McCain Ad – Blames Obama For Rising Gas Prices-

 Americans are smarter than McCain thinks.

This is the most stupid accusation from McCain, it shows how dumb his campaign camp is? To put blame on Obama for the skyrocketing gas prices is a big joke. McSurge really is losing it. Only a stupid person would believe this. People knows who is behind this problem.  What has Obama got to do with this. Obama does not own, or run any of the oil companies. McCain and his puppets are Mistaking the Bushes to Obama. McCain and his surrogate have lost their minds due to desperation.

Hello ! Blame on Cheney, Bush and his father who are in the oil company business.

McCain has become a follower not a leader, to the extent that his Camp are copying everything, including copying Obama’s website structure. Obama’s Ideas of networking through Internet, starting from planing events are now on McCain’s website. That makes Obama a leader, because he has not copied anything from McCain.

See , it is good to have fresh blood with new ideas. McSurge finally can learn how to use a computer.