As an immigrant, here is what I have studied and learned.

Shame on the half term governor who could not name the founders on a TV interview with Glenn Beck. and you tell me this is the best representative for the GOP Party?

I am sure I can do better than the half term governor. Let me give it a try. History is one of my favorite subjects.

My Favorite quote is from Thomas Jefferson: “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”. 1776.
This is the president who introduced free education and public libraries in the American history. Also, he established religious liberty, in Virginia.

Many Founders were educated Lawyers, continental congress men and soldiers, I have been searching for a president who was a beauty pageants or TV sport Anchors. Zero results.

A quick study on the founders. They were smart Pants Lawyers most of them.

  •  George Washington born February 22, 1732, was a Federalist not a Republican. He wanted no KING or Queen in America, and he set a good precedent as the nation’s first leader. His title became “Mr. President”.

           His experience: He was a Surveyor, Farmer and a delegate to continental congress.

  • John Adams born October 30 1735 the second President, was a Harvard educated Lawyer and had some sense of Justice, he defended in court the British soldier who fired into a patriotic Boston mob, because he felt everyone deserved a fair trial. John Adams was a federalist and not a Republican.
  • Thomas Jefferson born April 13, 1743, was the third president. He was a democrat-Republican. He was a delegate to Continental congress, diplomat, secretary of State and vice president.
    Jefferson spoke six languages, including Latin and Greek. He was highly skilled. He was writer and a thinker, and wrote the draft of declaration of Independence himself.
    Jefferson was an architect. He designed and built his home which stands today as a monument to his varied interest and talents. I saw this house when I visited Virginia.
  • James Madison born March 16, 1751 was the fourth president. He too was a Lawyer and a Democratic- Republican. Madison Fought to add the first ten amendments to the constitution known as the “BILL OF RIGHTS”. These amendments PROTECT such liberties as
    1. Freedom of speech
    2. Freedom of press,
    3. Freedom of religion
    4. and the right to have a trial by jury.
  • James Monroe born April 28, 1758 was a fifth president, a soldier, Lawyer and delegate to Continental congress, Senator, Governor, diplomat, SOS, secretary of War.
    After the Revolution, Monroe studied Law with Thomas Jefferson and entered politics. Monroe was elected US senator and became minister to France and helped negotiate Louisiana Purchase.
    When Spain cast a longing eye on central and South American countries, Monroe told the Spanish and other European nations ” HANDS OFF’.
    He declared that the US would permit no “foreign interference” in the new world. That was the “Monroe DOCTRINE”.
  •  John Quincy Adams born July 11, 1767, was the 6 the president. A Lawyer, diplomat, Senator, SOS and congressman. Adam had a troubled term of office. He worked with a very troubled congress that blocked most of his plans.
    One of his plans was to encourage interest in education in Arts and Sciences. His plan was a success because he was able to get the important Smithsonian Institution established. I guess that cost him a defeat for re-election. Andrew Jackson defeated him and became the 7th president.
  •  Andrew Jackson born March 15, 1767 was also a Lawyer, congressman, military leader, governor and a senator. His legacy gave a new direction to the presidency. From Washington to John Quincy, these guys believed riches belonged to them. In short they were gentlemen of money and privilege.
    But Jackson changed all that.Jackson was a president who represented the plain, common people.He was a first president born in a cabin and was unschooled orphan of 13, he fought in the revolution of war, and when he was taken as a prisoner, he refused to clean a British officer’s boots. He received a good beating that left him with a scar on his forehead for life. In his first year Jackson removed some 2 thousand federal office holders and gave the jobs to his followers. He also battled the Bank of the United States, calling it “the bank of the rich.” In 1832, Jackson continued his fight as the people’s champion when he was reelected.
  • Martin Van Buren was the 8th President, was a Lawyer, and a Democratic. He was in office only for two months when the nation was struck by financial panic in 1887.
    Banks closed one after another, mill towns shut down and workers lost their jobs. The unemployed rioted in NY.
    What cost Van Buren’s presidency was his belief that the government should not interfer in private business, he did little to help. And Van Buren, the politician, never regained the support of the Democratic Party. He was nominated by the free Soil Party- a party opposed to slavery in 1848, but he did not win.
  • William Henry Harrison from the “WHIG Party” became the 9th president. He was a military leader, territorial governor, congressman and a senator.
  • The Whig Party under John Tyler who was a 10th president and also a Lawyer, his firmness brought him into conflict with Henry Clay and other leaders of the party. They wanted to set up a national bank. They wanted high taxes on imported goods. When Tyler opposed these ideas, his cabinet resigned and the Whigs ousted Tyler. Ouch..
  • James Knox Polk became the 11 the president, he was also a Lawyer and belonged to the Democratic Party. When Polk took office there only 27 states in the union. Most of the country was still Indian territory, or claimed by foreign countries. Polk campaigned for Texas and All Oregon. He settled the Oregon border by a Treaty with Britain. The dispute with Mexico over Texas was not settled so easily. Polk sent the troops into the disputed area and announced, “War exists by act of Mexico”. American troops advanced into Mexican Territory. This war ended in 1848. Polk offered Spain $100 million for Cuba, but Spain turned it down.
  • Then was Zachary Taylor 12th President, Whig Party. He was the first military leader, without qualifications of holding any political office… He fought in the war of 1812 and Mexican War of 1846 and also fought against Indians in Florida. Zachary Taylor was not president for very long. Although he owned slaves, Taylor did not want to see slavery extended into the territories won in the Mexican War. He wanted New Mexico and California added to the union as free- not slave-states.
  • The 13th president Millard FillmoreBorn January 7 1800. He belonged to a Whig Party and was a Lawyer too. During his term, he was able to mordenize the White house.
  • Franklin Pierce was the 14th President, born Nov 23,1804. He too was a Lawyer and belonged to the democratic party. I will continue  on him later….. I am going to see the fire works. Just came back from the Parade and I have many pictures to share.

