It seems the Big Elephant is in  trouble,  the double digit lead has dropped to a single digit.

elephant 2

There are two reasons why.

The two independent candidates who jumped into the governor’s race, are taking away some points from Christie, especially that the independent Candidate Chris Daggett who happen to be a Republican, running as independent for Governor, is  running a very positive campaign. He is taking away the numbers from Christie.  Christie and Corzine have gone very negative at each other.

Apart from that Christie has issues that are now coming to surface which he has to deal with.

How Genuine is Chris Christie with his politics? Well, when it comes to playing double standards, Chris Christie can pass that exam.

Why do I say that? Let us look at his records.

According to Karl Rove, Christie had ambitions to run for office way back when he was saving as US Attorney.

 Karl Rove  offered the following statement last month before the House Judiciary Committee:

I talked to him twice in the last couple of years, perhaps one time while I was at the White House and once or twice since I left the White House, but — not regarding his duties as U.S. Attorney, but regarding his interest in running for Governor, and he asked me questions about who — who were good people that knew about running for Governor that he could talk to.”

What does this  mean?

It means Christie broke the law. He did not keep his oath.  He was playing a double standard game while he was saving as US Attorney.

Some one with all the powers with access to  records of opponents, a question comes in my mind.

1. Did he use his office to gain knowledge on his opponents for his future political ambitions?

2. Is the US Attorney  supposed to be political?  

3. Is the US Attorney  supposed to put the interests of justice ahead of partisan political witch hunts?

4.Is the US Attorney supposed to follow the laws he has sworn to uphold?

Trully, Christie  has a record of being a bully when he was saving as US attorney , and I do not see that changing in him when he wins as governor.

 His style of leadership can be compared to Sarah Palin. He is a bully who uses his office to punish those who disagree with him. Any person with five senses can see that handwriting on the walls.

According to sources, that followed him closely, as US Attorney, Christie made a name for himself by plucking low-hanging rotten fruit from Jersey’s prodigious tree of corruption, amassing a 132-0 prosecutorial record.

Anyway I just hope New Jersey do not end up with another version of Sarah Palin, this time in a man.

Update 1:  Like I said above, Dots are connecting. Things are begining to fold.

Here is another quote on Christie.

“A contrite Christopher J. Christie, the Republican former prosecutor running for governor on a platform of corruption busting and ethical reform, apologized Tuesday for failing to report a $46,000 loan to a top aide on his tax returns and financial-disclosure forms.”

read full story here

Update 2: OMG.  This is even worse than I thought. I knew this Elephant was hiding something. He thought we are that stupid to Mess with our heads with his message of change in NJ. Ditto. check this out

In Christie’ own big mouth, he said this.

“I’ve got a group of assistant U.S. attorneys sitting down in Newark still doing their job. But let me tell you, they are watching the newspapers. And after we win this election, I’m going to take a whole group of them to Trenton with me and put them in every one of the departments because they saw a lot of waste and abuse being investigated while we were in the U.S. Attorney’s office that didn’t rise to the level of a crime. So I told them, the good news is, when we get to Trenton we don’t have to worry about beyond a reasonable doubt anymore.”

Read story here:-

Update 3: It is a Tip : Just Wow

Chris Christie’s brother Todd is on the Board of Directors of St. Barnabas Medical Center (Network), the second largest employer in NJ.

Chris Christie’s family foundation has donated over $1,000,000 to the Medical Center’s nonprofit foundation over time.

In 2005, St. Barnabas paid a $265,000,000 penalty to the US Government, for a 10 year period where they seriously overbilled Medicare. It was the largest settlement in Medicare history. That $265M was only a portion of the actual $645M that was overbilled. The reduced penalty settlement was achieve so as ‘not to hurt’ the for-profit hospital (which has some for-profit and some non-profit features). The hospital never paid back the $180M difference it bilked from Medicare. The overbilling was deliberate, endorsed as strategy by management, profit-driven, and allowed the hospital to expand.

Christie’s USA-NJ office prosecuted the hospital and shepherded the 2005 settlement. Chris apparently recused himself, citing his family’s donations to the hospital, and placed deputy Marra in charge. At the time, I don’t think Christie mentioned his brother was a trustee of the Hospital.

Presumably, Trustee brother Todd would have had access to the hospital’s strategy, plans and finances.”