  These twelve Congressmen recognized that New Jersey was uniquely impacted on September 11th and that the heroic actions of these first responders were the only thing that prevented an even greater loss of life.  Now these same first responders who gave life to so many need our assistance to save their own lives.  They can count on my full and unwavering support.  How Scott Garrett can turn his back not once, but twice on these patriots is utterly un-American and patently treacherous.  

My candidacy stands for far more than simply being elected to Congress.  It is about standing up for those patriots who gave all to protect our nation in its darkest hour.  I can never erase from my mind the image of fire fighters receiving their last rites as they prepared to head into the towers.  These men and all those that served that day understood the true nature and cost of honor.  The people of the 5th district deserve a Congressman who shares this understanding.  And it is not Scott Garrett.  I am demanding that Garrett immediately resign his office based on his disgraceful conduct. 

Tod Theise is the Democratic candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th District.  Tod is a licensed New Jersey attorney and works in Manhattan as a Senior Litigation Analyst at a major international law firm.  Tod contributes to our nation’s security by serving as a 1st Lieutenant in the New York Guard and is trained in various areas of emergency management and response.  Tod lives in Washington Township (Warren County) with his wife and daughter.

The Race to Financial Freedom: Taking Back our Fair Share

By: Tod Theise

Aug 30, 2010
Scott Garrett’s op-ed titled, “Race to the Top Gaffe is a Teachable Moment” stands as the best evidence to date that Scott has lost the fire that initially propelled him to Congress. Let’s forget for the moment that Garrett using the Obama-esque phrase “teachable moment” is as out-of-place as Snooki from Jersey Shore quoting Shakespeare. The real problem for those of us residing in the 5th District is that Garrett has absolutely no solution to the fundamental problem sucking the lifeblood out of New Jersey taxpayers.
Garrett states that, “It is absurd that New Jersey should have to apply to get its own money back in the first place. Why should New Jersey’s hardworking taxpayers continue to send money to the U.S. Treasury so that Washington bureaucrats can dole out money to states that have most closely conformed to their ideas of reform?” No Congressman Garrett. What is really absurd is that New Jersey gets back only 61 cents back for every tax dollar it sends to Washington. I’m told that once upon a time when he waged a primary challenge against former Congresswoman Marge Roukema, Scott actually said that it was “immoral” that New Jersey got only 65 cents back on each tax dollar. Well, fast forward a decade later and we get back four cents less. By Garrett’s own standard we are mired in an abyss of fiscal immorality and he has failed his constituents.
We lose 39 cents out of each dollar that we send to Washington. This comes to a whopping $27.5 billion that we “donate” to the other 49 states. To put this sum into perspective, the entire tax revenue stream for our own state budget is roughly $28 billion. New Jersey taxpayers are left footing the bill for two budgets – one for us and one for every other state. Some states get back as much as two dollars for every dollar paid in federal taxes and a recent study showed that Alaska gets back $5.67 in stimulus money for each federal tax dollar. The greatest absurdity in this massive redistribution of our wealth is that Garrett has sat idly by as New Jersey has been relegated to serving as America’s ATM.
My Fair Share NJ Plan and the attendant Fair Share Tax Act (“The Act”) will decisively address this colossal rip-off by returning $9.8 billion back to New Jersey. Under The Act, a minimum return on federal tax dollars would be set at 75 cents. Any state receiving less than the 75 cent baseline will be refunded the difference between their actual return and the baseline. In NJ’s case, the 14 cent differential would translate into $9.8 billion. Can you imagine what we could do with this massive infusion of wealth back into our state’s economy? Forget poorly executed applications to the Feds for $400 million. My plan would allow us to invest far greater sums into not only restoring cuts to public education but bolstering science and math programs critical to our nations retaining its competitive edge in the world. And what about meaningful property tax relief, tax cuts for small businesses to stimulate job growth and expanding programs for seniors?
The bottom line is that my plan doesn’t seek a handout from the government. It simply demands that we get back a fair share of our own hard-earned tax dollars. I call that real reform. And I call it long overdue. The question for Scott Garrett is why should New Jersey’s hardworking taxpayers send him back to Washington when he has failed miserably for eight long years to get back our fair share?
Tod Theise is the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 5th District. A full explanation of his Fair Share NJ Plan and Tax Act can be found at


Remember Election Day  is  November 02, 2010

Please  support and send the true representative for the 5th District in New Jersey. Tod Theise is not an insider, he is not funded by special interests. Tod is relying  on  small grassroots contributions. That gives him the freedom to speak truth to power and not worry about who gets offended.

Send a check payable to

Theise for Congress 

P.O. Box 247

Washington, NJ 07882

or make a contribution by debit/credit card via



News Release
August 28, 2010

Tod Theise

Tod Theise Calls Out Chris Christie on Schundler Firing
Congressional candidate says Schundler was scapegoated for Christie’s costly blunder

Washington, NJ – Democratic candidate for Congress Tod Theise today criticized Governor Chris Christie for firing Education Commissioner Bret Schundler over $400 million in lost education funding. Theise, a former Republican, made it clear that he expects Governor Christie to demonstrate leadership by taking responsibility for the epic blunder that robbed New Jersey schools of the massive allotment of federal funds.

“I knew Bret Schundler back when I was a Republican,” Theise stated. “Whether you agree with Bret or not, he has always been a man of impeccable character and has a heart for people rarely seen in politics. He is not someone who deserves to be thrown under the proverbial bus by a Governor incapable of taking accountability for his own inexcusable mistake.”

Harkening back to the days of Harry Truman, Theise said, “The old expression ‘the buck stops here’ comes to mind. I am disappointed that Governor Christie not only scapegoated Bret, but also tried to blame the Obama administration for his screw-up. A true leader accepts responsibility and seeks forgiveness from those he serves. “

“My thoughts and prayers are with Bret and his family as he has to deal with this regrettable display of cowardice by the Governor. I hope that conservatives, moderates and progressives rally around Bret as a matter of principle and hold Governor Christie accountable for his actions. This incident isn’t about partisanship. It is about right and wrong. And what the Governor did was clearly wrong.”

“Unfortunately, Chris Christie has a tendency to ignore opportunities to bring money back to New Jersey. When I attempted to discuss my Fair Share NJ tax plan with the Governor – a plan that will bring back $9.8 billion to New Jersey – the Governor refused to speak with me, telling me that he would talk to me only if I won the election. I guess I’ll just have to win to get an audience with Governor Christie.

Tod Theise is the Democratic candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th District. Tod is a licensed New Jersey attorney and works in Manhattan as a Senior Litigation Analyst at a major international law firm. Tod contributes to our nation’s security by serving as a 1st Lieutenant in the New York Guard and is trained in various areas of emergency management and response. Tod lives in Washington Township (Warren County) with his wife and daughter and their five dogs.


As an immigrant, here is what I have studied and learned.

Shame on the half term governor who could not name the founders on a TV interview with Glenn Beck. and you tell me this is the best representative for the GOP Party?

I am sure I can do better than the half term governor. Let me give it a try. History is one of my favorite subjects.

My Favorite quote is from Thomas Jefferson: “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”. 1776.
This is the president who introduced free education and public libraries in the American history. Also, he established religious liberty, in Virginia.

Many Founders were educated Lawyers, continental congress men and soldiers, I have been searching for a president who was a beauty pageants or TV sport Anchors. Zero results.

A quick study on the founders. They were smart Pants Lawyers most of them.

  •  George Washington born February 22, 1732, was a Federalist not a Republican. He wanted no KING or Queen in America, and he set a good precedent as the nation’s first leader. His title became “Mr. President”.

           His experience: He was a Surveyor, Farmer and a delegate to continental congress.

