President Obama approved the special forces mission to save the Captain. I bet this is killing my dear friend Rush Limbaugh, and all his cronies.

Thats  my president.



Navy rescues Captain from Pirates. Well Somalia Pirates read a wrong book this time. How about Rush Limbaugh. What will be the spin this time, with all his Fox news cronies? I am sure this is killing Michell Bachmann too. Sory guys, you lost.

 If I was one of the tea bagger I would stop attacking  president Obama. Our small minded friends are planning to burn the books in colleges. Check this out. Pathetic

Project 912 Glenn Beck Tea Party

Wow. stupid can not challenge intelligency. So the solution is, let us burn all college books.

You will keep losing.The more you pray for president Obama’s failure, the more he wins. Yeah college education is more challenging to you, so you want to burn the text books? Wow.

 President Obama is not afraid to take action nor does he just talk the talk but walk the walk.

As usual my free advise is:

Watch out Tea baggers. There is an adult in the white house, who is a man of action with less talking, you never know when is going to get you.

Thank God, we now have a thinker in the white house.  How refreshing is that.