By Bilia


If you’ve been listening to John McCain’s incessant use of the POW card to deflect criticism of his elitist lifestyle, the subtext of his shameless self-pity is deafening.  McCain, you see, is entitled to live as high on the proverbial hog as he pleases precisely because he spent five-and-one-half years without a house and kitchen table in the Hanoi Hilton.  It is logical, then, to assume that he feels every other POW or soldier who suffered during Viet Nam is similarly entitled to the Robin Leach treatment.


This begs a very pointed question to Senator McCain:  exactly how much of the $100 million bootlegging fortune that he married into (Cindy’s father was both a gangster and a felon) has McCain seen fit to share with his fellow POWs and/or displaced veterans?  The answer has never been forthcoming and likely won’t.  In his private life, McCain has never undertaken a sacrificial role in terms of helping veterans.  In stark contrast, Ross Perot has spent hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money helping families of POWs and even John McCain’s first wife Carol, whose extensive medical bills he underwrote when she was severely injured in a car crash in 1969.  In his public life, Senator POW has not only been one of the stingiest federal legislators when it comes to veteran’s appropriations, but mercilessly berated families of those soldiers missing in action in Viet Nam. 


So next time you hear Senator “I’m entitled to live like a king” McCain trotting out his POW experience as an excuse for his lavish standard of living, remember that when it comes to John McCain, charity not only begins, but ends at home.