Time for New Jersey democrats to wake up.
Check how Republicans are digging out Democrats in New Jersey

“The way you beat the Democrats in NJ

posted by Demsanddonts

“Is by systematically destroying them from the inside out. The FBI. The US Attorney. The AG’s office all looking in cooperation for corruption in government means bad news for Democrats because places like Hudson, Essex and Camden are prime locations for such nonsense. You can’t beat them at the polls, so you cripple them by exposing the corruption and taking away their political legs in the fall. The corruption appears so widespread that credible Democrats run for cover and suburban Democrats get beat at the polls simply by guilt through association. Other Democrats simply cross party lines at the top-of-the ticket and Christie benefits. This is how Democrats were contained like communists in the 1950’s. It’s a policy of political containment by the GOP. Vote Column “A” – All the way!”

Source : http://www.politickernj.com/editor/32087/another-jersey-city-official-gets-indicted

Here is my advice :

How Can Democrats combat the GOP strategy in New Jersey?

   …. Expose Christie as an empty-headed bully and

 …. Keep feeding Christie cheesecake and waffles until he bursts
  Ask Christie exactly what spending he’ll cut to lower taxes
  Have Corzine spend a long weekend with Tony Robbins
  Insist that the DOJ investigates Christie’s sweatheart deals with Ashcroft & Kelley
  Offer hard evidence that Christie’s sweat glands are the primary cause of global warming
  Expose the GOP Plans and Lies