November 2009

Ladies, running for president is easy. You are qualified if you can be a Hockey mom, or if you can change a diaper.

According to Sarah and Fox news, You are a normal person if you go round signing your book in a cold weather with a barefooted child with down syndrome. If you have all those qualifications, the ratings will go up, you can run for president 2012?  She is a real woman , and a real American.

In case people forgot how stupid Sarah is, her lack of sense of Judgement, here is a reminder popcorn. “Hello This is Sarah, how are you?” Click and listen to the hockey smart mom.


This was a great comment on this prank..

“How quickly some people make excuses for Sarah. Then again it is not suprising since she can not accept any responsibility for her actions or words.Sure the staff let the call go thru. However, It is Sarah that talks for nearly 5 minutes on the phone.Sarah is the one giggling and laughing like a school girl and awnsers his questions and comments.Every other person they have called figured it out within 2 minutes.”

Asking why  women are divided over Sarah Palin?

My answer is, her sense of judgement is questionable, she is a little bit crazy and imbalance  to become president. Only a Grade 12 drop out would think changing diapers is a qualification.

Once more again she got pranked, and she could not use her judgement to shut up.

Sarah Palin would like to interview Katie Courie, because she feels Katie’s interview asking her what magazine she read was unfair.
She would have been happy if Katie Courie asked her how many diapers she changes,
She had all the answers:
Before and VP debate she changed diapers. Also Sarah Palin was mad at Courie, because she never asked her whether she was a hocky mom.

The Blame game:   “It was Katie Courie’s fault, that I did not know the answers.”

May be Katie should try the change diaper questions this time.

Work up America, Sarah Palin is dangerous . Look at her audience.


Now whose fault was this mixup of Iraq and Iran? Expect Going Rogue part 2. Thank God this time it will be Hannity and Fox News, Hopefully. This is not Katie Couric. Going Rogue is all complaints about Katie’s unfair interview.

It looks like Sarah Palin  suffers from amnesia. I cannot believe that this woman can forget what happened just a year ago. This is the woman who could not explain what the Bush doctrine was in an interview with Charlie Gibson. I can not put up the youtube video,  find a link at the end of this article.

Whining and playing victim in her book is laughable. What scares me more are Sarah Palin’s clueless followers. Sarah claims her critics are  shallow minded and lonely. 

No ,we are just amazed with her memory and drama. Sarah Palin is a drama queen.

I borrowed this footage from one of my favorite sites, and smart good friend predicted it so right.


Going Rogue says it all. This came after VP loss.

It was only last year, how could she forget how clueless she was on issues.

What I know about Sarah is she is an opportunist, and the sad part is America elevates  idiots like Sarah Palin the blank clueless opportunist.

watch this and Stop playing victim.

Clueless Sarah Palin’s  Supporters. How scary is this.

Only dead fish go with the flow. This just  shows how many do not pay attention. Sarah and her writers recognize this fact, so it works to  her advantage. Unfortunately, there are people like myself who do not buy BS from any one. 

Last year Clueless Sarah Palin

Victim Sarah

And dumb

And Dumber did not know what the Bush Doctrine was…… It was all Katie Couric’s fault

“In what Respect Charlie?”

click and see this interview Charlie Gibson and Sarah Palin when she was asked what the Bush doctrine was? Sarah Palin was clueless.

Dumb and clueless. September 11, 2008 Interview

Playing victim all the time and refusing to take responsibility of her failures are  signs of lack of leadership skills. I am fine with her becoming a celebrity, but I have a problem with people pimping her for presidency. That would be suicidal. Call USA finished if Sarah Palin is elected President of this country. China, India will become super powers.


Just when I am thinking , Republicans Leaders are coming back to their senses, here comes another New Jersey Wack nut Job, joining the stupid Orly. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
And guess who the GOP elected leaders is?
Scott Garett representing  5th district of NJ.

Scott Garrett

Garrett is the GOP U.S house representative from New jersey ‘s 5 th district.

The Washington Independent reported this

“It’s been a little while since a good confrontation between a birther and a member of Congress, but here’s one from last week: a constituent of Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) asking his congressman why Republicans won’t do anything about the “eligibility issue.” It makes for awkward viewing, as Garrett’s staff clearly wants a change of subject from an audience that seems to be fine with pushing the question. At around 4:40 in the video, the congressman finally engages.”

Garrett answered….

