Hillary ‘s private meetings with her supporters from the Primaries calling themselves PUMA- Party unity my ass who have signed petition for Hillary’s name to be on ballot for nomination at the Denver convention continues, in the name of meeting to help Hillary pay the debt, when in actual fact the agenda is so different. People knows what is behind the private meetings: It is like we are not done with the primaries.

Here is the first private meeting:

Second Private meeting:”

Hillary Clinton in town today for private luncheon

Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to be in Philadelphia today.

The senator from New York is coming for a meeting at a Center City law firm to say thank you to the individuals who were among her major supporters, financial and otherwise, in her failed quest for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The lunchtime session is private.

One of subjects sure to be discussed is her desire to have her backers give their enthusiastic support to presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama this fall. Also likely to come up are the unpaid debt from her own campaign as well as her plans for the future.

Clinton is also slated to meet separately with Mayor Nutter, who helped her defeat Obama in the Pennsylvania primary last April.”

I call this very condescending for Hillary, because most Obama supporters are watching quietly, it may hit Hillary back in 2012 if her supporters stabs Obama in the back badly.

The party unity my ass will kiss their ass in 2012.