This is what we call lack of good Judgement on John McCain. A Big Gamble.

How do you pick somebody who is under State investigation in her own state. Some one with no experience, when you are busy criticizing your opponent’s lack of experience, Sarah is not known to the nation, I am hearing her name for the first time, and you expect Hillary women supporters to flock to her.  That is being out of touch.

Now, to give her credit.  I’m sure she’s a nice person and good at what she does, but don’t insult the women in this world.

McCain is 72 years old. Is Sarah Ready to be president of the United States? if God forbid,anything happened to McCain with his cancer history. Is Sarah ready to handle the wars that McCain will launch with the world as he brags? Scary, scary ticket.

I call this a big goof.

Knowing McSame’s record, I hope McCain doesn’t dump Cindy McCain for Sarah Palin.

Be Ready to address the public concerns Sarah:

Mcshane chose a Veep who:

– Has husband who works in the oil industry;
– Is under investigation for firing her brother-in-law;
-Has been caught in a big fat lie when she swore that her office exerted no influence to fire said brother-in-law and then tapes were discovered on which her staffers were caught pushing for such firing;
– Is a woman, but stands against every women’s rights issue imaginable;
– Has absolutely NO foreign policy experience;
– Just had a baby, who will be raised by nannies (great GOP family values, eh) …

Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving.

The one who should be scared is Cindy McCain. Sarah’s not altogether unattractive. Maybe its time for McAdulterer to trade up again.

This ticket has a capacity to destroy this country. Both oil and War  people. Scary.