Did The Surge Work? – If it did,  what are we still doing in Iraq?

After all the drama about the surge working in Iraq, I decided to give my opinion. All contents in this article are just my opinion of how I see things.

What is more important to this country, Is it a war in Iraq or the collapsing economy? Was the Iraq war necessary?  If yes, what was the main objective of invading Iraq? Did we find the weapons of mass destruction? Did we kill or capture Bin Laden. If our answer is yes to any of this questions, then we should declare the victory that the surge worked. If the answer is No, then we are still on square 1.

Why should anyone brag about winning a meaningless war which was a total diversion from war on terror in Afghanistan? A war that, not only put a toll on our resources and the men and women in uniform, but a total destruction to the intended goal to fight war on terror in Afghanistan. Iraq was not part of the Sept 11.

“The surge has worked” How?  The fact is, all is being done is cleaning up our own mistake at our own cost.  An extra cost. Loosing more than 4000 American soldiers in a meaningless war, a cost we have to pay to reverse the mistakes of invading Iraq.

Claiming that the surge has worked when more casualties are being reported is just ridiculous.

 Senator McCain should ask himself before attacking his opponent Senator Obama. WHAT WAS THE MAIN PURPOSE OF INVADING IRAQ?

Both Senators, McCain and Obama should focus on the solutions, and what has to be done to correct the situation for the future, not wasting energy finger pointing of who said what, or who voted for what. At this point, it is not even necessary to know who said what. The US economy is collapsing rapidly.

We need solutions. The last solution that Americans want to hear is War after war. Wars has very big repacations on the economy, and I am sure senator McCain and senator Obama must balance their Proposals with the funds.

On a personal note, It was very boring and a little bit annoying to watch Senator McCain whinny over the Surge, while Senator Obama is trying to seek allies to help USA fight terrorist. All we did back home is to screen Senator Obama for any slight mistake. America need to establish friendship with the outside world.Period, no two ways about it.

The solution of war war war war with every nation is not a wise one. Diplomacy is the best way to go about things, And Senator Obama did just that this week.

Senator McCain’s tough talk will land us in a third world war if we are not careful. War on terror is not a one country war, it is a world war, so attacking each other on who won or who did not win, is not going to help. Move on and make right decisions.

Surge or no surge, war in Iraq was a mistake period. Tell us  about the declining economy. THE TRUTH is WE ARE STILL FAILING IN Iraq, and that is why we are still in Iraq.

Ego does not solve anything, and I think Ego controlled Senator McCain in attacking his opponent on and on without a stop.

Senator McCain,before you push your foreign policy experience too far, please study your atlas and geography. Iraq does not border Pakistan for heavens’sake.

If American people are going to put anybody into office whose solution is to go to war with the  world, we are guaranteed for more coming wars,because Senator McCain sounds like War is his favorite game, which is very scary. I can see reintroducing a draft for the army if senator McCain wins the elections. He will make it mandatory, as there will be no reserve to handle a war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran, if israel attacked Iran, as per Dick Morris ‘s interview with fox news yesterday.

 which means, in short, it will be an American war. That is really sad. That is why we need allies, like Obama said.