I know the Grand Obstruction Party ‘s trolls can not take it.
It is amazing how trolls have tried to talk down the first lady’s looks and wardrobe. I do not know what is wrong in wearing J. crew outfit or from a not known designer. Really. What is a big deal. She is still the outstanding first lady.






Michelle Obama is beautiful inside out  in designers or non designer clothes.  Some even ranting at her test of pottery barn. They would rather have a first lady who would be spending $150,000 for the wardrobe.

The first lady  has her own sense of style. That is why most of us love about her. I am glad our first lady is not spending time  paying  attention to the spoiled brats ranting over her wardrobe.

I think there are more important issues that Mrs Obama cares about. She is not in the white house to worry  about extra ordinary expensive so called designers clothes, that appears to be so ulgly on many bodies. I love the fact that the first lady selected a not known designer.  I do not remember our first lady running for the first top model or miss America. If she did that, it may have been appropriate for the whinning designers to rant over her wardrobe.

Since the above is not the case, Can we start paying attention to the substance than rant over our first lady’s clothes?

Michelle Obama cares about issues that matter most to the American people than expensive designer clothing.  I understand some of you can not take it that Mrs Obama is our first lady, but can’t you just give her a break for now?

On the other note, I wish to give our first lady credit.  All clothes  she picked looked stunning on her.

It is not the clothes, it is her  body that looks great in anything she wears. Some people need a lot of expensive clothes to look better. Our first lady does not need that, she has a great height, the body that fits every design.  So stop ranting over her closet, and get a life.

The first lady of the United States of America Michelle Obama is real and authentic, just like our President Barack Obama.
I love the test of her wardrobe. It shows we have a real deal in the white house.  She is Humble, warm  and smart at the same time.
How refreshing can that be? It is so refreshing. I know it is killing some of you guys, but please just get over it. If you can not, go for therapy. Otherwise you end up sounding like Michell Bauchman, Tammy Bruce or Rush Limbaugh. Bitter people.

 At least we have some fresh air breezing around. Just looking at how stunning our first family is, is refreshing. I am so proud of our first family.
Here is the link of pictures of Michelle in Germany.