  • John Adams born October 30 1735 the second President, was a Harvard educated Lawyer and had some sense of Justice, he defended in court the British soldier who fired into a patriotic Boston mob, because he felt everyone deserved a fair trial. John Adams was a federalist and not a Republican.
  • Thomas Jefferson born April 13, 1743, was the third president. He was a democrat-Republican. He was a delegate to Continental congress, diplomat, secretary of State and vice president.
    Jefferson spoke six languages, including Latin and Greek. He was highly skilled. He was writer and a thinker, and wrote the draft of declaration of Independence himself.
    Jefferson was an architect. He designed and built his home which stands today as a monument to his varied interest and talents. I saw this house when I visited Virginia.
  • James Madison born March 16, 1751 was the fourth president. He too was a Lawyer and a Democratic- Republican. Madison Fought to add the first ten amendments to the constitution known as the “BILL OF RIGHTS”. These amendments PROTECT such liberties as
    1. Freedom of speech
    2. Freedom of press,
    3. Freedom of religion
    4. and the right to have a trial by jury.
  • James Monroe born April 28, 1758 was a fifth president, a soldier, Lawyer and delegate to Continental congress, Senator, Governor, diplomat, SOS, secretary of War.
    After the Revolution, Monroe studied Law with Thomas Jefferson and entered politics. Monroe was elected US senator and became minister to France and helped negotiate Louisiana Purchase.
    When Spain cast a longing eye on central and South American countries, Monroe told the Spanish and other European nations ” HANDS OFF’.
    He declared that the US would permit no “foreign interference” in the new world. That was the “Monroe DOCTRINE”.
  •  John Quincy Adams born July 11, 1767, was the 6 the president. A Lawyer, diplomat, Senator, SOS and congressman. Adam had a troubled term of office. He worked with a very troubled congress that blocked most of his plans.
    One of his plans was to encourage interest in education in Arts and Sciences. His plan was a success because he was able to get the important Smithsonian Institution established. I guess that cost him a defeat for re-election. Andrew Jackson defeated him and became the 7th president.
  •  Andrew Jackson born March 15, 1767 was also a Lawyer, congressman, military leader, governor and a senator. His legacy gave a new direction to the presidency. From Washington to John Quincy, these guys believed riches belonged to them. In short they were gentlemen of money and privilege.
    But Jackson changed all that.Jackson was a president who represented the plain, common people.He was a first president born in a cabin and was unschooled orphan of 13, he fought in the revolution of war, and when he was taken as a prisoner, he refused to clean a British officer’s boots. He received a good beating that left him with a scar on his forehead for life. In his first year Jackson removed some 2 thousand federal office holders and gave the jobs to his followers. He also battled the Bank of the United States, calling it “the bank of the rich.” In 1832, Jackson continued his fight as the people’s champion when he was reelected.
  • Martin Van Buren was the 8th President, was a Lawyer, and a Democratic. He was in office only for two months when the nation was struck by financial panic in 1887.
    Banks closed one after another, mill towns shut down and workers lost their jobs. The unemployed rioted in NY.
    What cost Van Buren’s presidency was his belief that the government should not interfer in private business, he did little to help. And Van Buren, the politician, never regained the support of the Democratic Party. He was nominated by the free Soil Party- a party opposed to slavery in 1848, but he did not win.
  • William Henry Harrison from the “WHIG Party” became the 9th president. He was a military leader, territorial governor, congressman and a senator.
  • The Whig Party under John Tyler who was a 10th president and also a Lawyer, his firmness brought him into conflict with Henry Clay and other leaders of the party. They wanted to set up a national bank. They wanted high taxes on imported goods. When Tyler opposed these ideas, his cabinet resigned and the Whigs ousted Tyler. Ouch..
  • James Knox Polk became the 11 the president, he was also a Lawyer and belonged to the Democratic Party. When Polk took office there only 27 states in the union. Most of the country was still Indian territory, or claimed by foreign countries. Polk campaigned for Texas and All Oregon. He settled the Oregon border by a Treaty with Britain. The dispute with Mexico over Texas was not settled so easily. Polk sent the troops into the disputed area and announced, “War exists by act of Mexico”. American troops advanced into Mexican Territory. This war ended in 1848. Polk offered Spain $100 million for Cuba, but Spain turned it down.
  • Then was Zachary Taylor 12th President, Whig Party. He was the first military leader, without qualifications of holding any political office… He fought in the war of 1812 and Mexican War of 1846 and also fought against Indians in Florida. Zachary Taylor was not president for very long. Although he owned slaves, Taylor did not want to see slavery extended into the territories won in the Mexican War. He wanted New Mexico and California added to the union as free- not slave-states.
  • The 13th president Millard FillmoreBorn January 7 1800. He belonged to a Whig Party and was a Lawyer too. During his term, he was able to mordenize the White house.
  • Franklin Pierce was the 14th President, born Nov 23,1804. He too was a Lawyer and belonged to the democratic party. I will continue  on him later….. I am going to see the fire works. Just came back from the Parade and I have many pictures to share.

I have heard a lot about the founders from the right, although our dear Sarah could not name them on Glenn Beck’s show. I think if I had to do a Quiz with Ms Quitter that night, I would have shown her that she needs to get into reading history before she opens her mouth.

New Jersey, 5th district, VOTE for Tod Theise For Congress

Today is primary day. Voting is your right. Therefore, you have a choice in your districts.

” Be sure to vote. Tod Theise is not running unopposed. The other candidate, a self described “wildcat Democrat” is an unknown quantity to me, but I know enough about Tod Theise to recommend you vote for him.

If you’re a registered Democrat, be sure to vote for Tod (correct spelling).

He’s the first candidate running on the Democratic ticket who can actually beat Scott Garrett.

Read about Tod Theise here

and here  another story here

I hope the residents go out to vote. Your vote is important. Take your complaints to the polling station and cast your votes. Do not just sit back.


Wishing all women on this earth a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

Putting politics and party ahead of Country, Republican in the Senate blocks bank reforms.

GOP, which side are you ? Wall Street, banks or the middle class?

One democrat blue dog joined in. Who?

“The Senate, in a 57-41 vote, failed to get the 60 supporters needed to proceed on the regulatory overhaul. One Democrat, Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, joined with the Republicans.”

This is another like “health care  debate”.

GOP have no shame.

We all know why our blue dog joined the GOP’s twisted platform. Who contributed to his campaign?

I am getting tired of republicans and some blue dogs double standards when it comes to the middle class. I am tired of the crying to have their country back, when at the same time destroying the same country they claim to love.

President Obama send out a harsh statement:
The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 26, 2010
Statement by the President on Financial Reform
“I am deeply disappointed that Senate Republicans voted in a block against allowing a public debate on Wall Street reform to begin. Some of these Senators may believe that this obstruction is a good political strategy, and others may see delay as an opportunity to take this debate behind closed doors, where financial industry lobbyists can water down reform or kill it altogether. But the American people can’t afford that. A lack of consumer protections and a lack of accountability on Wall Street nearly brought our economy to its knees, and helped cause the pain that has left millions of Americans without jobs and without homes. The reform that both parties have been working on for a year would prevent a crisis like this from happening again, and I urge the Senate to get back to work and put the interests of the country ahead of party.”

Gov. Chris Christie declined to release information  about his personal finances, breaking with a longstanding Tax Day tradition practiced by governors of both parties.

Following the  outrage that has erupted from Mr Chris Christie, since the release of his Budget and his anger over teachers, a lot of questions are being asked why the Governor is hesitant to release his 2009 income tax returns.

The governor ‘s pants are now on fire.

My question to Mr Christie is,  Is he himself  as Governor of New Jersey participating in this sacrifice?

Is Mr Christie and his new administration taking a full salary from the state or not.

Did he  file his Taxes for 2009 or not? If not why?  Can he  explain to all New Jersey residents why he couldn’t show his income tax Return for 2009?

According to the white house, President Obama’s taxes have been filed. Mr Obama and the first lady together reported an adjusted gross income of $5,505,409 in 2009.

My point is, If our governor is going to take a fight to the street with New Jersey residents, he should lead by example. No exceptions.

We all need to know why the Governor feels he is,  not obligated by law to meet the dead line and  pay his share of taxes on time, when people like myself are pressured to file and pay our taxes right away.   

 With due respect to the governor, New Jersey Residents are waiting to see your tax returns.

I am curious to know why the Governor is hesitant to show us his income, and what he paid in taxes, especially that he has gone head to head with the teachers, claiming they earn a lot of money. I am curious to know how much he and his wife made.

Also Is it true that the governor’s wife works for Wall Street? 

The governor is going after teachers who earn $125,000, How much did he make himself? Is the governor  taking a pay from his current position ? Does he feel his outrage on others is genuine or hypocritical?

It is Easter Weekend Saturday, nice and sunny, warm about 70 degrees. I am at the Democrats Head quarters doing my volunteer work. I am hanging out in the office with a good companion, my dog Smokey.

What is going on in NJ 5th District – Warren County?
This year Democrats candidates are running for office;
Tod Theise, who ran for office as a democrat freeholder candidate against Angelo Acceturo, is running for US Congress in NJ district 5 against the GOP ” god” Scott Garrett who votes “NO” on every policy that benefits the middle class.
Tammy Smith, who ran last year for NJ assembly in the 23rd district, is running for Surrogate and Robert Gara is running for Sheriff.
I call these candidates “brave hearts.”
On the other hand, the GOP opposition is going crazy with their Tea party rallies against the Health Care. A Tea Party Rally is scheduled for April 10 2010 at 10.00AM in Warren County headed by State Senator Mike Doherty.

See what we are up to in Christie’s base counties

Doherty ( R-Warren-, Hunterdon) and assembly woman Alison Littell McHose are calling on New Jersey attorney General Paula Dow to join attorneys in other 14 states in a lawsuit against Health Care which was signed into law last week claiming it is unconstitutional. No republican in either house of congress and senate supported the bill.

HYPOCRICY: GOP Spending is Not Wasteful until Democrats Spends.
Now try to match the two. Saturday is a Tea party Rally against health care in Warren County, at the same time,  GOP- Warren county Board of  freeholders approved the $7.3 million for the purchase of 445 Marshall street in Phillipsburg and some renovations on the existing Warren county community College. For clarity sake, I am pro- education, and I welcome any expansion to Warren County College, because this will benefit our students who are future leaders.
..But what I have a problem with, is the hypocrisy of the Grand Obstruction Party, who wants to have it both ways. This is the state with a Republican governor who is panting over Democrats spending and cutting all state education Aid.

His Budget cuts has also led to the closure of  Psychiatric Hospital.

Along with other cuts announced , Gov. Chris Christie called for closing the 310-bed hospital with about 600 employees in Lebanon Township by June 2011. Many have called this as a reckless move by Govenor Chris Christie.

Also, last week Christie was in montclair addressing high school student at Montclair high school, explaining himself out why he is cutting education funding. Here is the GOP governor talking to students last week. Remember essex county is highly dominated by Democrats, and that is where he targeted most of his cuts. Not Warren County.

WEST ORANGE — “Facing a dramatic cut in state aid, West Orange schools plan to lay off 84 staff members, including 33 teachers, to make up the difference.”

In Warren County ( Christie’s base) the project worth $7.3 Million just got approved, at the same time, this is the same GOP County and tea party groups who are protesting the government for passing health care , while their GOP governor Christie, is crying foul over the state deficit.
Is  this the same governor who will pay for half the price of the approved Project in Warren County?

