“We need a mixed economy—predominately private sector, but with a large role of government and public projects. This was the model that pulled us out of the Great Depression and led us through World War II, and the post-war Golden Age of Capitalism, The private sector is currently out of control. Greed and power has taken precedence over our rights as Americans. Government has the obligation to care for all of us. (the rich, the middle class and the poor). Currently, we have severe needs for public health care, job creation, food inspection, return of our industrial base and water management. Our general well being depends upon coming to grips with these problems. The future of our country relies on our ability to solve these issues. We must stop the political bickering, shouting down intelligent discussion and resolve the serious problems that exist.”

Myron Swack, Ph.D.


When the greed gets greedy it becomes a problem. The lobbists, the insurance companies are fighting health care reform. Why?


The greed  do not to give it a damn for a common person who can not afford the high rates. It is about how much profit they can put in their pockets. This kind of system pisses me off. The greed are never satisfied. Period