Obviously, there is no political solution to it,” says Garrett. “Even if the entire Republican Party was united on the issue–”


“He’s cut off by another constituent. “Have him show his birth certificate! It’s as simple as that! None of this ‘talk about it, talk about it’ — just let’s see the birth certificate!”

and here

I am so sick and tired of GOP hypocrisy.  Are these guys real Christians or not? I am so tired of listening to their whining and inciting violence towards the sitting president. President Obama is hated just for sitting in that chair in that Oval office. Nothing more nothing less.

What would Jesus do, if he came today?

I think Jesus would first give the GOP and their religious white wing nut cases to read the same bible .

Leviticus 20:10.

“And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbor’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.”

My Plea to Democrats. Stop watering down your president.
With all the right-wing craziness, especially amongst the evangelical religious group calling for revolution like congress woman, Mitchell Bachman,Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin,Joe you lie and all the tea baggers going out shamelessly to incite the nut jobs. It  is irresponsible. Especially coming from some of these elected officials.

 Sarah Palin is just another person, who is full of herself. She does not take any responsibility on anything, and yes she is busy condeming President Obama’s foreign policy. My question is , where was Mitchell Bachman, Sarah palin, Glenn Beck and all the Religious right wing when Mr Dick Chenney and  Mr George Bush took this country to war? especially Iraq? Why did’nt the right wing condemn Dick Chenney.

This country went in a deficit under the GOP leadership. It is sickening to see  Flipflopers like Joe Liberman playing double standards. I am so tired of all this nosense.

 What is wrong with these people? They are sick in their minds. Really.

Threats like this

Ap reported on Nov 14 2009

WASHINGTON – Threats against a new president historically spike right after an election, but from Maine to Idaho law enforcement officials are seeing more against Barack Obama than ever before.”

This is unacceptable , especially in this country which stands out as the world peace maker.

Where is democracy? Where is the power of voting? Come  on guys, put your acts together.

On March 2 2008 – this

It will be wise if Democrats start speaking out and condemn these kind of threats towards the sitting president. You can not just sit back and let Rachel Maddow and Keith to do the work for you, they are the only two speaking out to condemn this threats. Where are all the liberals?
What would Jesus say if he came today. The right-wing crazies are weakening the security of this country. I am afraid to say so, but things I am reading and listening lately to in the news and media, are frightening.

 I do not know what has gotten into the minds of some republican leaders. This is not about the stimulus, health care reform or immigration issues, because when they were in power, I did not hear this kind of outcry when Mr Bush took this country to war, and almost buried this country alive with the huge deficit.

I think at this point, as much as Democrats wants to be intellectual and critical of the president, take yourselves back and condemn those who are busy inciting violence using the religious groups. Do we have our own Taliban in this country? Right wing religious groups are now sounding and acting like the Taliban.

Just a note to say, although I rant on issues, I am mature enough to congratulate winners. That does not mean I will not hold the new governor accountable. We all will be waiting for his promises he made on the campaign trail. Lead by example.
Starting from cutting taxes, paying back all what is owed to the state, and making sure the deficit disappears in 10 months, just like GOP expected the president to turn around the economy in 10 months. Trust me this makes it easier for Dems. I will not behave like Tea bag retards, I will just follow issue by issue and see how it will be handled by our new Governor.
Congratulations, but be reminded that I will not be scared of any tea bagger and I will not put up with bullies. I am not going to live in fear. I will still air my opinions. The only person I fear is GOD. Period.

Thanks and good luck

Today Warren County Voters will decide whether to keep their same old Republicans Freeholder Everett Chamberlain and Angelo Accetturo for Freeholder Board or Vote for Democratic Challengers Adam Fitting and Tod Theise .

If  Democrats Candidates wins, it will be the first step in bringing change to Warren County that has been for Republicans for  a long time. There are issues that has been a concern to Warren County, and have gone under the rug for a long time, because of one party rule that feel Warren County Voters  have no rights to know and vote on big projects. Residents are so outraged by that fact. We will know tonight who they vote for. SAME OLD SYSTEM, or New Face like the Express Times pointed out to Warren County Voters. Here

Residents joined the Democrats,to help with making calls and distributing literature. Like seen below residents came in to help. elections 008The issues of firing two teachers by the school board appointed by the Freeholder board at the Votec outraged  many  residents.  Also the hidden project of Building the $ 30 Million library in an accessible  corn field in white town ship close to the county jail , and cutting the budget from the schools and existing libraries across the county,has left resident with questions of intent.

So they are looking forward to replace the incumbents Freeholder Board.

Democrats this year gave the GOP Freeholder a big Halloween surprise when their little secrets were brought out in the open by their challengers who have worked tirelessly talking to residents and studying how this county is run.