 Are Christie’s cuttings only targeted in the heavily Democrat populated counties? What is this game about?
It is ok for GOP to spend, but it is not ok when it is a Democrat coming up with any type of project. This is hypocritical, or should I say playing double standards to win voter support on both sides?

This is where I have a problem with GOP leadership it is all about bulling people;

Christie is still out fighting the teachers in NJ, what I find troubling is. Why can’t he fight his own base as well? How can Chris Christie look into people ‘s eyes and say he is trying to balance the deficit by cutting spending , when his base is benefiting, by advocating for the rich?

 According to the Warren County Reporter and express times, the $7.3 million project will be financed by the bond ordinance, and half of the project will be financed by the state, since the state is responsible for the debt service on bond through the chapter 12 state funding program, which was created to help finance facilities at county colleges since colleges are not permitted to take on debt. Hmmm.

What is wrong with this picture? Closing the hospital, and substuting it for something else that can wait until the state is out of recession?

Listen Tea Bags; you cannot have it both ways.
I love Warren County; especially living in the midst of the opposition is so much fun.

It is funny GOP governor did not cry like a big baby over the president ‘s decision to approve aid for the flooding that took place last week in New jersey.

President Obama makes a surprise visit to Afghanistan.

Sorry Mr President , I heard the other day from  Sarah Palin the leader of the Tea Party movement aligned with  GOP party  at one of the rallies she headed with McCain in Arizona and Nevada on Saturday, ranting that your presidency has not brought in any change. She also made  an impression  way back, that our troops do not like you. And this proves that she was right.

Ouch!!!!  Now this is Change we can believe in.

” Howee is the changy workin for ya Mr president?” 

It must be killing  Sarah Palin to see this.  Hell No is  going to explode on this one.

You can see more of these pictures here

Update: Health care passed with zero Republican vote. Wow.

Senate 56-43. House passed it by 219 to 212 initial and 220-207 second time. Congratulations!!!!!!

If I was a democrat Congressman, and voted No, I would be so embarrassed voting with the party that has crazy followers who are now sending threats to Democrats. Why can’t people respect the voting process. Violent is not the answer.

I blame  FOX news, Sarah Palin and GOP elected officials for playing  dangerous politics in feeding the American people with false information just for the sake of winning the elections. Instigating anger and supporting the party movement with wrong message.

GOP leaders together with the blue dogs should be ashamed of themselves. Really.

Sending  threats and filing law suits to block health care for all is a shame. It is so inhuman.

This is the most coward act I have ever seen in my entire life, using politics of fear and lies. I have no idea what play book the Republican Party is reading.

 Republicans in Democrats clothing  ( Blue Dogs) who voted against the Healthcare Bill will face reality come November elections.

 Voters will send you home on election day-Nov 2nd!”  they will send you back to the private sectors with  a “ballot”.

Democrats voters are civilized people , they believe in a peacefull election, not violent or stealing the ballot to win. If you think people will be afraid to go out and vote because of the GOP and tea party threat and violent tactics, wait and see. November elections are coming up.

Actually, the threats just made me sign up to volunteer for democrats. I am not afraid at all.

Americans sent you to Washington to represent them, not to represent the big Corporations. Shame on you !!!

Brainwashed clueless Americans exposed their ignorance on Saturday 20, 2010 by protesting the most historical and important bill for every American in this country.This is because Fox and other pundits keep feeding the wrong information to ordinary poor uninformed Americans. The result is, people are drunk with the Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Sarah Palin. and Michelle Bachmann poison cool aid.

 This is video is compiled by the New left Media

and this is why we need education in this country.

 I do not know how to make of the republican party, who sorely decided to favor insurance companies, and other  rich financial corporations, and coldly  turned their backs on  ordinary Americans.

The formation of the tea party movement which the Republican elected officials consistently endorsed, not only has driven the racial slurs against the sitting president, but also, the GOP endorsement to this movement is highly  contributing to dividing this great nation. High profiles GOP political figures like, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, are proudly identifying themselves as heads of the tea party movement. This is a shame, because deep down Palin and Bachmann’s heart, they care less about the American people, but their names and $$ pocket period.

I am torturing myself today watching FOX News, so I can listen to their FAUX coverage. Oh dear me, I hope I make it through this day.

Governor Christie thought he was making New Jersey residents happy when his administration  made the following announcement

Mr. Christie is cutting money for schools, colleges, hospitals and the New Jersey Transit system – 375 line items total. He is removing  non citizens  from the state health care system and canceling a jobs program that mainly created jobs for government bureaucrats. His cuts are intended to impose efficiency and accountability on government spending, concepts people generally do not associate with New Jersey politics.

Mr. Christie is taking withering fire for his efforts, which is a knee-jerk response to making hard choices, particularly when they affect government spending that some came to view as entitlements. But he is doing what he was elected to do. Mr. Christie’s rationale is that, “We cannot spend money on everything we want.” It’s an approach refreshing in its simplicity and common sense.”

Is the new governor getting his full pay?

New Jersey Governor’s pants on fire,

Teachers across New Jersey protest against the new governor’s decision to cut aid. Whether that helps the new GOP governor, will be seen in the next four years of his leadership.

It is easy to make promises on the campaign trail, than to keep them, especially when you are faced with reality.

I warned New Jersey when Mr Chrisite campaigned that he will never raise taxes or cut any jobs.

Mr Christie  campaigned on the message of change. In his mind, he was talking about change to screw the middle class.

I saw this coming . See I told you guys. By the way did I mention that the Ex governor Jon Corzine was paid $1 a month. He never took his pay. 

My suggestion to the New Governor,

Lead by example:

 Mr Christie and his new appointees must  tighten up their belts by giving up their full pay and benefits, instead take half-pay, since their pay comes from tax payers , or else, the new governor and its administration who are on government  payroll, but supports the job cuts and AID to programs which benefits middle class, will lose credibility from New Jersey Residents.

It seems the governor is already breaking his promises.

 Pants on  fire

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been in office for less than two months, but his approach to balance the state’s books is already prompting protest. WNYC’s Bob Hennelly has more

Teachers are outraged by Gov Christie’s move to cut education funding.
I am so hesitant to start criticising the new governor, since he has been in office for only 2 months. But the way things are going, I may start writing about it for record sake. Having a radio station  campaign for Christie 24/7, left me with no choice but to report on what ever is going on in this state.
Although I have not yet expressed my opinion, my ears are open on everything our new governor is up to. I keep my notes on the side, and I listen to his favorite radio station NJ 101.5, which is pro Christie.

Anyway, as I was driving home from work,  New Jersey 101.5 campaign radio station was on the air defending Mr Christie with his budget. Anyway what do I expect from this radio station?

All I can say is, in New Jersey you will survive if you belonged to the rich, if you are like me living pay check to pay check, you are so screwed.

Suggestion To All Elected officials in Washington

All Senators, congressmen and women, should each sponsor a family for healthcare if this bill fails to pass.

Each elected official must pledge $1000 to help those who are losing health care due to the bloated health care industry hiking fees.

Now this brought tears on my face.


Only a heartless person would go out and protest passing of health care. Worse for elected officials who plan to vote “NO”.

Do the right thing. Check the link to all the numbers you need to call elected officials now.

According to the coffee party founder,

“The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them.”

On the other hand

The  Tea party movement is organizing the usual crazy protests on March 16 2010 in DC .

In New Jersey, this group  started  private meeting from Mar 11 2010 in Toms River and will go on till April 15 2010 ( Tax day tea party rallies), in NJ various locations.

The bottom line, is the Tea Party movement  cannot go on unchecked, they need challenge. The coffee Party is their challenge. So I will keep an eye on both groups.

President Obama on health care

We’ve seen years — decades — where Washington just puts off dealing with our toughest challenges because it’s too hard, because we don’t know how the politics works.  And the will and the capacity to act, to do serious things in this country, starts just getting sucked away.  Just gets sacked by partisanship and political gamesmanship and debates about who’s up and who’s down, and how does this play politically — instead of asking what’s right and what’s wrong.  And we’ve seen terrible consequences — not just these last two years of turmoil, but a decade of struggle for middle class families.

We can’t accept the status quo.  We can’t accept the same old-same old.  I won’t accept it… Not when it comes to how we manage taxpayer dollars.  Not when it comes to how our health care system works.  Not when it comes to meeting the difficult challenges that we face…Now is the time.  Now is the moment.  Now is the time for us to leave for the next generation and generations to come a stronger and more prosperous country.  We are not backing down.  We are not quitting, St. Charles.  And we are going to get this done.”

GOP Tea Bagger on health care–“Keep Your Government out of my medicare….”

Well, Medicare is a Government run program. Duh!!

Hey it does not stop getting exciting.

There is a grassroot movement forming up called “COFFEE PARTY USA, I think this movement is the opposite of the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.
I invite you to take a look and check it out.

This is the movement trying to challenge the Tea Obstruction Party movement.
I am loving this . click

This week New Jersey hit with snow 8 to 12 inches in most areas, with schools and work places closed, left a number of bloggers like myself to surf the net.

A day like this, you just want to laugh.

 Mike Scott the cartoonist  keep amusing me with his illustrations in his drawings. He makes me laugh. Here is one that made my day.

BY Mike Scott Editorial Cartoons

“My name is Andrea Fay Friedman. I was born with Down syndrome. I played the role of Ellen on the “Extra Large Medium” episode of Family Guy that was broadcast on Valentine’s day. Although they gave me red hair on the show, I am really a blonde. I also wore a red wig for my role in ” Smudge” but I was a blonde in “Life Goes On”. I guess former Governor Palin does not have a sense of humor. I thought the line “I am the daughter of the former governor of Alaska” was very funny. I think the word is “sarcasm”.

