This afternoon we heard a lot about Christie’ s attack ads on radio and TV. Today he was in my area. I kept following his trail.

Check this link… Warren County

I will post news later, as there is a lot going on in Warren County, starting from the Freeholder race to Senate. I will share things later. Keep checking back. I may find a minute to post pictures. It will tell you the story. A lot is coming out.
For now Let me share the Corzine Campaign note to NJ Voters. Below is not my writing. I am just distributing it….because this election is very important. We can not let NJ go for Red. It will be sucidal.

Message from the Corzine Campaign.

“The campaign isn’t even over and Chris Christie is already breaking his promises.

We’ve known all along that Chris Christie’s plan for dealing with our state’s budget is a fantasy — that’s exactly what the Star Ledger called it — but we didn’t expect that he’d break those empty promises even before the votes are counted.

Yesterday Christie admitted in the New York Times that his entire campaign has been based on empty promises and failed economic policies.

In fact the only thing he will still do is give tax breaks to the very wealthy by breaking his promises to the middle class.

Christie now says he will not restore property tax rebates, contrary to what he promised.

Christie now says will not roll back the sales tax, contrary to what he promised.

Christie now says he will use “one-shot” revenues to close the budget deficit, contrary to what he promised.

Christie now says he will not reduce income taxes, contrary to what he promised.
The one promise he is sticking with is that he will hand out more tax breaks to big corporations and to the wealthiest, which will raise taxes on the middle class.

The truth is the only economic policies that Chris Christie is staying true to are the same failed economic policies that George W. Bush employed that got the country into this mess in the first place. And now he wants to bring them to New Jersey.

Time and time again, Chris Christie shows that he continues to be extremely wrong when it matters most.

Maggie Moran
Campaign Manager