Barack Obama’ Inauguration


President Barack Obama was elected by the people. He won by landslide.

and on November 4, he warned us that the challenge is huge. After 7 months in office. we are seeing what President Obama warned about. How can we forget so fast what kept us all night to elect the person we all believed in and get sidetracked by the group of people who lost this election?

Are our memories that bad that we can forget that fast.  It is only 7 months, and if you let the people who destroyed this country for 8 years, make you believe president Obama is not doing a good job and claiming he is not an American. It’s a shame if we are believing the GOP BS.

It is only 7 m0nths President Obama has been in office. Give him chance Gentle men and ladies. He is an American just like yourself. Do not let our outer appearances dictate your brains.

Well this week was so weired.

A lot of hate talk from GOP cronies against President Obama, and any one who supports President Barack Obama’ agenda.

Hate  e-mails fying this week, starting from TV, Radio, and the internet.

1. New Jersey radio talkers are bashing Governor Jon Corzine 24/7, and pimping Republican candidate Chris Christie for governor New Jersey.
The only problem that is a big Oops!!! is Chris Christie is not offering any new ideas, of how he is going to reduce taxes in New Jersey. He copied every Corzine’s idea, and presented it as his. So in shot, I can say Republican candidate is a blank on new ideas. period.
2.The same radio station 101.5, is going on and on bashing President Obama’s health care reform. Even saying on air that they would like to punch Nancy Pelosi on her face.

That is cowardness and a sign of stupidity.
3. Kos also posted some hate e-mails. I encourage you to go read for yourself . Visit DailyKos.

Here are some hatred expressed by the GOP followers to kos:


yeah just help keep the truth hiden – fuck you your a piece of shit i hope you choke today while you eating something – your a fucking traiter just like all the other state run media – fuck you you fucking fucktard OBAMA WAS BORN IN kENYA BITCH – HE IS A FRAUD JUST LIKE YOU!”


Your site is garbage,hatred, venomous slime from the rejects in society.
You people think you can personally attack anybody you damn well please and don’t have to answer to it.
You all sit on your liberal asses all day just cutting up PEOPLE while the Republicans cut up POLICY.
Everybody knows the Code Pinkos, the hippie anti war protesters, the harrassment of our Marines. The ugly hateful signs carried by the left with President Bush as Hitler and wearing Nazi garb. And you think we are going to just let that be forgotten? Forget it.
And the Sarah Palin hanging last Halloween. Hmm, liberals thought that was funny.

LIBERALS/DEMOCRATS are going to lose SO BIG in 2010 . NJ becomes red when CORZINE moves out.
Virginia goes RED .Other races are looking very promising too so convince each other just ‘HOW BAD’ the GOP is when it is quite the opposite.
Everytime Obama opens his mouth, more bullshit runs out. The American people ALREADY GOT HIS LYING MESSAGE and are NOT INTERESTED in hearing anything about the NAZI HEALTH CARE bill.

By the time we are thru with Obama and his health care bullshit, his numbers are going be the 40’s and the worse he looks, the better Bush looks.

You people are the most hateful scumbags I have ever encountered online. GARBAGE with a MAGGOT infestation.

Obama sent his thugs. Now he set the stage for war. It takes 2 to fight a battle but one must fall. Let’s all sit back and watch the show. I do love WAR MOVIES. “


May I just once more remind the American people including all republicans who are so hateful, resentiful for accepting that Barack Obama become the president of the united state by a ballot. He did not put himself in the white house. American people from all back ground, white, black, pink ,yellow, orange, purple, green, elected him through a ballot. VOTE.

Here is the reminder: He won with a landslide.

And he spoke to the hearts of every Americans, the young and the old, white and blacks, All people of this nation.

Where were the birthers, where were CNN critics, and were were the 101.5 radio talkers?

He won by a land slide. Yes people elected Barack H Obama. Time to move on and help move the country forward. We owe it to ourselves to move this country forward. Negativity will not help, wether you are a republican, Democrat or Independent, we have the  duty to improve the well being of  this  country that we all claim to love so much. Each one of us walking on the American soil must take responsibility.

This is the America people wished for, not the 1600  years ago America.


Tammy Bruce calls the Obamas , “trash in the white house”.

Tammy Bruce, guest host for Laura Ingram’s radio show, had some harsh words for First Lady Michelle Obama.

Discussing the first lady’s visit to a Washington D.C. classroom last week, Bruce incredulously recalled Obama’s story about wanting to get A’s in school and called out her use of a “weird, fake accent.”

“That’s what he’s married to,” Bruce said. “…You know what we’ve got? We’ve got trash in the White House. Trash is a thing that is colorblind, it can cross all eco-socionomic…categories. You can work on Wall Street, or you can work at the Wal-Mart. Trash, are people who use other people to get things, who patronize others, who consider you bitter and clingy…”

Watch video on Huffington post.

End of quote
Tammy is the biggest loser and fool I have ever known. Michelle is authentic. She does not fake anything, You loser.

This is very insulting and bigotry at its best.

I have few sentences for Tammy:
1. Get a life
2. hook up with Rush, he is still single. I am sure you would make a good pair.
3. Tammy is a no-body but a trash in the can

4. You are envious and Jelousy that Michell is the first lady. Get over it. She is the first lady of the united state of America. The American people  picked the right family for the  white housse. This is the best first lady. She is smart, real, authentic and beautiful.
Jelousy people like Tammy can not hide the dark bigotry side.  Michelle is smart and beautiful. Even if the president was a single man, Tammy would be the last person he would go for.

Tammy you are a biggest loser in this world. Michelle Obama rocks.

Keep pinching your face, President Obama will never look or consider you to be the first lady loser.

Your friends went after a young girl Megan McCain, calling her all sorts of names, when actually Megan sounds like she has more brains than some of you older women in the GOP.
I was never and I will never be a GOP. But those attacks on Megan McCain, made me grind my teeth, especially coming from unattractive old women.

What a bunch of sore losers, I am begining to know, including Tammy Bruce.

Tammy sounds like she got a D in college, that is why women like Michell Obama is a big threat to her.

Tammy Bruce, you can now marry Rush.

I received this special invitation from the Obama Committee. On top of that I also received a Christmas Card that  had the president elect Obama and the incoming first lady, and vice President Biden and his wife.

I am so humbled by this special invitation.

I feel so special, honored, due to the that a nobody like myself can honestly receive this special invitation from the Obama committee. I had tears roll on my face.

 I head this invitations were only one million according  to  what I read ,

“Emmett Beliveau, the executive director of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, said that Precise Continental, Mr. Donnelly’s 26-year-old printing company, had won the bid to produce one million gold-and-black engraved invitations for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama”.

So I am one of the 1 million. I really feel so special.

My hard work was actually recognised.It has paid off. I feel so proud of myself in taking part of last year presidential elections.

Election day was a busy day for me, I volunteered to go door to door knocking on people’s doors to get them out to go vote. I gave rides to older people who were walking to the poll

I would like to  thanks all volunteers that made this historical election possible. I knew we could do it. I had no doubt about it.

This is a big honor for me, It means a lot. I will definately share this with my children  and  I will frame my invitation.

Thanks to the OBAMA TEAM, all the volunteers and all those who made a contribution to the Obama Campaign. I  salute you all.

Lastly, to our elected President Obama, WE ARE PROUD OF YOU.

GOOD LUCK MR President as you lead this great nation with integrity, we love you.

There are  many challenges with your new job, but we will all be there to go through the challenges this nation is facing .

I love this Great nation.