Good news  and light for Democrats is that , this year they have 23 Democrat candidates running to challenge Republicans, starting from township city council , Freeholder,Assembly and Senate.John 158

John 157

Warren County Dems at work. You know when you are treated like a step child by your parents, you work harder to prove your point.elections 035John 156

Democrats  this year made a memorable campaign, even if they had no much support from the  governor s’ campaign staff. Corzine’s campaign did nothing to sell the Governor in Warren County. John 045The  fight to win Warren County can be seen in the pictures below. This group worked their butts off. What ever happens today, they deserve a thank you note.

John 043

The faithful Democrats still carried and campaigned for the unpopular governor Jon Corzine.

My take on this is, few democrats in Warren should get high five if Jon Corzine gets  votes from Warren County.elections 026 I think It was very irresponsible for the Corzine Campaign to abandon Warren County when it has 14000 registered Democrats and 27 000 independent many of them who voted Democrats last year. I jumped in to help and worked day in and out puting up signs , wen I realized no one from the Corzine Campaign was putting up signs for the governor. The only work I saw was people asking for his Photo ups. I became desparate when I saw Christie ‘s signs all over the county, with Zero for Corzine. Even when, we called several times to ask for Corzine Material, we had a negative response from the Corzine Campaign. It took Candidate Tammy Smith to drive up and down soliciting for the Corzine literature and Rd Signs. That is how we managed to put up some signs.

One Spanish Volunteer, took it upon herself to go round and picked up signs around the state and gave them to me. The Corzine campaign should be ashamed of themselves, especially those who were given the responsibility to cover Warren County. This is unacceptable and should not be repeated in future. The Corzine Campain staff , not only over worked the President, but candidates like Tammy Smith and Tod Theise here,  and  few volunteers  who signed up to help the local candidates .  I am so pissed , about this irresponsible actions.

elections 024

Tired candidate Tod Theise 7 days before the election elections 027

elections 033

Recap of the dress code . It appears blue is a great color. Republicans now are wearing blue. So that left some of our candidates with no choice, especially for Freeholder race. What dress code and color did Democrats candidate use? surprise!!!!

Remember  in June, I pointed out how the Republicans  switched their dress Code to blue . Well Democrats like Tod Theise gave them a nice Apple sign that is not only unique ,but has left every Resident talking about how cute and refreshing it looks. Theise is now referred to as “the guy with the apple sign.”

Democrats Signs

Apple sign. Democrat Candidate for Freeholder  Tod Theise Challenging  GOP Incumbent Angelo Accetturo .elections 052

Adam Fitting – Freeholder Candidate for Democrat Challenging Incumbent GOP Everett  Chamberlain

elections 122

Harvey Baron for Senate, Tammy Smith, Bill Courtney for AssemblyAre all Democrats Challenging GOP Candidates, Doherty,Dimaio, and Peterson

elections 051

Republicans Signs and singing the message of change below.

elections 123

elections 105elections 108

The freeholder race is the focal point as it just awakens the sleeping residents. Residents have learnt a lot of  issues in the past months and are not happy with the GOP incumbent Freeholders. GOPers endorsed and  are backing  the Democrats Candidates.

Let me introduce you to the courageous men and women in action who are fighting to change Warren County. These pictures were taken on Sunday , Warren County Halloween Parade where candidates took advantage to push for votes.

Below is Tod Theise Candidate for Freeholder and  Campaign manager John Valentine for freeholder  candidates phone banking for candidateselections 011

elections 084
Democrat Candidate Tod Theise was a former Republican, who got disgusted with his own party. He changed his affiliation and Voted for President Barack Obama, because of what he believes in and liked what Democratic Party stands for.
Theise is Challenging Republican incumbent Angelo Accetturo.

Adam Fitting

elections 071

The two Democrats merged and made a strong team to hammer and shred off the  GOP incumbents.

elections 044

Democrat Assembly Candidates

Below  is  Candidate for District Assembly Seat Tammy Smith .

and Tammy’s Campaign Manager Micheal Sedita Packing Candidates Materials .elections 111

elections 087

Candidate for the second D Assembly seat Bill Courtney

elections 059

Fro Senate Seat is Harvey Baron in a red sweater with Candidate for Assembly Bill Courtney

elections 045

Candidate for Freeholder Tod Theise, Candidate for Senate Harvey Baron, Candidate for Assembly Bill Courtney chatting before the parade.

elections 046

Below was part of the Parade

elections 097elections 098elections 091

Just highlights of things that makes me nauseous about Christie, John 198worse more thinking of Christie as New Jersey Governor is a nightmare.