I have heard a lot about the founders from the right, although our dear Sarah could not name them on Glenn Beck’s show. I think if I had to do a Quiz with Ms Quitter that night, I would have shown her that she needs to get into reading history before she opens her mouth.


New Jersey, 5th district, VOTE for Tod Theise For Congress

Today is primary day. Voting is your right. Therefore, you have a choice in your districts.

” Be sure to vote. Tod Theise is not running unopposed. The other candidate, a self described “wildcat Democrat” is an unknown quantity to me, but I know enough about Tod Theise to recommend you vote for him.

If you’re a registered Democrat, be sure to vote for Tod (correct spelling).

He’s the first candidate running on the Democratic ticket who can actually beat Scott Garrett.

Read about Tod Theise here

and here  another story here

I hope the residents go out to vote. Your vote is important. Take your complaints to the polling station and cast your votes. Do not just sit back.


Wishing all women on this earth a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

Putting politics and party ahead of Country, Republican in the Senate blocks bank reforms.

GOP, which side are you ? Wall Street, banks or the middle class?

One democrat blue dog joined in. Who?

“The Senate, in a 57-41 vote, failed to get the 60 supporters needed to proceed on the regulatory overhaul. One Democrat, Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, joined with the Republicans.”

This is another like “health care  debate”.

GOP have no shame.

We all know why our blue dog joined the GOP’s twisted platform. Who contributed to his campaign?

I am getting tired of republicans and some blue dogs double standards when it comes to the middle class. I am tired of the crying to have their country back, when at the same time destroying the same country they claim to love.

President Obama send out a harsh statement:
The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 26, 2010
Statement by the President on Financial Reform
“I am deeply disappointed that Senate Republicans voted in a block against allowing a public debate on Wall Street reform to begin. Some of these Senators may believe that this obstruction is a good political strategy, and others may see delay as an opportunity to take this debate behind closed doors, where financial industry lobbyists can water down reform or kill it altogether. But the American people can’t afford that. A lack of consumer protections and a lack of accountability on Wall Street nearly brought our economy to its knees, and helped cause the pain that has left millions of Americans without jobs and without homes. The reform that both parties have been working on for a year would prevent a crisis like this from happening again, and I urge the Senate to get back to work and put the interests of the country ahead of party.”

Gov. Chris Christie declined to release information  about his personal finances, breaking with a longstanding Tax Day tradition practiced by governors of both parties.

Following the  outrage that has erupted from Mr Chris Christie, since the release of his Budget and his anger over teachers, a lot of questions are being asked why the Governor is hesitant to release his 2009 income tax returns.

The governor ‘s pants are now on fire.

My question to Mr Christie is,  Is he himself  as Governor of New Jersey participating in this sacrifice?

Is Mr Christie and his new administration taking a full salary from the state or not.

Did he  file his Taxes for 2009 or not? If not why?  Can he  explain to all New Jersey residents why he couldn’t show his income tax Return for 2009?

According to the white house, President Obama’s taxes have been filed. Mr Obama and the first lady together reported an adjusted gross income of $5,505,409 in 2009.

My point is, If our governor is going to take a fight to the street with New Jersey residents, he should lead by example. No exceptions.