In my family we think laughing is good. My parents raised me to have a sense of humor and to live a normal life. My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes.”

Read the entire interview with New York times

“How’z it to make cash out of whining? I am in business folks.”

Sarah Palin ‘s worst enermy is Sarah Palin. She is drowning herself slowly

Palin Doctrine #8:  Playing Victim In Politics Is A Great Idea To Win An Election : Ref: Here

It is now a taboo to mention “RETARD” word anyhow, if you do the former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin will come swinging and winking at you. The only person  allowed to use it is Rush Limbaugh.

When Rush uses it, Sarah Palin think it is funny satire.

If you are not Rush, then watch out when you use the word below:

Retarded, Retards,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard,
Retard, Retard,Retard

Just my observation. 

You want to know why I am keeping an eye on Sarah Palin, Here is one. Click and read

You have no idea how disappointed I am to learn that the group I thought were smart enough to capture the swap, bought into GOP lies and voted for the opposition.

 New Jersey Democrats voted for GOP Chris Christie, in the belief that Christie’s Message of change to Trenton will deliver them from Jon Corzine. Well they drew a blank.

Gov Elect Christie  took office, and his concentration to cut jobs goes to the democratic base,  though he is going to keep the prevailing wage. Which makes some moderates happy.

He is not mentioning auditing his base and cutting wasteful spending in GOP dominated counties, even though, there are  some wasteful spending in his base. Raising their salaries during the recession, just to name one. Yes I mean Warren County, with GOP leadership. Check their County Budget.

 I knew New Jersey was going to be duped.

I cannot believe how people can be this clueless on issues that are so important to their lives.

Agreeing with Baker, I saw this in Christie’s message, but People in New Jersey could not see through Christie.

“He could never win statewide otherwise,” Baker said. “Christie presented himself in a way that people who don’t like Corzine could feel that it was acceptable to vote for him.”

Very True. As I noted in June 2009.

Now follow my trail…….start connecting dots to see how Sarah is connected to New Jersey. Remember I live in a community full of the clueless. ..

Why do I care about all this?

I pay my share in property taxes, some how, some of my money is ending up into their pockets of GOP salaries in NJ Warren County. 

It is pissing me off, because not only the GOP leadership sucks, but they are all bunch of greedy,liers,self righteous sucking  ordinary Americans, and shifting the blame on other people when they are part of the problem.

 Sarah Palin connection to NJ-  Since she declared herself as the head of the tea party movement, below is the connection.

Steve Lonegan, Tea Bagger and Michael Doherty.

Assemblyman Michael Doherty, who has aligned himself with hard-liners such as Sarah Palin and former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, said conservatives have a better chance after eight years of “failed” Democratic leadership. “

Doherty was elected NJ Senate this election.

You’re going to see moderate Republicans become very conservative in the next few months,” said Lonegan, the state director of the conservative Americans for Prosperity group. “Everybody wants to be a conservative now.”

Christie and Doherty rode a political tide that has led to “tea party” protests against health care reform at town hall meetings, and bolstered the strength of conservative activist groups such as Americans for Prosperity, said Stephen Spinosa, chairman of the New Jersey Conservative Party.

“Even the state Republican State Committee, which conservatives believe has capitulated too much to the Republican Party’s moderate wing, believe the election brought together a party that has been fractured for more than a decade.”

“We are unified around core principles,” said Assemblyman Jay Webber, the state GOP chairman. “We are fiscal conservatives, and we have respect for traditional values.”

 Bunch of racists.

Christie’s campaign, he noted, emphasized fiscal policies and steered clear of social conservatism that’s championed by Lonegan and other hard-line conservatives.

“This pumps new life in the conservative movement but now he needs to govern like a conservative,” said Lonegan.

“Lonegan, for instance, said Christie should consider cutting programs that, he believes, are wasteful and defy conservative principles — such as the state’s stem-cell research initiatives. “

Who is to blame? Lazy Democrats. They just handed over the leadership to bullies.

CNN, reported that most Americans think Democrats caused the recession.

 It is sad, because this is what ignorance does to the nation. When people become like Robots, they depend on media to feed them with crap.

My eyes have stayed open on everything, since 2002 elections. I have followed politics. I was never involved until last year. From Nov 4 2008 to January 20 2009. After that date, the angry losers could not sleep having a thought of democrat worse of a black president in the white house. That is where the out cry of the constitution comes in, “I want my country back .”

I laugh every time I hear that outcry, “I want my country back,” because in all fairness, some should pack and go back to Italy, France, Britain, German, and the rest of the world were their ancestors came from. GOP claims their ancestors wrote the constitution for them.

Well did they say, this country belongs to Republicans only. George Washington’s family migrated from England, so was James Madison migrated from England. So go back to England and claim back your country.

Is Steve Lonegan, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Mitchell Bachman,Rush Limbaugh, Native American Indians?

I know to some, my analysis do not make sense.

 I pointed out the same observation way back . I got a negative response. I was told I am still in the  process of learning politics, people are smart, they are not going to buy the change message from the Republicans. They know whose’s slogan for change belongs to.

Well It happened in New Jersey, GOP Candidate Chris Christie ‘s campaign was change , change and change.

I saw a swap in the message of campaign, and for sure, Jon Corzine’s camp could not catch it. They took it for granted that New Jersey residents are smart enough to figure that out. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

The election day I watched and head people at the Christie victory chanting Yes We Can, Yes We can.  I was like wait a minute, is nt that President Obama’s slogan????? That rings to my argument. GOP, run on bank ideas, they all wait for that one to give ideas that they oppose , but run with his slogan? The shocking part, is no democrats went after Christie to say hey, your slogan is COUNTRY FIRST. With the country full of clueless people, do not take anything for granted.

Mr Christie is not that change. The only solution he has for NJ, is to go after the public schools, although NJ101.5 is already setting the Gov elect’s standard low, after knowing that the plan is no plan.  Candidate Christie criticized his opponent Jon Corzine, on wasteful spending on public school, one of it is prevailing wages, making it a point, to New Jersey Residents as the reason property taxes are so high in New Jersey. The first change Mr Christie will do is to shrink the administration by firing some Union Members, and the Corzine Cronies, and replacing them with Mr Christie’s cronies. That is not change to shrink the adminstration organization chart. That is what we call replacement strategy.

After winning MR Christie now says, he is not going to touch the prevailing wage.

 Question of curiosity.

Wasn’t it the democratic system who made a prevailing wage as an executive order by Democrats Governors?

Like I pointed out in June,

here I still think Republicans are capitalizing on Democrats’s weaknesses.  The why Sarah Palin book Drama is one way the Republicans capture the public ‘s attention. The Glenn Beck Tea bagging drama is a destruction. The Fox Media, Rush Limbaugh, NJ101.5,  figured out one way to improve ratings is to do sound bites that will anger the clueless uninformed 

 stupid teatards?

Democrats are getting obstruction by Tea Baggers, while GOP candidates, are getting away with a message of change in their campaigns. This is working to the advantage of Republicans. Sarah Palin is the example of their tool to obstruct democrats.

Looking at how many millions of uninformed Americans in this country, my advise is, Democrats should start organizing themselves to start campaigns to educate people with how the system works, their government, starting from local and getting deep into municipalities.

If every citizen can take interest to attend the local municipal township and county meetings ,take time studying , learning the county, township budget, and everything in it, they will figure out who the culprits are, in this recession.

Fox News , NJ 101.5, have figured out, how to increase their rating, target the uninformed. It is working to their advantage.

So Democrats, do not take things for granted. Every VOTE  counts, your efforts to educate others is your responsibility.

Just my rant.

1. lie
2. Cheat.  Writes  talking points in hand  while Throwing Jabs at President Obama . Proof

3. Cover-up
4. Avoid real work
5. Blame
6. Quiting _ Next quits May be ,From GOP and FOX, then Run as Independent .
7. Whining about Media

8. Playing victim

9. Cook Numbers to avoid paying Taxes

10. Use Tax Payers Money to Build Your Personal Homes

11. Fire those who questions  your policies

12. Do Not  Take Questions From The Public or Media

13. Declare War With The World To Protect America

14. Common Sense Is Making A Movement Of People who look the same.

15. Only Palin Can Lead this Country in the right direction.

16. Use My Kids To Win

Together We Will Conquer and Lead This Wonderful Nation

TODDSarah For 2012

Update: Sarah Palin’ s Sunday Interview:

I will write about it later. I need to rest my brain. My Prediction is Sarah will quit her new Job on fox, for the fear of exposure to her lies.

Also she will resign from the Republican party, so she can run as Independent, that way she does not debate the GOP contenders in the primary. That is my prediction.

Just when I am thinking enough of the drama from queen Sarah, Another comedy comes up.

Sarah announced on her Facebook that, she will be stamping for John McCain and other GOP candidates like Michell Bachmann. Yes, John McCain the former presidential candidate for 2008 elections. Here is a recap of 2008 elections when John McCain and Sarah Palin where running mates.
Let us see what made McCain lose in 2008.

 Below is what we saw during the McCain/Palin campaign.

Looking at how elections are going, such as, Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts,  Palin and McCain now feel there is some  hope for this pair again. Who is to blame? Not Palin, McCain, but the voters themselves. Are we all suffering from memory lapses, that we can forget that easily?

 My message to Democrats.

In my opinion, Democrats are  lazy, too comfortable  and self destructed.

