By Billia

McCain and his camp may be reading senator Hillary Clinton ‘s book wrongly.

If Gops think, they can instigate division among us, they are out of touch. McSame and his puppets should watch out. WE ARE NOT AFRAID, and WE ARE NOT DIVIDED.

What we went through was normal. It was a family disagreement, nothing to do with you GOPS. It is normal to have a fight between a brother and a sister, and our neighbour has no right to come in and add fuel to the fire.

Just a reminder,

if you are that neighbour, you should learn that, even if we fight we love each other. The fact that we do not intervene with your disagreement within your house, it gives you no right to bring gas on our house so that you can burn it down.

Make no mistake, we will never let that happen.

WE ARE ONE PEOPLE. One wife, one house, and one kitchen table.

McCain should Watch out what he is are asking for.

 Senator Obama , Senator Hillary, Joe Biden and their supporters are one people. Groups attacking either one of the three, is same as attacking all Americans supporting the candidates.

Check out what Hillary had to say in regard to McSame and his camp.