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Brainwashed clueless Americans exposed their ignorance on Saturday 20, 2010 by protesting the most historical and important bill for every American in this country.This is because Fox and other pundits keep feeding the wrong information to ordinary poor uninformed Americans. The result is, people are drunk with the Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Sarah Palin. and Michelle Bachmann poison cool aid.

 This is video is compiled by the New left Media

and this is why we need education in this country.

 I do not know how to make of the republican party, who sorely decided to favor insurance companies, and other  rich financial corporations, and coldly  turned their backs on  ordinary Americans.

The formation of the tea party movement which the Republican elected officials consistently endorsed, not only has driven the racial slurs against the sitting president, but also, the GOP endorsement to this movement is highly  contributing to dividing this great nation. High profiles GOP political figures like, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, are proudly identifying themselves as heads of the tea party movement. This is a shame, because deep down Palin and Bachmann’s heart, they care less about the American people, but their names and $$ pocket period.

I am torturing myself today watching FOX News, so I can listen to their FAUX coverage. Oh dear me, I hope I make it through this day.


Just came back from the demonstration Rally in support to the Health Care Reform.
Because we reside in the crazies base County, we took it to the street. It was amazing, fulfilling and effective, even when we are out numbered by the republicans. We delivered our message in a very peaceful and civil manner. We had no media coverage. I guess it is not fun to cover anything positive, if we were chanting Nazi, Hitler, and all the crazy stuff like take back our country, I am sure that would be attractive. Peace is not something that gets coverage.

Health care Rally 276
Cars were honking in support. It felt so good, just to push back the crazies. Here are the pictures I took.


Health care Rally 283

Have you ever felt a need to make your voice heard in the middle of the crazy mob, who appear to be so taller than yourself and look like Bullies? Imagine the picture of this crazy monster with big ugly teeth threatening to kill you if you speak the truth, and then you are there thinking , should I take a risk to fight this gorilla or not? Then your guts tells you, just go out and fight, do not get intimidated by the size of your opponent.

You bundle up off you go for a fight? That is what I did today. It feels so refreshing to preach the truth and facts to the people who have drunk the cool aid from Fox News and Glenn Beck.

 In the middle of the battle ground, the entire ground chants in support of your message, cars honking in support, thumbs up.

Health care Rally 281

That is exactly what happened today. You never know, how many people you may change, until you take part in educating the uninformed public. I just realized today that we have a good crowd in Warren County supporting the health Care Reform. Be like a brave turtle, facing the lion.

Health care Rally 284

Of Course, I was doing paparazzi, since we had no coverage. Our county is controlled by Republicans, so they refused to give us publicity. The Radio, News papers are all controlled by Repubs and we had zero reporters, they told us in advance that we are on our own.

So I did my amateur photographing, but what the heck. I did it.

Health care Rally 269

This was my favorite poster. Holding it is Janice Swack running for Council in Independence. She was the organizer of this demonstration against the tea baggers .Here she is

Health care Rally 268

She is an Icon for Democrats in this county dominated by holy holy elephants.

Health care Rally 262

 We had one oposition who came to disrupt us, trying to sell his opposition message. We watered him down with facts, and obvious questions.

The dems are not putting up with any nonsense, they are fighting back in a civil and peaceful way. Our anti-Health care reform was this old guy screaming at us, chanting Obama is a socialist .

 Health care Rally 272

It was not easy with him because, our message overshadowed his negativity. He could not give an answer to what type of insurance he had. I asked him whether he was on medicare, you would have seen how we watered him down, with facts about health care, and told him medicare is a government run program. He immediately zipped his big mouth.

Health care Rally 273

See what happens when you use facts to challenge a lie. These wing nuts have no facts, Flood them with facts, they have no answers. That is why you can’t be afraid. They use violent words to scare people, but when you confront them with facts, they are cowards.

Look at how embarrassed he looks after learning the truth about medicare. Duh

Health care Rally 274

Health care Rally 261

Small group but effective with the right message. For this county, this is pretty a good sign for change.

Health care Rally 277

 I walked by and took a pic of  supporters, telling their personal stories and word of encouragement.

Health care Rally 278

Peaceful people. Do you see any craziness here?

Health care Rally 260

After this, my girl friend and I went to a near by out door  free concert , to take our chances to handout our health Care reform flyer’s. We were successful. Check the crowd in this county, these are holy holy you know people? Anti Obama. But you will be shocked. I am sure many of these folks  are on medicare. What is laughable folks is olsd folks who are against Government take over, are on medicare. 

Health care Rally 006


Health care Rally 005

Anyway, all I can say is Fox News , Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh are misleading people in this country. All these old folks , do spend their days listening to fox news. What a shame.

Time to go to bed. Work day Monday. It’s 1.12 AM now. I am tired.


For those who have ears, Please sit and listen to this Video.

Ofcourse, if you are Sarah Palin,wanting some public attention, you will go out to start ranting against this bill. ( Ignorance has no defence). No wonder she lost the elections. Too stupid to be close to the white house.

You will be opposing the reform if you belong to the greedy corporate world full of theives that took down this country to the grave yard.

They have made their  wealthy by stealing tax payers money. They become capitalists. because of your contributions from the little you have. They are greedy and evil for picking a poor person like you to fight for them. They know you are ignorant about their operations, and they are putting fear in you. Once they get want they want, they will toss you.

They have been paying themselves big bonuses and If you fall in that group of the 5% wealthy people in this country, yes you are going to oppose the universal health care.

If you are like me, an ordinally person who survive from pay check to pay check, work 24/7 to pay my bills, you will support President Obama’s reform.
Every human Being deserves health care.

What is very disturbing and sad, is Seing and listening to GOP house representatives uniting with the big companies to stop the reform, and igniting anger in people against the sitting president. It  is very un american and evil.

 Sarah Palin has it the other way round. She too has a twisted brain. I need to open her brain shake it a little bit with breach. May be her reasoning will be better.
The current healthy Care system is working well for the insurance companies, but it is not working well for the majority of Americans.

Come on guys, this is not about politics, this is about life of millions of american people who can not afford insurance.
Just think of the insurance refusing to cover your medical bills, for your long  illness? Imagine if you diagonized with cancer today, and the same insurance companies you are protecting, that are asking you to rally against the reform, tells you they can not cover your cost of medical bills? Think twice. President Barack Obama is on your side, and politicians in Washington, working with the insurance companies to kill the president’s agenda, are doing it for political reasons. You must trust your president as he is on yourside. Do not screw up your chances.

The greed gets greedy. Make your own judgement.

From now on, I do not want anyone selling me insurance. I have Cigna, and I am pissed to learn that this one guy earns that kind of money. Greedy Greedy Greedy.

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