This blog has nothing to do with the Obama Campaign or any content in this article, is solely my personal opinion.

Every American voter has  the right to question, the integrity of leadership. Half members of my family supporting John McCain, and so far the Sarah Drama, has left them in a big doubt of McCain’s judgement. 

 Tucker, you should know in every household, there may be a republican, independent, undecided or a democrat. And we discuss all issues together on the same kitchen table, and reach the common ground. This is not about Obama or McCain winning the election, this is about the American people voting for honest leadership for the safety of this country.

I used to think Tucker Bounds was a smart guy, but this interview just proves to me how the McCain campaign runs on ignorance. All they do is twist and lie, lie lie lie. They take pride in doing that. Shame Shame. Very good at putting fears in Americans, so they do not get to the truth of their twists. Distasteful.

The McCain Camp put out ads to smear Obama, as a Muslim,and that he is a celebrity, and that he is too inexperienced to be a commander in chief? and yet now they are trying to convince the Americans that, it is ok for them to pick a VP candidate who is so inexperienced to be a stand in for McCain 72, in case of emergency. This  leaves me with my mouth open, to listen to Tucker defend Sarah ‘s foreign experience,as I have followed McCain and his Camp questioning and criticizing Obama from day one . The Karl Rove did not just destroy John Kelly with the lies and smears, but destroyed McCain himself in 2000. Lies and twists are Karl Rove and Tucker ‘s breakfast. I have never met  shameless people like this group( McCain camp) in my entire life. What they do not know is this year’s election is different. They do not get it that, this election is not about Obama, but the American people including all educated young American people, that are just as sophisticated and highly intelligent to know  smears, truth and lies, and so far the McCain camp proves to be very dam stupid in the face of the nation, when they continue to twist stories just for political gains. Instead of complaining about the majority of the American people who are questioning Sarah’s ethics, The McCain Camp jumped on an innocent guy Obama, and blamed him for all the rumours coming forward. As much as I understand that Obama is on the top ticket of the democrats, voters have a right to question their candidates. Be it Obama/Biden or McCain/ Palin.

Americans have the right to know the truth about candidates coming forward to lead them. If that is problem with Sarah Tucker then she should step down.

 Obama did not stop anyone to go through his personal records, including his school transcripts, because he had nothing to hide from the American people. People went to Kenya to dig his information, Obama never hired lawyers to intervene in the vetting process, I am puzzled, to see how the McCain camp jump on blocking the information about Sarah who is a heart beat away from becoming the president. Voters have a right to know the product that is being sold to them. Why employ lawyers, to block investigations. Is there anything she is hiding, and if she is clean, why intervene in the investigation. I blame Senator  McCain and his Campaign for putting Sarah Palin on the sport for political gains. Just to win an election. And they can not come out angry at voters who are just trying to know Sarah Palin. I think that is irresponsible and not fair to the American people, especially the majority that only rely on MSM for information.

IT leaves a lot of Questions unanswered to the American people.

You brought your VP  for purpose of wining Hillary voters, well, sorry it back fired.

Not this year guys, you are reading a wrong book.

It is amazing to hear the McCain camp selling  Sarah from a small town, as the experience candidate and say it over and over to the American people, when you have been  attacking your opposition as an experienced. What is your message guys?

The notion that Sarah has  foreign policy experience, simply because Alaska is close to Russia is laughable and a big joke. You wanna twist you stand, be my guest, American are not that stupid any more, to let your twists and lies die, without verification. American voters will work with you Tucker.

Actually , McSame and this Tucker guy looks very desperate to win an election. Well Tucker your tactic of trying to win Hillary’s voters didn’t work, it just exposed your candidate ‘s lack of good judgement. He would rather put his country at risk to win an election.

Not this year guys, the Karl Rove tactics will not work .

You started this fight. Are you forgetting your 72 years old candidate  pouncing on Obama not having enough experience, and that he is a celebrity? Now you are calling Sarah a rock star of the McCain Campaign? Shame on you guys.

Enough of your smears and lies. Never again. This should be a lesson. This year ‘s election is not about Obama, but the American people that you have lied to from year after year. Enough of your twists, lies and smears.