Tax Cuts

Dear readers  of this blog,

I would like to apologize for being  quiet for a long time.  Time to get to work.

I can admit one thing, The rhetoric from both parties, Democrats and Republicans threw me off the cliff. The 2010 election, was so disgusting . As you can see , My last blog was in 2010. As many of you know I blogged a lot about politics, specifically election years, 2008, and 2010. The Rhetoric against immigrants and towards the sitting president turned me off. However, I am here to announce to you that I am back. I can’t sit back and just watch on the sideline. I will talk a lot about  immigration, since I am an immigrant. I will talk about the 2012 election, and I will call out any politician who is flip floping  just to win an election.

I will also talk a bit about my back ground, my native country, issues of my native country and what is going on outside this world for education purpose only.

Warning:  I am a well informed immigrant and, and registered Independent voter. If you punch me, I will punch back harder.

I am not afraid to call out hypocrisy, so fasten your belts, because  it’s going to get hot in here. At the end of the day we all want a peaceful happy America that gets along with many countries.

I am an Independent voter, and a proud immigrant, who not only pays attention to what politicians say, but also takes pride in helping others, and, the vulnerable in my community.I am a strong advocate for women across the globe as well.

I decided to change the title of this blog, so that it reflects, who I am. I am an immigrant, just like every person living in America. You are all immigrants, except the native Indians. Whether you crossed the ocean in 1607, or you came yesterday, the point is, it does not make you better than others who came after you.

I fully supported the sitting president in 2008, and guess what? I will still support him this year. Call me what you want , but truth is, I pay attention to details.

The fact that the Republican minority leader of the senate Mitch McConnell, and, the  leader of the house John Boehner, declared that they want to make sure president Obama is a one term president, I  can’t trust, or support any policians who just turn against his own sitting president in the time when this country needs to unite, especially after the election. Republicans and some Democrats could not put the party line aside and make a compromise, for the sake of your country.

It’s not that President Obama’s supporters threw him under the bus, the problem is, any normal American who  pays attention to politics , is disgusted with the system, where money is buying elections.

As long as no politician or any corporation pays my bills, you have no right to shut me up, especially when I pay my fair share of Taxes and you refuse to pay your share, you hide your taxes, you  dodge your obligation to pay your taxes, but come hard on a people  like me, expect me to follow all the laws, including paying my taxes.

That is why I am back, and that is why I am here to voice out my views and opinions.

Stay tuned for more …..


What does Rush Limbaugh have in common with Bin Laden?

They both want to see America fail. ” I HOPE OBAMA FAILS”.

Rush Limbaugh wishes we continued with the failed GOP leadership, and prays for Obama to fail.

What a loser.

The Leader of GOP declaring his leadership to his party… to his cronies. They cheered their lungs out.

Yeah bring it on Mr Bubble air.

I think  Rush Bin Laden-Limbaugh, need to be told the truth,with his  cronies, who cares more about wearing jackets than solving the real problems that this country faces.

 Rush, I am sure you feel up lifted when your GOP cronies lick your feet,when you puke rubbish on air.

Well I have a message for you Rush Binladen Limbaugh.

Enough of your nonsense talk. We are  fed up listening to your insults directed at President Obama, who is trying to fix the mess made by your GOP party.

Your hypocrisy of calling yourselves Christians and conservatives is laughable. Jesus did not carry hatred. He mixed with the gentiles and all that were referred to as sinners.

You are praying that President Obama fails? You can not pray for your president to fail if you  love this country? Your prayer about looking forward for the failure of the president of the United state Barack Obama who is trying to do the right thing, is an indication that you do not love this country. You do not care about Americans at all. All you care about is yourself and what goes in your pocket at the end of the day.

Why should one wish for your  own president to fail? Rush, is  a disgrace. His hatred for his fellow Americans is despicable and is beyond Bin Laden.

 The President is a good person. I can not believe things I am healing from some of you, who claim to be more American than your own president.

President Obama is a president for the people. He is passionate and kind.

I am so disappointed with Rush Limbaugh’s  ruthless talk, he speaks like, he has  brains of the Orange big pumpkin sitting in the field looking fresh, but rotten inside.

