Not lobbyists, not oil companies, but ordinary people like Teresa from Virginia.

“This campaign is different. It’s made up of ordinary people from all over the country who have rejected the politics of the past and embraced a movement for change. Teresa from Virginia had never before been engaged in politics and considered the political system “unsalvageable.” This campaign has restored her faith.”

Teresa is a mother of two and a wife balancing her course load as a graduate student studying counseling. As a first time donor, Teresa writes:

“I am 29 and voting for the first time in my life.  I have always been annoyed with politics and felt that my voice was unheard so it didn’t matter if I voted. Barack Obama has inspired me to take a stand.  I truly believe that Barack Obama is our chance, America’s chance to finally become the democracy that we are supposed to be … I am a Hispanic mother, wife, and graduate student whose family falls within the working class, and I am certain that this is our chance to make a difference. This is our chance to unite and finally include the American people when it comes to politics.”

Teresa is drawn to Barack both for his message and for how he has been able to engage so many supporters, especially her family.

“I’m really busy as a student and a mom, but I make sure I’m involved. I have an Obama sticker that I always wear, and everyone who knows me knows I’m a big supporter. All of the people supporting this campaign have been amazing. My mom is making phone calls, and this is the first time she’s been involved in a campaign. I’ve also told a girlfriend to register on the Obama website, and both of my kids have Obama t-shirts. He’s bringing people into the process.”

The issues facing the country aren’t just exercises in political rhetoric.  They hit close to home for Teresa. Her brother is in the armed forces, and the economy has put a strain on daily life. It convinced her that she had to get involved.

“The war is a big factor for me because my brother is in the Navy. What we’re doing in Iraq isn’t working. There are so many issues here in America that we need to focus on. Families can’t even afford to buy houses, and we’re one of them. We need to focus solutions on helping average people. … Barack Obama is the one who will solve the problems for the ordinary people in this county.”

Teresa’s dedication to this movement for change is steadfast. Asked whether she thought she could keep up the level of energy and enthusiasm until the general election, she said, “Maybe even more so!”

Teresa’s contribution was her first in a political campaign, and she hopes to inspire others to give. She plans to continue getting the word out in Virginia and doing what she can to help the campaign. “People love Barack,” she said. “To the people of Virginia who are unsure about the election, I’d say, ‘Educate yourself and know the issues.’ … Barack will represent the ordinary people.”