November 2008

It feels good to be part of this. Working for Obama to have him elected, is a good feeling. I keep smilling to myself. Obama may not be a pefect person but he brings a lot of good and assurance to Americans and the outside world.

This is what Zambians in Africa are saying:

Congratulations to all you people in the diaspora for your unmeasured contributions and efforts in enabling young Barack Obama to ascend to the Presidency of the United States of America.You people have really done the world proud and I again salute you all for your continued    support to the 44 th President. Back here,our elections went smoothly even though a lot of people are still gnashing their teeth. “

Wake up America.This is frightening stupid. Sarah for heaven sake, is  running for vice president, a very critical position. She does not sound presidential. Very childish giggling, not having the intelligence of awareness, is scary. Sarah  can not protect this country period. Bin Laden would prank her easily. She  has no sense of intelligence.

How can a socialist country be a good example to USA, when her and McCain are criticizing their opponent, claiming he is a socialist. How sad is this. Stupid, stupid stupid.