Second, the adminstration has turned a deaf ear to its base and the public, by letting wall street and financial institutions get away with huge bonuses. That has angered many Americans.

 You can not continue to kiss the party of “NO” to pass any policy. You are majority, and yet Republicans still look like they are the majority in both the senate and the house. Voters are now saying;  we might as well put back the people we fired, since it looks like they are the ones who have courage to implement  laws, bad or good.  Most of these guys who are cutting deals with the  wall street, think people are  naïve.

Regroup and start working like one team. You can not expect the president to campaign for the sits you are running for.

Democrats candidates should not expect to win, if they just sit at home watch TV, bang your heads to the walls, complain, take vacations during elections, when your opponents are going round to educate voters with their message.

 I saw the same altitude in New jersey too. Candidates taking off going for vacation in the middle of the campaign.  if I was a voter or a volunteer, I would say good-bye as well. candidates,  need to show your supporters that you are serious, and you have signed up to take a tough fight. Campaign to the end, like President Obama did. I am so frustrated with some of you democrats candidates.  Voters do not care whether you are a Democrat candidate, if you think you are too important to do the hard work, then do not fill up the space, let other people run. Some of you guys feel that people must work for you, when it is supposed to be the other way round.

 Guess what! people are tired. That is why you see dumb  people like Sarah taking advantage of you, because she goes around, shake hands and wink to everyone, even if she quits on them, they just drool to her wink.

The president has gazillion things to attend to, and there you are just running for pose. 

 Democrat followers, Just complaining in your couches , while eating popcorn, will never give you results. If you do not keep up your fight, I can assure you one thing, just like I kept telling New Jersey people, Sarah Palin will be the next President in 2012. That wink is cruising to the white house.

Now coming back to McCain/Palin’s point I am trying to make.

 When people go to the polling stations and vote for somebody, it speaks louder what they  are seeking in a candidate. I know some of you are saying, people know that Sarah Palin is not ready. Wishful thinking.

 Sarah Palin, elevates all the high school  and college drop outs. Sadly they are many in this nation. Sarah Palin recognizes that fact, that is why you see the Republican party is using her. All the angry racists are out, Sarah Palin is their voice. 

 What happened in Massachusetts, happened in New Jersey and Virginia.

  I am suprised, to see how wimpy democrats are, when it come to playing a hard ball .

We human have short memories, we tend to lean towards short-term solutions and not long-term solutions. How do we expect the current administration to fix problems created in 8 years, in one year.

Just imagine McCain/Palin in the white house. I am not saying they cannot be elected, they can, but If you are going to convince me that Palin is ready to lead, how come she failed to handle a job as Governor in a small state like Alaska. According to an insider, she kept complaining about the pressure of the job, and why she felt like just quitting and run for easier greener pastures that could bring in quick $$.

Now, those of you who disagree with me, You need to know that I do respect your opinions and beliefs. 

At the same time I will appreciate if a Republican or anybody who supports the Palin presidency, to explain to me, why they think Sarah Palin is the best candidate in the GOP to turn this country around, solve the economy, increase good relationships with our allies and reinstate the good name of America, to be the number one country in this world as a peace maker.

Explain to me why you think today that a McCain/ Palin presidency would have changed things in one year.

Talk me down, and convince me to vote for Palin in 2012.

Sarah Palin keeps saying she does not trust the white house, I do not trust her either.

 With what I see, read and hear about Palin, makes me scratch my head, to even see people flocking to her analogy.

I keep asking myself this question: “Are people deaf, or blind?

On the other hand, I need you guys to convince me that, in the GOP leadership, there is no one else who is smarter than Palin, to run for president.

In my own opinion, I wished the American people gave space and time president Obama to fix problems and the mess left by the previous administration.

McCain/ Palin as president;

Probably we would have been at war with Iran, Iraq, Russia and other nations. It should be her way, or you are out. May be quitting in the middle of her term due to pressure of the job. Todd Palin sitting around in the Oval office for her protection? 

When Sarah Palin keep saying she does not trust the current administration, look at her record of spending in Alaska when she was a mayor of Wasilla, she left that town in a deficit.

She too,received earmarks . So turning around and continue to criticize others, is very hypocritical.

 Ok Voters. What is on your mind? Palin as the next president , just to make a point to the liberals, even when you all know she is not the right person,just  for the sake of power the Republican party would rather have cabbage in the white, than somebody smart.

 I can’t believe, a year after, Americans are missing GOP leadership.

 The fact that Palin does not trust the white house and only her can turn this country in the right direction, just leaves me scratching my head.
Where is Mitt Romney and Huckabee? You mean GOP can not came up with a better candidate?

 My ears are wide open. Educate me on this one, I may be the one who does not see things the right way. I am waiting to hear from the Palin supporters. Explain to me why you feel I should put trust in Sarah Palin for 2012.
Once more, here is a recap of 2008 elections when John McCain and Sarah Palin where running mates.

What a blessing to Fox News. Comedy will be so much fun to watch..wink wink

This made me laugh so loud. Sarah is dumb. I thought the above was just a make up of commedy. My goodness I feel sorry for SP and , her followers who think this woman is ready to be president.

Now here is the real clip below. Kill yourself with your own rope. Kate Courie was unfair. Let us see

 Palin bashed the media over and over. But did she ever bash FOX News. Now she is appearing on Glenn Beck’s show.

Now Beck is slicing her. He said to her..Bull crap. Look at  Sarah Palin ‘s face droping down.

 Ghost writers come and rescue Sarah. Glenn Beck is trying to tell her she is not trust worthy. But she can’t get it. This so good.

Governor you quit your job in Alaska for a book deal. You sold your soul. Simple and straight forward.

Sarah Palin is not trust worthy. She is chasing money.

Check the clip below: Bull Crap, even Glenn Beck knows Sarah Palin is full of BS crap.

How could Sarah forget this?? Check the link below

I am suprised she joined the media. Hypocrite. Media this, media that, and yet she was desperate to become part of media. Wink wink.

click on this links

Yes this was the same Fox Channel News bashing Sarah Palin

Welcome Sarah!!!! Keep endorsing candidates on Fox. You betcha… Wink, wink

Scott Brown is hot huh. 

Cant wait to interview him. Wink wink.

Is Todd Palin going to be sitting there at Fox waiting for Sarah? Just asking..because that was the norm when she was governor and VP candidate.

Scott Brown with common sense and conservative values below is running for office, to fill the US Senate sit left by Late Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts.


The only problem most of Sarah Palin critics have with the former governor of Alaska, and many Republican party Candidates, is the level of hypocrisy.

Remember how the former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin condemned her son -in -Law Levi Johnston, for posing Nude for a magazine contract?


Palin exploded with outrage. She advised her daughter, to get full custody of her son, meaning limiting rights of Levi to see his son because, according to Sarah Palin, his posing Nude, was not good for his son Tripp.

This is what I call; “double standards at its best,” when the same Sarah Palin, goes on faux News; Sean Hannity to endorse a Republican candidate Scott Brown, who in my oppinion, Brown did exactly the same thing her son-in-law Levi Johnston did.

I do not know who Sarah Palin’s advisor is, but whoever, is advising Sarah Palin for her dream for 2012, is under-estimating the intelligence of many American people.

 the picture below is Scott Brown.

 Now I need someone from the Republican party and all Sarah Palin’s followers to tell me the difference between Scott Brown and Levi Johnston ‘s pose.

Sarah Palin endorsed the man below ( Scott Brown) who once was posing nude for magazines . But harshly condemned Levi Johnston, her son-in-law for doing the same thing. What a hypocrite Sarah Palin is.

I guess Levi sinned more than Scott. 

 I mean, how do I interpret this scenario…. Levi’s mother is serving house Jail for drugs.. How about Rush Limbaugh, why can’t someone put him in Jail? He is a drug addict too.. and Todd Palin..all the stink of his involvement with the independent party, before Sarah Palin became VP candidate, and other news about Todd Palin’s family we have been reading in the Alaskan News papers?

 …. Hmmmm. I guess certain laws and rules applies only to some, and t0 so called liberals, according to the analysis of many holy Republicans.

So in short, Scott Brown is holy and practices party values, while Levi is white trash and needs cleansing for his sin.

If only Sarah Palin can look in the mirror and stop repeating the same claim of her having common sense, and preaching party values..that may save the Republican party with their slogan of holiness.

 Yeah… we Republicans, a party of morals and values.

If posing nude is good for Scott, It should be good Levi too.scottbrown

Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, now hired by Fox News as Analyst condemed  Levi Johnston, the father of her grand child Tripp, for posing nude.

According to Sarah Palin,” Levi Johnston took a “heartbreaking” venture into “porn.”

I do not know what to make of Sarah Palin and her followers. The level of hypocrisy is too huge to stomach.

She publicly  endorsed the above candidate running for office to fill the late Ted Kennedy ‘s sit in Massachusetts.

She praised Scott Brown when she appeared on Sean  Hannity (Faux News) in her own words below:

“It’s going to send a very strong message that the  status quo, even in Massachusetts, the status quo of just accepting the big growth of government and health care takeover measures that it seems capital hill wants to cram down our throats today, things are gonna start changing, thank God things are gonna start changing, but even, and I would love to be able to at some point interview “Senator Brown.” I anticipate victory there, but even if he doesn’t win already poll numbers showing that his message is resonating and his message is just, you know, common sense conservative values, principles, solutions, being plugged in to meet the challenges facing America today. People in his state, they’re listening to him and are getting excited about this dynamic candidate.”

Sorry for not posting my rants for too long. I was taking a break from ranting.
I am on vacation.
I will be back in full force in 2010. I just took a break from reading depressing news. I just wished we can all get along like fish in my pond.

