Is America ready for more wars?  Think Twice.

Put John McCain in the white house, since it looks like people prefer war than diplomacy, and  prefer to see countries burning our flag, than waiving it. Fall for lies and regret in future for your vote you cast.

Prepare all your kids to be drafted to fight McCain ‘s wars. Prepare yourself for more job loses, and tighten up your belts. Be ready to become refugees , unfortunately, we will not have any country to run to as we have made many countries our enemies. Imagine running to Mexico for refuge, or Canada. Think about that.

$ 482 Billion Deficit……You not kidding. Not a joke. Vote wisely and avoid getting trapped into smears and negative messages.

 McCain takes fun out of wars. He claims he knows how to handle wars, and he can handle Iran, The question is, on who’s expense?  Your Children. Careless, and Irresponsible talk. 

Well there are no weapons of mass destruction, so what is the excuse of invading Iraq? Make no Mistake, attack Iran, all the muslim nations will merge and fight us back. Think twice.

I like the Obama approach.

Diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy is the right way to bring peace and to keep America safe and its allies. Tough war talk will just put us in problems.

People lie and get away with it. Despicable, and priceless