Just when I am thinking , Republicans Leaders are coming back to their senses, here comes another New Jersey Wack nut Job, joining the stupid Orly. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
And guess who the GOP elected leaders is?
Scott Garett representing  5th district of NJ.

Scott Garrett

Garrett is the GOP U.S house representative from New jersey ‘s 5 th district.

The Washington Independent reported this

“It’s been a little while since a good confrontation between a birther and a member of Congress, but here’s one from last week: a constituent of Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) asking his congressman why Republicans won’t do anything about the “eligibility issue.” It makes for awkward viewing, as Garrett’s staff clearly wants a change of subject from an audience that seems to be fine with pushing the question. At around 4:40 in the video, the congressman finally engages.”

Garrett answered….

Obviously, there is no political solution to it,” says Garrett. “Even if the entire Republican Party was united on the issue–”


“He’s cut off by another constituent. “Have him show his birth certificate! It’s as simple as that! None of this ‘talk about it, talk about it’ — just let’s see the birth certificate!”


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