Comment from blogger said this:

“From  what I have been able to read about Sarah Palin on my own, and judging from the overall “eerie” silence I’m hearing from my Republican friends, I’m starting to get the feeling that a really big bombshell isn’t too far away.

Remember, a number of those folks she went after for corruption, were Republicans.”

GOP VP pick Sarah Palin laughs at cancer surviving senator being called a “bitch”

Gov Sarah in a gossip with Radio talkers. This is not good leadership skills.

My Opinion:

My advice : NEVER PISS ON PEOPLE ON YOUR WAY UP: you may need them on your way down. It does not pay to be mean. Never Abuse your office to punish anyone who you have personal differences with. The bible says :Thou shall not LIE. The truth will set you free.

I do not know about you, but I have different vibes on Sarah Palin, I may be wrong, but sounds ruthless and mean spirited. She takes revenge on people who she has personal frictions with- that to me is not being a fine Gal for president, since McCain will be her VP.