We all need to know why the Governor feels he is,  not obligated by law to meet the dead line and  pay his share of taxes on time, when people like myself are pressured to file and pay our taxes right away.   

 With due respect to the governor, New Jersey Residents are waiting to see your tax returns.

I am curious to know why the Governor is hesitant to show us his income, and what he paid in taxes, especially that he has gone head to head with the teachers, claiming they earn a lot of money. I am curious to know how much he and his wife made.

Also Is it true that the governor’s wife works for Wall Street? 

The governor is going after teachers who earn $125,000, How much did he make himself? Is the governor  taking a pay from his current position ? Does he feel his outrage on others is genuine or hypocritical?

It is Easter Weekend Saturday, nice and sunny, warm about 70 degrees. I am at the Democrats Head quarters doing my volunteer work. I am hanging out in the office with a good companion, my dog Smokey.

What is going on in NJ 5th District – Warren County?
This year Democrats candidates are running for office;
Tod Theise, who ran for office as a democrat freeholder candidate against Angelo Acceturo, is running for US Congress in NJ district 5 against the GOP ” god” Scott Garrett who votes “NO” on every policy that benefits the middle class.
Tammy Smith, who ran last year for NJ assembly in the 23rd district, is running for Surrogate and Robert Gara is running for Sheriff.
I call these candidates “brave hearts.”
On the other hand, the GOP opposition is going crazy with their Tea party rallies against the Health Care. A Tea Party Rally is scheduled for April 10 2010 at 10.00AM in Warren County headed by State Senator Mike Doherty.

See what we are up to in Christie’s base counties

Doherty ( R-Warren-, Hunterdon) and assembly woman Alison Littell McHose are calling on New Jersey attorney General Paula Dow to join attorneys in other 14 states in a lawsuit against Health Care which was signed into law last week claiming it is unconstitutional. No republican in either house of congress and senate supported the bill.

HYPOCRICY: GOP Spending is Not Wasteful until Democrats Spends.
Now try to match the two. Saturday is a Tea party Rally against health care in Warren County, at the same time,  GOP- Warren county Board of  freeholders approved the $7.3 million for the purchase of 445 Marshall street in Phillipsburg and some renovations on the existing Warren county community College. For clarity sake, I am pro- education, and I welcome any expansion to Warren County College, because this will benefit our students who are future leaders.
..But what I have a problem with, is the hypocrisy of the Grand Obstruction Party, who wants to have it both ways. This is the state with a Republican governor who is panting over Democrats spending and cutting all state education Aid.

His Budget cuts has also led to the closure of  Psychiatric Hospital.

Along with other cuts announced , Gov. Chris Christie called for closing the 310-bed hospital with about 600 employees in Lebanon Township by June 2011. Many have called this as a reckless move by Govenor Chris Christie.

Also, last week Christie was in montclair addressing high school student at Montclair high school, explaining himself out why he is cutting education funding. Here is the GOP governor talking to students last week. Remember essex county is highly dominated by Democrats, and that is where he targeted most of his cuts. Not Warren County.

WEST ORANGE — “Facing a dramatic cut in state aid, West Orange schools plan to lay off 84 staff members, including 33 teachers, to make up the difference.”

In Warren County ( Christie’s base) the project worth $7.3 Million just got approved, at the same time, this is the same GOP County and tea party groups who are protesting the government for passing health care , while their GOP governor Christie, is crying foul over the state deficit.
Is  this the same governor who will pay for half the price of the approved Project in Warren County?

 Are Christie’s cuttings only targeted in the heavily Democrat populated counties? What is this game about?
It is ok for GOP to spend, but it is not ok when it is a Democrat coming up with any type of project. This is hypocritical, or should I say playing double standards to win voter support on both sides?

This is where I have a problem with GOP leadership it is all about bulling people;

Christie is still out fighting the teachers in NJ, what I find troubling is. Why can’t he fight his own base as well? How can Chris Christie look into people ‘s eyes and say he is trying to balance the deficit by cutting spending , when his base is benefiting, by advocating for the rich?

 According to the Warren County Reporter and express times, the $7.3 million project will be financed by the bond ordinance, and half of the project will be financed by the state, since the state is responsible for the debt service on bond through the chapter 12 state funding program, which was created to help finance facilities at county colleges since colleges are not permitted to take on debt. Hmmm.

What is wrong with this picture? Closing the hospital, and substuting it for something else that can wait until the state is out of recession?

Listen Tea Bags; you cannot have it both ways.
I love Warren County; especially living in the midst of the opposition is so much fun.

It is funny GOP governor did not cry like a big baby over the president ‘s decision to approve aid for the flooding that took place last week in New jersey.