This week was a game changer for Jon Corzine. I will explain it this way; By the way the Moose is a democrat, and supporter of NJ Gov Corzine.current Breakfast 128

Things are looking good again for Democrats in New Jersey.

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The race has been all for the Republican Challenger Chris Christie, who was leading by 10-15 points in polls the past week. current Breakfast 125Brian helped by Crushing GOP Candidate.

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Chris Daggett the Independent Candidate is just blending in the race, Very positive, that the Christie’s campaign is now accusing Daggett to be Corzine’s plant to take away Christie’s vote. Which I call a total “lie.”

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Jon Corzine ‘s lead has sent some radio station talkers off the roof to go negative on the Sitting Governor.

Phew!!! the ranting by the republicans on NJ 101.5 Radio left me giggling. Republicans celebrated the lead for the past month, starting from the news papers like Warren Reporter, Express Times and NJ 101.5 Radio station.Today all I heard all day was whinning from the Republicans supporters.

Gov Jon Corzine is now leading by 3 points, followed by Chris Christie , and Chris Daggett in the third place.

Also, tonight there was a live debate for Lieutenant governors for New Jersey.  The debate was between Loretta Weinberg, Frank Esposito and Kim Guadagno .  This is the first time in 214 years that we will elect a Lieutenant Governor and the role of the position is still being defined. Unfortunately, it was sponsored by 101.5. One moderator as from 101.5 radio, the debate was aired by New 12.

Here are three candidates fighting cats for the office. The independent LT Candidate trying to separate himself from the rant. Playing cool guy in this race.

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Shamelessly, 101.5 radio hosts have a problem to hold in their anger towards Democrats. I could not believe listening to them on air dismissing viewers  on air who were calling in to disagree with the two jerks called Jersey boys on 101.5. surprising I had patience to listen to their rant over Jon Corzine ‘s lead, and claiming the independent candidate Chris Daggett is a plant by the Corzine campaign to help the Governor win the election. Republicans can not just lose peacefully. Democrat  Candidate Weinberg, was interrupted by the Moderator over and over.

I now see why  Jon Corzine refused the interview with 101.5.  They are bullies. We saw it live on TV.

The Moose will set the record straight. No GOP Governor for  New Jersey.

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You can have your opinion, but my opinion  is Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno are not a good fit for New Jersey. New Jersey is not a state for Bullies. Kim reminds me of Sarah Palin. She is definately Arrogant. The two makes a good pair of bullies, and she seem like she is too self rightious. If she is a sherif, then I assume she is a federal employee right? hmmmmmm…. does that mean her pay comes from tax payers money? If yes, then I suggest she gives up her pay. That will cut spending in NJ.

By the way readers, Brian the Moose and I pay federal and State Taxes.