March 2010

President Obama makes a surprise visit to Afghanistan.

Sorry Mr President , I heard the other day from  Sarah Palin the leader of the Tea Party movement aligned with  GOP party  at one of the rallies she headed with McCain in Arizona and Nevada on Saturday, ranting that your presidency has not brought in any change. She also made  an impression  way back, that our troops do not like you. And this proves that she was right.

Ouch!!!!  Now this is Change we can believe in.

” Howee is the changy workin for ya Mr president?” 

It must be killing  Sarah Palin to see this.  Hell No is  going to explode on this one.

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Update: Health care passed with zero Republican vote. Wow.

Senate 56-43. House passed it by 219 to 212 initial and 220-207 second time. Congratulations!!!!!!

If I was a democrat Congressman, and voted No, I would be so embarrassed voting with the party that has crazy followers who are now sending threats to Democrats. Why can’t people respect the voting process. Violent is not the answer.

I blame  FOX news, Sarah Palin and GOP elected officials for playing  dangerous politics in feeding the American people with false information just for the sake of winning the elections. Instigating anger and supporting the party movement with wrong message.

GOP leaders together with the blue dogs should be ashamed of themselves. Really.

Sending  threats and filing law suits to block health care for all is a shame. It is so inhuman.

This is the most coward act I have ever seen in my entire life, using politics of fear and lies. I have no idea what play book the Republican Party is reading.

 Republicans in Democrats clothing  ( Blue Dogs) who voted against the Healthcare Bill will face reality come November elections.

 Voters will send you home on election day-Nov 2nd!”  they will send you back to the private sectors with  a “ballot”.

Democrats voters are civilized people , they believe in a peacefull election, not violent or stealing the ballot to win. If you think people will be afraid to go out and vote because of the GOP and tea party threat and violent tactics, wait and see. November elections are coming up.

Actually, the threats just made me sign up to volunteer for democrats. I am not afraid at all.

Americans sent you to Washington to represent them, not to represent the big Corporations. Shame on you !!!

Brainwashed clueless Americans exposed their ignorance on Saturday 20, 2010 by protesting the most historical and important bill for every American in this country.This is because Fox and other pundits keep feeding the wrong information to ordinary poor uninformed Americans. The result is, people are drunk with the Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Sarah Palin. and Michelle Bachmann poison cool aid.

 This is video is compiled by the New left Media

and this is why we need education in this country.

 I do not know how to make of the republican party, who sorely decided to favor insurance companies, and other  rich financial corporations, and coldly  turned their backs on  ordinary Americans.

The formation of the tea party movement which the Republican elected officials consistently endorsed, not only has driven the racial slurs against the sitting president, but also, the GOP endorsement to this movement is highly  contributing to dividing this great nation. High profiles GOP political figures like, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, are proudly identifying themselves as heads of the tea party movement. This is a shame, because deep down Palin and Bachmann’s heart, they care less about the American people, but their names and $$ pocket period.

I am torturing myself today watching FOX News, so I can listen to their FAUX coverage. Oh dear me, I hope I make it through this day.

Governor Christie thought he was making New Jersey residents happy when his administration  made the following announcement

Mr. Christie is cutting money for schools, colleges, hospitals and the New Jersey Transit system – 375 line items total. He is removing  non citizens  from the state health care system and canceling a jobs program that mainly created jobs for government bureaucrats. His cuts are intended to impose efficiency and accountability on government spending, concepts people generally do not associate with New Jersey politics.

Mr. Christie is taking withering fire for his efforts, which is a knee-jerk response to making hard choices, particularly when they affect government spending that some came to view as entitlements. But he is doing what he was elected to do. Mr. Christie’s rationale is that, “We cannot spend money on everything we want.” It’s an approach refreshing in its simplicity and common sense.”

Is the new governor getting his full pay?

New Jersey Governor’s pants on fire,

Teachers across New Jersey protest against the new governor’s decision to cut aid. Whether that helps the new GOP governor, will be seen in the next four years of his leadership.

It is easy to make promises on the campaign trail, than to keep them, especially when you are faced with reality.

I warned New Jersey when Mr Chrisite campaigned that he will never raise taxes or cut any jobs.

Mr Christie  campaigned on the message of change. In his mind, he was talking about change to screw the middle class.

I saw this coming . See I told you guys. By the way did I mention that the Ex governor Jon Corzine was paid $1 a month. He never took his pay. 

My suggestion to the New Governor,

Lead by example:

 Mr Christie and his new appointees must  tighten up their belts by giving up their full pay and benefits, instead take half-pay, since their pay comes from tax payers , or else, the new governor and its administration who are on government  payroll, but supports the job cuts and AID to programs which benefits middle class, will lose credibility from New Jersey Residents.

It seems the governor is already breaking his promises.

 Pants on  fire

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been in office for less than two months, but his approach to balance the state’s books is already prompting protest. WNYC’s Bob Hennelly has more

Teachers are outraged by Gov Christie’s move to cut education funding.
I am so hesitant to start criticising the new governor, since he has been in office for only 2 months. But the way things are going, I may start writing about it for record sake. Having a radio station  campaign for Christie 24/7, left me with no choice but to report on what ever is going on in this state.
Although I have not yet expressed my opinion, my ears are open on everything our new governor is up to. I keep my notes on the side, and I listen to his favorite radio station NJ 101.5, which is pro Christie.

Anyway, as I was driving home from work,  New Jersey 101.5 campaign radio station was on the air defending Mr Christie with his budget. Anyway what do I expect from this radio station?

All I can say is, in New Jersey you will survive if you belonged to the rich, if you are like me living pay check to pay check, you are so screwed.

Suggestion To All Elected officials in Washington

All Senators, congressmen and women, should each sponsor a family for healthcare if this bill fails to pass.

Each elected official must pledge $1000 to help those who are losing health care due to the bloated health care industry hiking fees.

Now this brought tears on my face.


Only a heartless person would go out and protest passing of health care. Worse for elected officials who plan to vote “NO”.

Do the right thing. Check the link to all the numbers you need to call elected officials now.

According to the coffee party founder,

“The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them.”

On the other hand

The  Tea party movement is organizing the usual crazy protests on March 16 2010 in DC .

In New Jersey, this group  started  private meeting from Mar 11 2010 in Toms River and will go on till April 15 2010 ( Tax day tea party rallies), in NJ various locations.

The bottom line, is the Tea Party movement  cannot go on unchecked, they need challenge. The coffee Party is their challenge. So I will keep an eye on both groups.

President Obama on health care

We’ve seen years — decades — where Washington just puts off dealing with our toughest challenges because it’s too hard, because we don’t know how the politics works.  And the will and the capacity to act, to do serious things in this country, starts just getting sucked away.  Just gets sacked by partisanship and political gamesmanship and debates about who’s up and who’s down, and how does this play politically — instead of asking what’s right and what’s wrong.  And we’ve seen terrible consequences — not just these last two years of turmoil, but a decade of struggle for middle class families.

We can’t accept the status quo.  We can’t accept the same old-same old.  I won’t accept it… Not when it comes to how we manage taxpayer dollars.  Not when it comes to how our health care system works.  Not when it comes to meeting the difficult challenges that we face…Now is the time.  Now is the moment.  Now is the time for us to leave for the next generation and generations to come a stronger and more prosperous country.  We are not backing down.  We are not quitting, St. Charles.  And we are going to get this done.”

GOP Tea Bagger on health care–“Keep Your Government out of my medicare….”

Well, Medicare is a Government run program. Duh!!

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