For those who have ears, Please sit and listen to this Video.

Ofcourse, if you are Sarah Palin,wanting some public attention, you will go out to start ranting against this bill. ( Ignorance has no defence). No wonder she lost the elections. Too stupid to be close to the white house.

You will be opposing the reform if you belong to the greedy corporate world full of theives that took down this country to the grave yard.

They have made their  wealthy by stealing tax payers money. They become capitalists. because of your contributions from the little you have. They are greedy and evil for picking a poor person like you to fight for them. They know you are ignorant about their operations, and they are putting fear in you. Once they get want they want, they will toss you.

They have been paying themselves big bonuses and If you fall in that group of the 5% wealthy people in this country, yes you are going to oppose the universal health care.

If you are like me, an ordinally person who survive from pay check to pay check, work 24/7 to pay my bills, you will support President Obama’s reform.
Every human Being deserves health care.

What is very disturbing and sad, is Seing and listening to GOP house representatives uniting with the big companies to stop the reform, and igniting anger in people against the sitting president. It  is very un american and evil.

 Sarah Palin has it the other way round. She too has a twisted brain. I need to open her brain shake it a little bit with breach. May be her reasoning will be better.
The current healthy Care system is working well for the insurance companies, but it is not working well for the majority of Americans.

Come on guys, this is not about politics, this is about life of millions of american people who can not afford insurance.
Just think of the insurance refusing to cover your medical bills, for your long  illness? Imagine if you diagonized with cancer today, and the same insurance companies you are protecting, that are asking you to rally against the reform, tells you they can not cover your cost of medical bills? Think twice. President Barack Obama is on your side, and politicians in Washington, working with the insurance companies to kill the president’s agenda, are doing it for political reasons. You must trust your president as he is on yourside. Do not screw up your chances.