What does Rush Limbaugh have in common with Bin Laden?

They both want to see America fail. ” I HOPE OBAMA FAILS”.

Rush Limbaugh wishes we continued with the failed GOP leadership, and prays for Obama to fail.

What a loser.

The Leader of GOP declaring his leadership to his party… to his cronies. They cheered their lungs out.

Yeah bring it on Mr Bubble air.

I think  Rush Bin Laden-Limbaugh, need to be told the truth,with his  cronies, who cares more about wearing jackets than solving the real problems that this country faces.

 Rush, I am sure you feel up lifted when your GOP cronies lick your feet,when you puke rubbish on air.

Well I have a message for you Rush Binladen Limbaugh.

Enough of your nonsense talk. We are  fed up listening to your insults directed at President Obama, who is trying to fix the mess made by your GOP party.

Your hypocrisy of calling yourselves Christians and conservatives is laughable. Jesus did not carry hatred. He mixed with the gentiles and all that were referred to as sinners.

You are praying that President Obama fails? You can not pray for your president to fail if you  love this country? Your prayer about looking forward for the failure of the president of the United state Barack Obama who is trying to do the right thing, is an indication that you do not love this country. You do not care about Americans at all. All you care about is yourself and what goes in your pocket at the end of the day.

Why should one wish for your  own president to fail? Rush, is  a disgrace. His hatred for his fellow Americans is despicable and is beyond Bin Laden.

 The President is a good person. I can not believe things I am healing from some of you, who claim to be more American than your own president.

President Obama is a president for the people. He is passionate and kind.

I am so disappointed with Rush Limbaugh’s  ruthless talk, he speaks like, he has  brains of the Orange big pumpkin sitting in the field looking fresh, but rotten inside.

Rush, you should be ashamed of yourself. You do not tell me you are the entertainer. I think you crossed the lines with your craziness Mr Limbaugh.

Your words sounds like ,you want the American people to fail, to suffer. I wish you came to realization that, your party destroyed this country, and basically, what you imply when you say you want Obama to fail, you are saying screw Americans right?

How dare.

Your claim of being a conservative christian is laughable. It leaves most of us who are Christians with questions with what you, and your party stand for.

You are such a hypocrite Limbaugh.

Next time you go on the air  help me to find the perfect definition of conservative. I hope it is not “Stupid”.

By the way do you realize that many Americans know about  you have done one or more of the following:

1. a Drug addict,

2. College drop out,

3. Divorce 3 times,

4. encourage unmarried teenagers to be involved in premature sex and have children.

5. declare  bankruptcy

Yeah those are conservative values,  Rush Limbaugh is preaching. And all his ditto heads are worshiping him.
I just feel sorry for you and your crones that you did not  get the message  right. THIS ELECTION WAS NOT ABOUT OBAMA. So attacking President Obama, is attacking all American people who have been left in the cold by your party.

Your party was in charge for the past 8 years. It was not Mr Obama that botched the tax payers. It was your President and your party leaders(GOP),did put this country in the drainage, stealing tax payers money.

 Clearly, you do not give a damn about this country. You want to sink it further, like you have not done more damage already.