By Bucks

The fact that John McCain finds his Britney/Paris ad funny should come as no surprise.  This is the same man that, in 1998, told a viscious, homophobic joke involving Chelsea Clinton and Janet Reno at a GOP fundraiser.  McCain’s knee slapper was so vile, the Washington Post refused to reprint the joke (which, among ither things, called Chelsea ugly).  Moreover, he once referred to an Arizona retirement community named Leisure Village as “Seizure Village”. 


Most recently, Johnny the Joker sang “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” (to the tune of the Beach Boys’ classic “Barbara Ann”) and posited cynically that Iranians smoking cigarettes was a good thing as it may end up killing them.  He’s a regular laugh riot.  As President, he can travel to Germany and unveil his edgy repertoire of Nazi-era humor.  Or go to Japan and perform his Al D’Amato impression.  Or maybe even head over to Holland for an exclusive showing of cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed.  McCain has been and continues to be utterly tactless (it is alleged he once told a joke extolling the virtues of a gorilla raping a woman during a 1986 campaign event).


The Obama camp would be well advised to remind America of just how funny John McCain can be.  Remember — when you tell the truth, you always take the high road.  And Senator slapstick can’t handle the truth!


Always remember the McCain Corps official motto … Semper Lie!