John 180 Democrats put out the Corzine and Democrats Candidates, what Christie’s people have been doing is cutting and taking down all the opponents Rd signs like this. elections 115 This pissed me off , watching this kind of intimidation, and childish behavior from the GOP.

I find it hard to know that, the Republicans in NJ are being represented by the former US attorney, who supposedly, should spend time to educate his followers, about the process of democracy.

I think Republicans and their supporters should grow up before they decide to ran for any office. That including Chris Christie and Sarah Palin. Their bully style of leadership is sickening, and that is why Republican party keeps on shrinking.

Remember, Chris Christie came to Warren County 3 times in the last two weeks. Yes the Big elephant ‘s weight was felt. I do not mean his physical weight, but the weight of  power of bulliness and boucing up and down feeling Victory, by pretending to bring change to Trenton, when he is a fraud himself. I think in my own opinion, Christie and his cronies are are danger to this State and the nation in all. I have more pictures to show you what has been going on a county level.

I wish American people , start paying attention to their local goverment and manucipalities, learn how they are run.

 It is not Washington, or Jon Corzine who creats most of the deficit. Check your local government in your back yards before you blame Trenton and the white house.


First all the Democrats signs were either cut in pieces, or they were thrown out.

How do I trust Republican  Candidate Chris Christie and his cronies , with  their message of change to Trenton, when they are showing me already what their leadership will be in New Jersey if Christie is elected?

This act has been going on through out this year’s election. I have been taking pictures. When I see Democrats Signs disappear, I go in day light to look in the bushes, and bingo, Christie and all Republicans signs are up and Democrats are down (thrown in the Bushes). As seen above.

I stopped on RT78 on my way home from work, I saw Christie’ picture up above and Corzine had dissapeared. I stopped the car, went to look in the bushes, I picked up Corzine’s Rd sign, put it up close to Christie’s sign just to show his supporters, that People of New Jersey demand civility and democracy during the voting process. We have no room for bullies in New Jersey.

Here is Corzine’ recovered Sign that I recovered a week ago. I took pictures as evidence.

John 181
As I told you in my earlier posts, I have closely followed NJ election in detail just like I followed last year ‘s election.
First, be reminded that I live in District 23 in NJ headed by a Republican Congress Scott Garett ,  So Mr Christie Considers this district as, “his Base”.. …… You betcha I saw Christie in Hackettstown, Flemington, and Philispburg,’s trails.
I do not know how many years  Republican Congress man Scott Garrett has held this position in this district, Senate for District 23 usually goes to Republicans, District Assembly has always been Republicans. I think the last time Democrats won this seat was in 1970s. For senate I think 1920s was the last time they had a democrat. Few years ago. Freeholder board has always been Republicans. The scary thing is there is a lot of Cronism in this area, when it comes to this appointments.
Living in a Republican county has taught me one thing. Republicans are never civil when it comes to democracy. The level of hypocricy is frightening. Just like sarah Palin, who enjoys debating on blank ideas and making up stuff, they enjoy stiring up facts to suit their egos and sense of entitlement to power.
I am still saying this once more again. New jersey wake up before you are sorry. I still insist Christie is not right for New Jersey. He has so much baggage to take with him to Trenton.

Corzine did  not run for governor to make money, he gets $1 a year, Corzine does not need money, he already has money, and besides Corzine does not use Tax payers money to go to the Casino, in contrast if Mr Chris Christie is elected, the first thing he will do is to make his own rules that will only applies to him . To dip into our pockets.
Talking about Bullies. Here are comments that was sent to me by the Christie supporters. I laughed because they both sound like Sarah Palin .

Yeah but you’re just a liberal retard.  Of course you have your imagined concerns.  Why don’t you whine some about global warming and other made up crisis?”

“I think Daggett is a Corzine plant.   With Corzine polling low and in trouble over a year ago, the Dems knew the only way to win would be to run a third party and split the anti-Corzine vote.  With Corzine’s money, he could easily pay Daggett with no declaration.  The white house(dems) also tried to sneak a Democrat in the NY election.  I’m glad to see Hoffman and Palin use the 3rd party tactic agains the WH in NY.  Great Job Sarah. 
BTW,  Sarah also smacked down Daggett in facebook this weekend”

Ignorance has no defence.
Do not expect me to approve your comments if you leave nasty unproductive comments. I used to delete, but I think from now onwards, I will expose your ignorance.