Americans Abroad for Obama are conducting voter registration efforts to ensure Americans living overseas can vote absentee.

“When Barack laid out his vision for American foreign policy in Berlin last week, he was hardly the only American working the Tiergarten. A team of volunteers, composed of Americans living abroad all over Europe, helped our road team assist people through security, help disabled spectators find their way, wrangle the press, and most importantly, register Americans to vote.

Kathleen flew to Berlin from Sweden to volunteer her time, joining roughly 40 other volunteers who registered over 350 Americans to vote in the upcoming election.

“I was doing voter registration, and it was on a big long street, and we had a couple of stations set up. Most of us spent our time trying to find the “needle in the haystack,” the Americans who were not registered to vote. There was a huge group of us that basically just tried to yell out into the crowd. We had signs that said “Voter Registration.” We were yelling out “Americans Abroad! Voter registration! Absentee ballot registration!” We actually found quite a few people. I heard an estimate that we registered 350 people. I personally found about 20. And we had tables set up where you could look up the info for the states and what forms to fill out.