I have enjoyed my quiet none political drama holiday.
I will be back. I wish you a Happy New Year and hope it  brings  Prosperity and peace to this wonderful world.

Please do not became a dead fish. Stay alive to Live Longer, Laugh a lot, and Prosper.

Live like this:


Ladies, running for president is easy. You are qualified if you can be a Hockey mom, or if you can change a diaper.

According to Sarah and Fox news, You are a normal person if you go round signing your book in a cold weather with a barefooted child with down syndrome. If you have all those qualifications, the ratings will go up, you can run for president 2012?  She is a real woman , and a real American.

In case people forgot how stupid Sarah is, her lack of sense of Judgement, here is a reminder popcorn. “Hello This is Sarah, how are you?” Click and listen to the hockey smart mom.


This was a great comment on this prank..

“How quickly some people make excuses for Sarah. Then again it is not suprising since she can not accept any responsibility for her actions or words.Sure the staff let the call go thru. However, It is Sarah that talks for nearly 5 minutes on the phone.Sarah is the one giggling and laughing like a school girl and awnsers his questions and comments.Every other person they have called figured it out within 2 minutes.”

Asking why  women are divided over Sarah Palin?

My answer is, her sense of judgement is questionable, she is a little bit crazy and imbalance  to become president. Only a Grade 12 drop out would think changing diapers is a qualification.

Once more again she got pranked, and she could not use her judgement to shut up.

Sarah Palin would like to interview Katie Courie, because she feels Katie’s interview asking her what magazine she read was unfair.
She would have been happy if Katie Courie asked her how many diapers she changes,
She had all the answers:
Before and VP debate she changed diapers. Also Sarah Palin was mad at Courie, because she never asked her whether she was a hocky mom.

The Blame game:   “It was Katie Courie’s fault, that I did not know the answers.”

May be Katie should try the change diaper questions this time.

Work up America, Sarah Palin is dangerous . Look at her audience.

Now whose fault was this mixup of Iraq and Iran? Expect Going Rogue part 2. Thank God this time it will be Hannity and Fox News, Hopefully. This is not Katie Couric. Going Rogue is all complaints about Katie’s unfair interview.

It looks like Sarah Palin  suffers from amnesia. I cannot believe that this woman can forget what happened just a year ago. This is the woman who could not explain what the Bush doctrine was in an interview with Charlie Gibson. I can not put up the youtube video,  find a link at the end of this article.

Whining and playing victim in her book is laughable. What scares me more are Sarah Palin’s clueless followers. Sarah claims her critics are  shallow minded and lonely. 

No ,we are just amazed with her memory and drama. Sarah Palin is a drama queen.

I borrowed this footage from one of my favorite sites, and smart good friend predicted it so right.


Going Rogue says it all. This came after VP loss.

It was only last year, how could she forget how clueless she was on issues.

What I know about Sarah is she is an opportunist, and the sad part is America elevates  idiots like Sarah Palin the blank clueless opportunist.

watch this and Stop playing victim.

Clueless Sarah Palin’s  Supporters. How scary is this.

Only dead fish go with the flow. This just  shows how many do not pay attention. Sarah and her writers recognize this fact, so it works to  her advantage. Unfortunately, there are people like myself who do not buy BS from any one. 

Last year Clueless Sarah Palin

Victim Sarah

And dumb

And Dumber did not know what the Bush Doctrine was…… It was all Katie Couric’s fault

“In what Respect Charlie?”

click and see this interview Charlie Gibson and Sarah Palin when she was asked what the Bush doctrine was? Sarah Palin was clueless.

Dumb and clueless. September 11, 2008 Interview

Playing victim all the time and refusing to take responsibility of her failures are  signs of lack of leadership skills. I am fine with her becoming a celebrity, but I have a problem with people pimping her for presidency. That would be suicidal. Call USA finished if Sarah Palin is elected President of this country. China, India will become super powers.


Just when I am thinking , Republicans Leaders are coming back to their senses, here comes another New Jersey Wack nut Job, joining the stupid Orly. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
And guess who the GOP elected leaders is?
Scott Garett representing  5th district of NJ.

Scott Garrett

Garrett is the GOP U.S house representative from New jersey ‘s 5 th district.

The Washington Independent reported this

“It’s been a little while since a good confrontation between a birther and a member of Congress, but here’s one from last week: a constituent of Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) asking his congressman why Republicans won’t do anything about the “eligibility issue.” It makes for awkward viewing, as Garrett’s staff clearly wants a change of subject from an audience that seems to be fine with pushing the question. At around 4:40 in the video, the congressman finally engages.”

Garrett answered….

Obviously, there is no political solution to it,” says Garrett. “Even if the entire Republican Party was united on the issue–”


“He’s cut off by another constituent. “Have him show his birth certificate! It’s as simple as that! None of this ‘talk about it, talk about it’ — just let’s see the birth certificate!”

and here

I am so sick and tired of GOP hypocrisy.  Are these guys real Christians or not? I am so tired of listening to their whining and inciting violence towards the sitting president. President Obama is hated just for sitting in that chair in that Oval office. Nothing more nothing less.

What would Jesus do, if he came today?

I think Jesus would first give the GOP and their religious white wing nut cases to read the same bible .

Leviticus 20:10.

“And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbor’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.”

My Plea to Democrats. Stop watering down your president.
With all the right-wing craziness, especially amongst the evangelical religious group calling for revolution like congress woman, Mitchell Bachman,Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin,Joe you lie and all the tea baggers going out shamelessly to incite the nut jobs. It  is irresponsible. Especially coming from some of these elected officials.

 Sarah Palin is just another person, who is full of herself. She does not take any responsibility on anything, and yes she is busy condeming President Obama’s foreign policy. My question is , where was Mitchell Bachman, Sarah palin, Glenn Beck and all the Religious right wing when Mr Dick Chenney and  Mr George Bush took this country to war? especially Iraq? Why did’nt the right wing condemn Dick Chenney.

This country went in a deficit under the GOP leadership. It is sickening to see  Flipflopers like Joe Liberman playing double standards. I am so tired of all this nosense.

 What is wrong with these people? They are sick in their minds. Really.

Threats like this

Ap reported on Nov 14 2009

WASHINGTON – Threats against a new president historically spike right after an election, but from Maine to Idaho law enforcement officials are seeing more against Barack Obama than ever before.”

This is unacceptable , especially in this country which stands out as the world peace maker.

Where is democracy? Where is the power of voting? Come  on guys, put your acts together.

On March 2 2008 – this

It will be wise if Democrats start speaking out and condemn these kind of threats towards the sitting president. You can not just sit back and let Rachel Maddow and Keith to do the work for you, they are the only two speaking out to condemn this threats. Where are all the liberals?
What would Jesus say if he came today. The right-wing crazies are weakening the security of this country. I am afraid to say so, but things I am reading and listening lately to in the news and media, are frightening.

 I do not know what has gotten into the minds of some republican leaders. This is not about the stimulus, health care reform or immigration issues, because when they were in power, I did not hear this kind of outcry when Mr Bush took this country to war, and almost buried this country alive with the huge deficit.

I think at this point, as much as Democrats wants to be intellectual and critical of the president, take yourselves back and condemn those who are busy inciting violence using the religious groups. Do we have our own Taliban in this country? Right wing religious groups are now sounding and acting like the Taliban.

Just a note to say, although I rant on issues, I am mature enough to congratulate winners. That does not mean I will not hold the new governor accountable. We all will be waiting for his promises he made on the campaign trail. Lead by example.
Starting from cutting taxes, paying back all what is owed to the state, and making sure the deficit disappears in 10 months, just like GOP expected the president to turn around the economy in 10 months. Trust me this makes it easier for Dems. I will not behave like Tea bag retards, I will just follow issue by issue and see how it will be handled by our new Governor.
Congratulations, but be reminded that I will not be scared of any tea bagger and I will not put up with bullies. I am not going to live in fear. I will still air my opinions. The only person I fear is GOD. Period.

Thanks and good luck

Today Warren County Voters will decide whether to keep their same old Republicans Freeholder Everett Chamberlain and Angelo Accetturo for Freeholder Board or Vote for Democratic Challengers Adam Fitting and Tod Theise .

If  Democrats Candidates wins, it will be the first step in bringing change to Warren County that has been for Republicans for  a long time. There are issues that has been a concern to Warren County, and have gone under the rug for a long time, because of one party rule that feel Warren County Voters  have no rights to know and vote on big projects. Residents are so outraged by that fact. We will know tonight who they vote for. SAME OLD SYSTEM, or New Face like the Express Times pointed out to Warren County Voters. Here

Residents joined the Democrats,to help with making calls and distributing literature. Like seen below residents came in to help. elections 008The issues of firing two teachers by the school board appointed by the Freeholder board at the Votec outraged  many  residents.  Also the hidden project of Building the $ 30 Million library in an accessible  corn field in white town ship close to the county jail , and cutting the budget from the schools and existing libraries across the county,has left resident with questions of intent.

So they are looking forward to replace the incumbents Freeholder Board.

Democrats this year gave the GOP Freeholder a big Halloween surprise when their little secrets were brought out in the open by their challengers who have worked tirelessly talking to residents and studying how this county is run.

Good news  and light for Democrats is that , this year they have 23 Democrat candidates running to challenge Republicans, starting from township city council , Freeholder,Assembly and Senate.John 158

John 157

Warren County Dems at work. You know when you are treated like a step child by your parents, you work harder to prove your point.elections 035John 156

Democrats  this year made a memorable campaign, even if they had no much support from the  governor s’ campaign staff. Corzine’s campaign did nothing to sell the Governor in Warren County. John 045The  fight to win Warren County can be seen in the pictures below. This group worked their butts off. What ever happens today, they deserve a thank you note.