Rush, you should be ashamed of yourself. You do not tell me you are the entertainer. I think you crossed the lines with your craziness Mr Limbaugh.

Your words sounds like ,you want the American people to fail, to suffer. I wish you came to realization that, your party destroyed this country, and basically, what you imply when you say you want Obama to fail, you are saying screw Americans right?

How dare.

Your claim of being a conservative christian is laughable. It leaves most of us who are Christians with questions with what you, and your party stand for.

You are such a hypocrite Limbaugh.

Next time you go on the air  help me to find the perfect definition of conservative. I hope it is not “Stupid”.

By the way do you realize that many Americans know about  you have done one or more of the following:

1. a Drug addict,

2. College drop out,

3. Divorce 3 times,

4. encourage unmarried teenagers to be involved in premature sex and have children.

5. declare  bankruptcy

Yeah those are conservative values,  Rush Limbaugh is preaching. And all his ditto heads are worshiping him.
I just feel sorry for you and your crones that you did not  get the message  right. THIS ELECTION WAS NOT ABOUT OBAMA. So attacking President Obama, is attacking all American people who have been left in the cold by your party.

Your party was in charge for the past 8 years. It was not Mr Obama that botched the tax payers. It was your President and your party leaders(GOP),did put this country in the drainage, stealing tax payers money.

 Clearly, you do not give a damn about this country. You want to sink it further, like you have not done more damage already.

‘Troopergate’ inquiry hangs over campaign

Inquiry: Ex-commissioner brings up undisclosed e-mails that he says mentioned trooper.

Alaska’s former commissioner of public safety says Gov. Sarah Palin, John McCain’s pick to be vice president, personally talked with him on two occasions about a state trooper who was locked in a bitter custody battle with the governor’s sister.

In a phone conversation Friday night, Walt Monegan, who was Alaska’s top cop until Palin fired him July 11, told the Daily News that the governor also had e-mailed him two or three times about her ex-brother-in-law, Trooper Mike Wooten, though the e-mails didn’t mention Wooten by name.

Monegan claims his refusal to fire Wooten was a major reason that Palin dismissed him. Wooten had been suspended for five days previously, based largely on complaints that Palin’s family had initiated before Palin was governor.

The events surrounding Monegan’s dismissal currently are under investigation by the state’s legislature. Palin has acknowledged that a member of her staff phoned a trooper lieutenant in an effort that could have been perceived as pressure to have Wooten dismissed and that her husband and other officials also had contacted Monegan about Wooten.

She has insisted, however, that she did not authorize the phone call and was not aware of it. She has said she doesn’t believe any of the contacts amounted to pressuring Monegan. She suspended one of her aides after the recording of his discussions of Wooten with the trooper lieutenant became public.

“The Governor did nothing wrong and has nothing to hide,” the McCain/Palin campaign said in a statement, blaming the issue on the campaign of the Democratic nominee, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama. “It’s outrageous that the Obama campaign is trying to attack her over a family issue. As a reformer and a leader on ethics reform, she has been happy to help out in the investigation of this matter, because she was never directly involved.”

But the trooper controversy has been swirling around Palin for weeks, long before Palin was launched Friday into the bright lights of the national campaign.

Monegan, however, said that Palin raised the subject of Wooten with him herself on two occasions after becoming governor — once on the phone soon after she took office and once in person not long after that.

Monegan also said that the governor’s husband, Todd, talked to him several times about Wooten and that three top officials in her administration contacted him.

Monegan also disclosed for the first time that Palin sent him two or three e-mails that referenced her ex-brother-in-law and his status with troopers. Monegan declined to provide the e-mails because of the ongoing investigation.

Monegan said he believes his firing was directly related to the fact Wooten stayed on the job. “It was a significant factor if not the factor,” Monegan said.

No one from the McCain campaign ever contacted him to vet Palin as a candidate, Monegan said.

Who did they contact? “We don’t talk about the vetting process,” said Maria Comella, Palin’s vice president campaign press secretary.

What role Palin played in seeking her ex-brother-in-law’s dismissal is the governor’s first brush with scandal in a political career that has been premised on reforming Alaska’s corruption plagued Republican party and raises questions not only about her willingness to use her office to further a personal goal but also about her administrative abilities.

