I received this special invitation from the Obama Committee. On top of that I also received a Christmas Card that  had the president elect Obama and the incoming first lady, and vice President Biden and his wife.

I am so humbled by this special invitation.

I feel so special, honored, due to the that a nobody like myself can honestly receive this special invitation from the Obama committee. I had tears roll on my face.

 I head this invitations were only one million according  to  what I read ,

“Emmett Beliveau, the executive director of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, said that Precise Continental, Mr. Donnelly’s 26-year-old printing company, had won the bid to produce one million gold-and-black engraved invitations for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama”.

So I am one of the 1 million. I really feel so special.

My hard work was actually recognised.It has paid off. I feel so proud of myself in taking part of last year presidential elections.

Election day was a busy day for me, I volunteered to go door to door knocking on people’s doors to get them out to go vote. I gave rides to older people who were walking to the poll

I would like to  thanks all volunteers that made this historical election possible. I knew we could do it. I had no doubt about it.

This is a big honor for me, It means a lot. I will definately share this with my children  and  I will frame my invitation.

Thanks to the OBAMA TEAM, all the volunteers and all those who made a contribution to the Obama Campaign. I  salute you all.

Lastly, to our elected President Obama, WE ARE PROUD OF YOU.

GOOD LUCK MR President as you lead this great nation with integrity, we love you.

There are  many challenges with your new job, but we will all be there to go through the challenges this nation is facing .

I love this Great nation.