John 043

The faithful Democrats still carried and campaigned for the unpopular governor Jon Corzine.

My take on this is, few democrats in Warren should get high five if Jon Corzine gets  votes from Warren County.elections 026 I think It was very irresponsible for the Corzine Campaign to abandon Warren County when it has 14000 registered Democrats and 27 000 independent many of them who voted Democrats last year. I jumped in to help and worked day in and out puting up signs , wen I realized no one from the Corzine Campaign was putting up signs for the governor. The only work I saw was people asking for his Photo ups. I became desparate when I saw Christie ‘s signs all over the county, with Zero for Corzine. Even when, we called several times to ask for Corzine Material, we had a negative response from the Corzine Campaign. It took Candidate Tammy Smith to drive up and down soliciting for the Corzine literature and Rd Signs. That is how we managed to put up some signs.

One Spanish Volunteer, took it upon herself to go round and picked up signs around the state and gave them to me. The Corzine campaign should be ashamed of themselves, especially those who were given the responsibility to cover Warren County. This is unacceptable and should not be repeated in future. The Corzine Campain staff , not only over worked the President, but candidates like Tammy Smith and Tod Theise here,  and  few volunteers  who signed up to help the local candidates .  I am so pissed , about this irresponsible actions.

elections 024

Tired candidate Tod Theise 7 days before the election elections 027

elections 033

Recap of the dress code . It appears blue is a great color. Republicans now are wearing blue. So that left some of our candidates with no choice, especially for Freeholder race. What dress code and color did Democrats candidate use? surprise!!!!

Remember  in June, I pointed out how the Republicans  switched their dress Code to blue . Well Democrats like Tod Theise gave them a nice Apple sign that is not only unique ,but has left every Resident talking about how cute and refreshing it looks. Theise is now referred to as “the guy with the apple sign.”

Democrats Signs

Apple sign. Democrat Candidate for Freeholder  Tod Theise Challenging  GOP Incumbent Angelo Accetturo .elections 052

Adam Fitting – Freeholder Candidate for Democrat Challenging Incumbent GOP Everett  Chamberlain

elections 122

Harvey Baron for Senate, Tammy Smith, Bill Courtney for AssemblyAre all Democrats Challenging GOP Candidates, Doherty,Dimaio, and Peterson

elections 051

Republicans Signs and singing the message of change below.

elections 123

elections 105elections 108

The freeholder race is the focal point as it just awakens the sleeping residents. Residents have learnt a lot of  issues in the past months and are not happy with the GOP incumbent Freeholders. GOPers endorsed and  are backing  the Democrats Candidates.

Let me introduce you to the courageous men and women in action who are fighting to change Warren County. These pictures were taken on Sunday , Warren County Halloween Parade where candidates took advantage to push for votes.

Below is Tod Theise Candidate for Freeholder and  Campaign manager John Valentine for freeholder  candidates phone banking for candidateselections 011

elections 084
Democrat Candidate Tod Theise was a former Republican, who got disgusted with his own party. He changed his affiliation and Voted for President Barack Obama, because of what he believes in and liked what Democratic Party stands for.
Theise is Challenging Republican incumbent Angelo Accetturo.

Adam Fitting

elections 071

The two Democrats merged and made a strong team to hammer and shred off the  GOP incumbents.

elections 044

Democrat Assembly Candidates

Below  is  Candidate for District Assembly Seat Tammy Smith .

and Tammy’s Campaign Manager Micheal Sedita Packing Candidates Materials .elections 111

elections 087

Candidate for the second D Assembly seat Bill Courtney

elections 059

Fro Senate Seat is Harvey Baron in a red sweater with Candidate for Assembly Bill Courtney

elections 045

Candidate for Freeholder Tod Theise, Candidate for Senate Harvey Baron, Candidate for Assembly Bill Courtney chatting before the parade.

elections 046

Below was part of the Parade

elections 097elections 098elections 091

Just highlights of things that makes me nauseous about Christie, John 198worse more thinking of Christie as New Jersey Governor is a nightmare.

John 180 Democrats put out the Corzine and Democrats Candidates, what Christie’s people have been doing is cutting and taking down all the opponents Rd signs like this. elections 115 This pissed me off , watching this kind of intimidation, and childish behavior from the GOP.

I find it hard to know that, the Republicans in NJ are being represented by the former US attorney, who supposedly, should spend time to educate his followers, about the process of democracy.

I think Republicans and their supporters should grow up before they decide to ran for any office. That including Chris Christie and Sarah Palin. Their bully style of leadership is sickening, and that is why Republican party keeps on shrinking.

Remember, Chris Christie came to Warren County 3 times in the last two weeks. Yes the Big elephant ‘s weight was felt. I do not mean his physical weight, but the weight of  power of bulliness and boucing up and down feeling Victory, by pretending to bring change to Trenton, when he is a fraud himself. I think in my own opinion, Christie and his cronies are are danger to this State and the nation in all. I have more pictures to show you what has been going on a county level.

I wish American people , start paying attention to their local goverment and manucipalities, learn how they are run.

 It is not Washington, or Jon Corzine who creats most of the deficit. Check your local government in your back yards before you blame Trenton and the white house.


First all the Democrats signs were either cut in pieces, or they were thrown out.

How do I trust Republican  Candidate Chris Christie and his cronies , with  their message of change to Trenton, when they are showing me already what their leadership will be in New Jersey if Christie is elected?

This act has been going on through out this year’s election. I have been taking pictures. When I see Democrats Signs disappear, I go in day light to look in the bushes, and bingo, Christie and all Republicans signs are up and Democrats are down (thrown in the Bushes). As seen above.

I stopped on RT78 on my way home from work, I saw Christie’ picture up above and Corzine had dissapeared. I stopped the car, went to look in the bushes, I picked up Corzine’s Rd sign, put it up close to Christie’s sign just to show his supporters, that People of New Jersey demand civility and democracy during the voting process. We have no room for bullies in New Jersey.

Here is Corzine’ recovered Sign that I recovered a week ago. I took pictures as evidence.

John 181
As I told you in my earlier posts, I have closely followed NJ election in detail just like I followed last year ‘s election.
First, be reminded that I live in District 23 in NJ headed by a Republican Congress Scott Garett ,  So Mr Christie Considers this district as, “his Base”.. …… You betcha I saw Christie in Hackettstown, Flemington, and Philispburg,’s trails.
I do not know how many years  Republican Congress man Scott Garrett has held this position in this district, Senate for District 23 usually goes to Republicans, District Assembly has always been Republicans. I think the last time Democrats won this seat was in 1970s. For senate I think 1920s was the last time they had a democrat. Few years ago. Freeholder board has always been Republicans. The scary thing is there is a lot of Cronism in this area, when it comes to this appointments.
Living in a Republican county has taught me one thing. Republicans are never civil when it comes to democracy. The level of hypocricy is frightening. Just like sarah Palin, who enjoys debating on blank ideas and making up stuff, they enjoy stiring up facts to suit their egos and sense of entitlement to power.
I am still saying this once more again. New jersey wake up before you are sorry. I still insist Christie is not right for New Jersey. He has so much baggage to take with him to Trenton.

Corzine did  not run for governor to make money, he gets $1 a year, Corzine does not need money, he already has money, and besides Corzine does not use Tax payers money to go to the Casino, in contrast if Mr Chris Christie is elected, the first thing he will do is to make his own rules that will only applies to him . To dip into our pockets.
Talking about Bullies. Here are comments that was sent to me by the Christie supporters. I laughed because they both sound like Sarah Palin .

Yeah but you’re just a liberal retard.  Of course you have your imagined concerns.  Why don’t you whine some about global warming and other made up crisis?”

“I think Daggett is a Corzine plant.   With Corzine polling low and in trouble over a year ago, the Dems knew the only way to win would be to run a third party and split the anti-Corzine vote.  With Corzine’s money, he could easily pay Daggett with no declaration.  The white house(dems) also tried to sneak a Democrat in the NY election.  I’m glad to see Hoffman and Palin use the 3rd party tactic agains the WH in NY.  Great Job Sarah. 
BTW,  Sarah also smacked down Daggett in facebook this weekend”

Ignorance has no defence.
Do not expect me to approve your comments if you leave nasty unproductive comments. I used to delete, but I think from now onwards, I will expose your ignorance.

This afternoon we heard a lot about Christie’ s attack ads on radio and TV. Today he was in my area. I kept following his trail.

Check this link… Warren County

I will post news later, as there is a lot going on in Warren County, starting from the Freeholder race to Senate. I will share things later. Keep checking back. I may find a minute to post pictures. It will tell you the story. A lot is coming out.
For now Let me share the Corzine Campaign note to NJ Voters. Below is not my writing. I am just distributing it….because this election is very important. We can not let NJ go for Red. It will be sucidal.

Message from the Corzine Campaign.

“The campaign isn’t even over and Chris Christie is already breaking his promises.

We’ve known all along that Chris Christie’s plan for dealing with our state’s budget is a fantasy — that’s exactly what the Star Ledger called it — but we didn’t expect that he’d break those empty promises even before the votes are counted.

Yesterday Christie admitted in the New York Times that his entire campaign has been based on empty promises and failed economic policies.

In fact the only thing he will still do is give tax breaks to the very wealthy by breaking his promises to the middle class.

Christie now says he will not restore property tax rebates, contrary to what he promised.