Palin’s replacement for Monegan, Chuck Kopp, was forced to resign just two weeks after he was appointed because of a sexual harassment complaint that had been filed against him when he was the chief of police in Kenai.

Palin, in a news conference announcing Kopp’s resignation July 24, said she was unaware that the Kenai city council had reprimanded Kopp as a result of the complaint and would not discuss how her staff had vetted Kopp before naming him to replace Monegan three days after Monegan was fired.

Palin apologized for the chaos that the Monegan dismissal and the Kopp resignation had caused. “This has been a tumultuous week in the Department of Public Safety, and as your governor, I apologize,” she said at the news conference.

Alaska’s legislature is spending up to $100,000 “to investigate the circumstances and events surrounding the termination of former Public Safety Commissioner Monegan, and potential abuses of power and/or improper actions by members of the executive branch.”

The investigation is supposed to wrap up by Oct. 31, just days before the Nov. 4 general election.

Palin will be deposed along with others in the governor’s office and former administration officials, said state Sen. Hollis French, a Democrat and former state prosecutor from Anchorage who is serving as the project director for the investigation. The special counsel just this week was trying to arrange Palin’s deposition, French said.

French said Palin’s new role as vice-presidential candidate won’t change the investigation.

“I think it raises the profile but it doesn’t really change the mission or the work,” the senator said.

Before she was governor, Palin pushed for a trooper investigation of Wooten over a number of matters, including using a Taser on his stepson, illegally shooting a moose, and accusations of driving drunk. At one point, Palin and her husband hired a private investigator.

Troopers did investigate, and Wooten was suspended for 10 days, later reduced to five. That took care of it, Monegan said. But the Palin administration and Todd Palin wouldn’t let go, he said.

Palin initially said that, after she took office in December 2006, she broached the subject of Wooten with Monegan just once, when they discussed her security detail. She said that she told Monegan that Wooten “had threatened to kill my dad and bring me down.” She said she thought that was the end of it.

Monegan said Palin called him on his cell phone one night in January 2007 about Wooten, but it wasn’t related to her security detail. He said he had already met with Todd Palin about Wooten, whom he hadn’t heard of before, and had looked into the family’s complaints only to learn they already had been investigated. Palin seemed frustrated that nothing more could be done, he said.

“For the record, no one ever said fire Wooten. Not the governor. Not Todd. Not any of the other staff,” Monegan said Friday from Portland. “What they said directly was more along the lines of ‘This isn’t a person that we would want to be representing our state troopers.’ “

Palin again brought up Wooten in February 2007 as they were walking together to wish a state senator a happy birthday, Monegan said. He said he told Palin he had to keep her at arm’s distance on the matter and she agreed.

A Palin political rival, Andrew Halcro, was the first to publicly mention the Wooten matter in connection with Monegan. He titled his blog post: “Why Walt Monegan got fired: Palin’s abuse of power.”

“This is a governor who really built her name by stepping on the back of sinners — Randy Ruedrich, Greg Renkes, Frank Murkowski,” Halcro said in an interview Friday, referring to the Republican Party chairman, the former attorney general and the former governor. “And now her administration seems to be taking the same approach as the people that she criticized.”

More of the story came out on July 17, when the Public Safety Employees Association, with Wooten’s permission, released the investigative file concerning the complaints brought against the trooper by the Palin family and others.

The personnel investigation began in April 2005, long before Palin became governor and months before her October 2005 announcement that she was running. The investigation into Wooten wrapped up in March 2006, before she was elected.

Troopers found four instances in which Wooten violated policy, broke the law, or both.

Husband’s job: Works for a oil Company BP

His job: Formerly a commercial fisherman, now a production operator for BP on the North Slope for about 20 years

Barack Obama won the fight with the bigest political machine in round 1, leaving dip wounds that some are still taking antibiotics and pain killers.

Here is a preview of  round 2, 


You want go to war with Iran, pick a city……….

Republicans and military men on John McCain

If McCain wins the election, we are in for more wars.

McCain and his camp lies
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