Just highlights of things that makes me nauseous about Christie, John 198worse more thinking of Christie as New Jersey Governor is a nightmare.

John 180 Democrats put out the Corzine and Democrats Candidates, what Christie’s people have been doing is cutting and taking down all the opponents Rd signs like this. elections 115 This pissed me off , watching this kind of intimidation, and childish behavior from the GOP.

I find it hard to know that, the Republicans in NJ are being represented by the former US attorney, who supposedly, should spend time to educate his followers, about the process of democracy.

I think Republicans and their supporters should grow up before they decide to ran for any office. That including Chris Christie and Sarah Palin. Their bully style of leadership is sickening, and that is why Republican party keeps on shrinking.

Remember, Chris Christie came to Warren County 3 times in the last two weeks. Yes the Big elephant ‘s weight was felt. I do not mean his physical weight, but the weight of  power of bulliness and boucing up and down feeling Victory, by pretending to bring change to Trenton, when he is a fraud himself. I think in my own opinion, Christie and his cronies are are danger to this State and the nation in all. I have more pictures to show you what has been going on a county level.

I wish American people , start paying attention to their local goverment and manucipalities, learn how they are run.

 It is not Washington, or Jon Corzine who creats most of the deficit. Check your local government in your back yards before you blame Trenton and the white house.


First all the Democrats signs were either cut in pieces, or they were thrown out.

How do I trust Republican  Candidate Chris Christie and his cronies , with  their message of change to Trenton, when they are showing me already what their leadership will be in New Jersey if Christie is elected?

This act has been going on through out this year’s election. I have been taking pictures. When I see Democrats Signs disappear, I go in day light to look in the bushes, and bingo, Christie and all Republicans signs are up and Democrats are down (thrown in the Bushes). As seen above.

I stopped on RT78 on my way home from work, I saw Christie’ picture up above and Corzine had dissapeared. I stopped the car, went to look in the bushes, I picked up Corzine’s Rd sign, put it up close to Christie’s sign just to show his supporters, that People of New Jersey demand civility and democracy during the voting process. We have no room for bullies in New Jersey.

Here is Corzine’ recovered Sign that I recovered a week ago. I took pictures as evidence.

John 181
As I told you in my earlier posts, I have closely followed NJ election in detail just like I followed last year ‘s election.
First, be reminded that I live in District 23 in NJ headed by a Republican Congress Scott Garett ,  So Mr Christie Considers this district as, “his Base”.. …… You betcha I saw Christie in Hackettstown, Flemington, and Philispburg,’s trails.
I do not know how many years  Republican Congress man Scott Garrett has held this position in this district, Senate for District 23 usually goes to Republicans, District Assembly has always been Republicans. I think the last time Democrats won this seat was in 1970s. For senate I think 1920s was the last time they had a democrat. Few years ago. Freeholder board has always been Republicans. The scary thing is there is a lot of Cronism in this area, when it comes to this appointments.
Living in a Republican county has taught me one thing. Republicans are never civil when it comes to democracy. The level of hypocricy is frightening. Just like sarah Palin, who enjoys debating on blank ideas and making up stuff, they enjoy stiring up facts to suit their egos and sense of entitlement to power.
I am still saying this once more again. New jersey wake up before you are sorry. I still insist Christie is not right for New Jersey. He has so much baggage to take with him to Trenton.

Corzine did  not run for governor to make money, he gets $1 a year, Corzine does not need money, he already has money, and besides Corzine does not use Tax payers money to go to the Casino, in contrast if Mr Chris Christie is elected, the first thing he will do is to make his own rules that will only applies to him . To dip into our pockets.
Talking about Bullies. Here are comments that was sent to me by the Christie supporters. I laughed because they both sound like Sarah Palin .

Yeah but you’re just a liberal retard.  Of course you have your imagined concerns.  Why don’t you whine some about global warming and other made up crisis?”  fudge@crap.com

“I think Daggett is a Corzine plant.   With Corzine polling low and in trouble over a year ago, the Dems knew the only way to win would be to run a third party and split the anti-Corzine vote.  With Corzine’s money, he could easily pay Daggett with no declaration.  The white house(dems) also tried to sneak a Democrat in the NY election.  I’m glad to see Hoffman and Palin use the 3rd party tactic agains the WH in NY.  Great Job Sarah. 
BTW,  Sarah also smacked down Daggett in facebook this weekend” tojimnvicki@aol.com

Ignorance has no defence.
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