A blog post from Former Republican said this about Sarah Palin on issues:
Here’s a good example of why you should always do your homework when it comes to picking a running mate.
GOP VP in waiting Sarah Palin finally came clean and admitted that she KNEW that her appointee to the post of Alaska Public Safety Commissioner , Chuck Kopp, had been the subject of a complaint for sexual harrassment. She excused her faux pas by explaining that she concluded the complaint was “unsubstantiated” (“Palin-speak” for “I sided with the man over the woman because we all know women are hysterical and tend to lie about these things”) and was unaware of the letter of reprimand that Kopp received.
Don’t worry about Kopp, though. He got a hefty 10K payoff in return for leaving his post after serving just 2 weeks on the job. Leaders around the globe are hailing Palin’s cutting edge economic stimulus plan, which should afford men both the opportunity to sexually abuse women while pocketing a quick $10,000. Several prominent Wall Street commentators have already reacted to this news by directing their clients’ investments into whore houses and nudie bars. Word has it that a Palin-McCain administration may tap Larry Flynt for the new office of President of Vice.”
My Opinion
Well I am at least a no blind follower. Sarah Palin may be good to some women in her category. I am not a punch blows on men to prove my point that a woman can do it, out of anger.
She is not on this ticket for Hillary voters, She  read a wrong book again. Why didn’t she mention the Mike Huckabee women, and the Mitt Romney women who were doubting McCain. She is for the right wing, ding dong and blind follower women.
Women who claimed to be Hillary supporters, and say, they are supporting McCain, were never Hillary supporters. They fall in a group of women who are angry and frustrated with themselves, They are not happy people in their personal lives,regardless of who was going to be on the ticket. They are fakers.
I am Afraid to say, if this is what McSame refers to ” Country First”, I now doubt that notion. Senator John McCain does not put this country first, he puts politics first before country. At 72 years, he would have picked a VP who is ready to be President of United state. In Sarah’s words, she told the nation, that she never saw herself in that office, as the VP position is not that credible. If she was ready she would have ran for President in the primaries.
I differ with her on most of her stance on many issues.   The bottom line is, she has not been vetted.   Republicans would be embarrassed by this lack of depth and experience in this candidate.   Take a look at the “blanks.”
The fact that she was hand picked by John McCain, who I question his judgement, makes me uncomfortable.
We need leaders in this nation, a republican or a democrat, that will take this country in the right direction, the VP who will be ready to take charge in the  event God forbid, something happens to the president. Who will get along with the outside world, build alliances. I see Zero in Sarah Palin. 
 It is not about women. It is not about gender.
It is about  saving this county from total collapse, and this ticket is not giving me that assurance.
 In my own words and opinion, I admire Hillary Clinton, and definitely you are not going to suffocate me with a woman I do not know about her history, or her temperament. Hillary ran a very competitive race. I am proud of  her. She is an incredible woman, and I m proud to tell my daughters, and women in this world.
Hillary deserve a quote of an Iron lady.
The bottom line is, Sarah was not vetted. 

The McSame camp is running on a blank. Having a candidate who does not know how many houses he owns, questions his judgement, and memory.

 Basically Gops  shifted their stance due to desperation. They are running on a democrats theme of change. But we still see McBush policies.
End of conversation.