Christie now says will not roll back the sales tax, contrary to what he promised.

Christie now says he will use “one-shot” revenues to close the budget deficit, contrary to what he promised.

Christie now says he will not reduce income taxes, contrary to what he promised.
The one promise he is sticking with is that he will hand out more tax breaks to big corporations and to the wealthiest, which will raise taxes on the middle class.

The truth is the only economic policies that Chris Christie is staying true to are the same failed economic policies that George W. Bush employed that got the country into this mess in the first place. And now he wants to bring them to New Jersey.

Time and time again, Chris Christie shows that he continues to be extremely wrong when it matters most.

Maggie Moran
Campaign Manager

Ok guys, sorry I have not been updating you with Warren county Election news.

Growing our grass root and standing up for bullies.  We have three endorsements, here is one of them

I will update you more with what Brian and I have been up too. You will be jumping and clapping. I have to go canvassing now.

This  statement is not my writing, I am sharing it  because the Corzine Campaign wants us to pass it on. Please feel free to share this information with your friends and family.

“”Today, a widely-respected poll showed that we’re up by 5 points heading into the final week of the campaign. The momentum is building for our campaign because New Jerseyans continue to learn about the very real differences between Jon Corzine and Chris Christie.

As President Obama, Vice President Biden, and former-President Clinton highlighted last week, those differences could not be more clear:

Corzine is Expanding Health Insurance
Jon Corzine expanded health coverage for over 100,000 more kids and signed legislation to require insurance companies to cover autism screenings.

Christie Sides With Insurers
Chris Christie would give insurance companies free rein to drop coverage for critical procedures like mammograms and autism screenings and would give them $100 million in tax breaks.

Corzine is Protecting Paid Family Leave
Jon Corzine is one of a handful of governors to pass paid family leave that lets people care for newborns or sick relatives while still getting paid.

Christie Isn’t Standing with NJ Families
Chris Christie opposes paid family leave, and would allow hospitals to discharge new mothers less than 24 hours after they’ve given birth.
Corzine Defends The Right To Choose
Jon Corzine strongly supports a woman’s right to choose.

Christie is Anti-Choice
Chris Christie supports a constitutional amendment to ban abortion.

Corzine Has Provided Historic Tax Relief
Jon Corzine has provided more property tax relief than any other Governor in New Jersey history.
Christie’s $2 Billion In New Taxes
Chris Christie said he would side with right wing governors and reject $5 billion in federal stimulus funds, including money for education, which would lead to a direct $2 billion increase in property taxes.

Corzine Supports Responsible Gun Laws
Jon Corzine fought for a one handgun per month law. Christie Is Backed By The Gun Lobby
Chris Christie is backed by the gun lobby and even opposes banning guns that fire bullets to pierce a cop’s bulletproof vest.

Corzine Has Made Education A Priority
Although he cut state spending, Jon Corzine increased funding for New Jersey schools by $1.8 billion and expanded pre-K education.

Christie Thinks It’s “Babysitting”
Chris Christie calls early childhood education “babysitting” and his rejection of federal stimulus funds would have undercut the real progress we’ve made in educating our kids.

Corzine Stands With President Obama
Jon Corzine is endorsed by President Barack Obama, and is in step with our President’s vision for our country. Together, they will work to lead our state and our country out of this global recession.

Christie Stands With President Bush
Chris Christie would side with other right-wing governors to obstruct Barack Obama’s agenda and would have rejected federal stimulus funds, driving up our property taxes by over $2 billion.

These are just some of the issues that are going to make a real difference in the lives of New Jersey’s families over the next four years. We need a governor who is going to fight for what matters, not one who is going to stand with big companies, the gun lobby, and the insurance industry.

We’re in the home stretch and things are looking good, but we cannot let up. I’m asking you to please share this email with as many friends and family in New Jersey as you can, and inform them about the very real differences between Jon Corzine and Chris Christie.

Jon Corzine shares our values, has a vision for New Jersey’s prosperity, and will work with President Obama to move our state forward. Chris Christie will not.

The stakes in this election are huge, and our future — my family’s and your family’s — will be significantly impacted by who our governor is over the next four years. I’m asking you to stand with Jon Corzine and Loretta Weinberg on Tuesday, November 3rd. ”

Thank you,

Maggie Moran
Campaign Manger, Corzine 09

The Obama factor in Corzine race makes a difference

Proloy Bhatta reported this poll

  • Corzine (D) 39, Christie (R) 36, Daggett (I) 20.
  • 3500 people show up at an Obama-Corzine rally.
  • Obama hopes his 87-percent approval rating in New Jersey helps Corzine.

This week candidates debates in Warren and Hunterdon County.

All Debates where clear except for the Freeholder Candidates’s debate. I knew that attack could not be aired.

Warren County Freeholder

The act by GOP candidates and their supporters taking down all Democrats candidates Road signs and puting theirs up is pissing me off.

NJ District 23 State Senate

District 23 General Assembly

Rachel Maddow: The Nobel Prize & Obama Derangement Syndrome

Reaction around the world.
U.S. Airman Frederick Jones“Because of him, the rest of the world is starting to see us in a more positive way. I’m very excited about this,” – U.S. Airman Frederick Jones, at the Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan “

French President said this:
“It sets the seal on America’s return to the heart of all the world’s peoples … I am convinced that everyone, all over the world, will draw from this an even stronger determination to cooperate with you and with America to achieve these common objectives.” – French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

“Under your leadership, you have begun making peace a reality and making it a key issue on the agenda, which must be realized. From Jerusalem I express my confidence that the bells of understanding and dialogue between the nations will start ringing again.” – Shimon Peres, Israeli President.

There will be a lot to do but a window of possibilities has been opened and his engagement for a world free of nuclear weapons is an aim that we all have to implement in the next years.” — German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“The president has consistently shown that he is committed to reaching out to other nations and positioning America to once again be the global leader for peace and prosperity. This is a great honor for our country and reminds us all of the promise our nation holds.”-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, R-Calif.
Former President Jimmy Carter“A bold statement of international support for his vision,” Former President Jimmy Carter, 2002 Nobel winner

Kofi Annan

“It was an unexpected but inspired choice. In an increasingly challenging and volatile world, President Obama has given a sense of hope and optimism to millions around the world.” – Kofi Annan

Democrat  candidate for LT Governor  Loretta Weinberg was pressed with the question whether Chris Christie is fat. This guy was lucky. If he asked me the same question, I would have given him the answer he was looking for?  Or just the short answer ” what do you think? you brought up the question I guess you should tell us.

What is your answer???????? I guess he is slim. Too much French fries and Hot dogs I guess. But who cares, weight is not that important. The problem I have is, Christie does not have any plan.

Update:What are Christie’s policies? For example his stand on health Insurance and cutting taxes for the wealthy, is his plan. I do not trust Chris Christie at all. On Insurance,

This week was a game changer for Jon Corzine. I will explain it this way; By the way the Moose is a democrat, and supporter of NJ Gov Corzine.current Breakfast 128

Things are looking good again for Democrats in New Jersey.

current Breakfast 115

The race has been all for the Republican Challenger Chris Christie, who was leading by 10-15 points in polls the past week. current Breakfast 125Brian helped by Crushing GOP Candidate.

current Breakfast 116

Chris Daggett the Independent Candidate is just blending in the race, Very positive, that the Christie’s campaign is now accusing Daggett to be Corzine’s plant to take away Christie’s vote. Which I call a total “lie.”

current Breakfast 117

Jon Corzine ‘s lead has sent some radio station talkers off the roof to go negative on the Sitting Governor.

Phew!!! the ranting by the republicans on NJ 101.5 Radio left me giggling. Republicans celebrated the lead for the past month, starting from the news papers like Warren Reporter, Express Times and NJ 101.5 Radio station.Today all I heard all day was whinning from the Republicans supporters.

Gov Jon Corzine is now leading by 3 points, followed by Chris Christie , and Chris Daggett in the third place.

Also, tonight there was a live debate for Lieutenant governors for New Jersey.  The debate was between Loretta Weinberg, Frank Esposito and Kim Guadagno .  This is the first time in 214 years that we will elect a Lieutenant Governor and the role of the position is still being defined. Unfortunately, it was sponsored by 101.5. One moderator as from 101.5 radio, the debate was aired by New 12.

Here are three candidates fighting cats for the office. The independent LT Candidate trying to separate himself from the rant. Playing cool guy in this race.

current Breakfast 133

current Breakfast 131

Shamelessly, 101.5 radio hosts have a problem to hold in their anger towards Democrats. I could not believe listening to them on air dismissing viewers  on air who were calling in to disagree with the two jerks called Jersey boys on 101.5. surprising I had patience to listen to their rant over Jon Corzine ‘s lead, and claiming the independent candidate Chris Daggett is a plant by the Corzine campaign to help the Governor win the election. Republicans can not just lose peacefully. Democrat  Candidate Weinberg, was interrupted by the Moderator over and over.

I now see why  Jon Corzine refused the interview with 101.5.  They are bullies. We saw it live on TV.

The Moose will set the record straight. No GOP Governor for  New Jersey.

current Breakfast 146

You can have your opinion, but my opinion  is Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno are not a good fit for New Jersey. New Jersey is not a state for Bullies. Kim reminds me of Sarah Palin. She is definately Arrogant. The two makes a good pair of bullies, and she seem like she is too self rightious. If she is a sherif, then I assume she is a federal employee right? hmmmmmm…. does that mean her pay comes from tax payers money? If yes, then I suggest she gives up her pay. That will cut spending in NJ.

By the way readers, Brian the Moose and I pay federal and State Taxes.