On July 30th, 2008 Barack Obama spoke at a town hall about economic security and his policy differences with John McCain.

Barack Obama: Town Hall in Springfield, Missouri

Here are some responses from the audience: Make your own judgement.

This is one of the best speeches with specific solutions for America. It is too risky to NOT change.”

” This is the best speech. Everyone getting involved. You can feel the enthusiam “

“Welcome home 08AMA.
NOW……………Lets speak truth 2 lies.”

“And they say Obama is not specific! “

“The last hope for AMERICA! “

“This man understands what America is all about. It will be a sad day in America if he does not get elected. “

“Most americans know who to vote, those negative adds on Obama are nor intended for educated americans but to those who are not educated that dont know obama well. “

“It is too risky NOT to change.” Amen.

“America!!!! Let’s wake up!!
I don’t care for dems or reps, I’m voting for a person who will give us change!”

Fired up?

on June 28 2008,

Barack Obama met with his economic advisors in Washington DC to discuss the challenges that the US economy faces.

Barack Obama: Meeting with Economic Advisors