The Race to Financial Freedom: Taking Back our Fair Share

By: Tod Theise

Aug 30, 2010
Scott Garrett’s op-ed titled, “Race to the Top Gaffe is a Teachable Moment” stands as the best evidence to date that Scott has lost the fire that initially propelled him to Congress. Let’s forget for the moment that Garrett using the Obama-esque phrase “teachable moment” is as out-of-place as Snooki from Jersey Shore quoting Shakespeare. The real problem for those of us residing in the 5th District is that Garrett has absolutely no solution to the fundamental problem sucking the lifeblood out of New Jersey taxpayers.
Garrett states that, “It is absurd that New Jersey should have to apply to get its own money back in the first place. Why should New Jersey’s hardworking taxpayers continue to send money to the U.S. Treasury so that Washington bureaucrats can dole out money to states that have most closely conformed to their ideas of reform?” No Congressman Garrett. What is really absurd is that New Jersey gets back only 61 cents back for every tax dollar it sends to Washington. I’m told that once upon a time when he waged a primary challenge against former Congresswoman Marge Roukema, Scott actually said that it was “immoral” that New Jersey got only 65 cents back on each tax dollar. Well, fast forward a decade later and we get back four cents less. By Garrett’s own standard we are mired in an abyss of fiscal immorality and he has failed his constituents.
We lose 39 cents out of each dollar that we send to Washington. This comes to a whopping $27.5 billion that we “donate” to the other 49 states. To put this sum into perspective, the entire tax revenue stream for our own state budget is roughly $28 billion. New Jersey taxpayers are left footing the bill for two budgets – one for us and one for every other state. Some states get back as much as two dollars for every dollar paid in federal taxes and a recent study showed that Alaska gets back $5.67 in stimulus money for each federal tax dollar. The greatest absurdity in this massive redistribution of our wealth is that Garrett has sat idly by as New Jersey has been relegated to serving as America’s ATM.
My Fair Share NJ Plan and the attendant Fair Share Tax Act (“The Act”) will decisively address this colossal rip-off by returning $9.8 billion back to New Jersey. Under The Act, a minimum return on federal tax dollars would be set at 75 cents. Any state receiving less than the 75 cent baseline will be refunded the difference between their actual return and the baseline. In NJ’s case, the 14 cent differential would translate into $9.8 billion. Can you imagine what we could do with this massive infusion of wealth back into our state’s economy? Forget poorly executed applications to the Feds for $400 million. My plan would allow us to invest far greater sums into not only restoring cuts to public education but bolstering science and math programs critical to our nations retaining its competitive edge in the world. And what about meaningful property tax relief, tax cuts for small businesses to stimulate job growth and expanding programs for seniors?
The bottom line is that my plan doesn’t seek a handout from the government. It simply demands that we get back a fair share of our own hard-earned tax dollars. I call that real reform. And I call it long overdue. The question for Scott Garrett is why should New Jersey’s hardworking taxpayers send him back to Washington when he has failed miserably for eight long years to get back our fair share?
Tod Theise is the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 5th District. A full explanation of his Fair Share NJ Plan and Tax Act can be found at


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Gov. Chris Christie declined to release information  about his personal finances, breaking with a longstanding Tax Day tradition practiced by governors of both parties.

Following the  outrage that has erupted from Mr Chris Christie, since the release of his Budget and his anger over teachers, a lot of questions are being asked why the Governor is hesitant to release his 2009 income tax returns.

The governor ‘s pants are now on fire.

My question to Mr Christie is,  Is he himself  as Governor of New Jersey participating in this sacrifice?

Is Mr Christie and his new administration taking a full salary from the state or not.

Did he  file his Taxes for 2009 or not? If not why?  Can he  explain to all New Jersey residents why he couldn’t show his income tax Return for 2009?

According to the white house, President Obama’s taxes have been filed. Mr Obama and the first lady together reported an adjusted gross income of $5,505,409 in 2009.

My point is, If our governor is going to take a fight to the street with New Jersey residents, he should lead by example. No exceptions.

We all need to know why the Governor feels he is,  not obligated by law to meet the dead line and  pay his share of taxes on time, when people like myself are pressured to file and pay our taxes right away.   

 With due respect to the governor, New Jersey Residents are waiting to see your tax returns.

I am curious to know why the Governor is hesitant to show us his income, and what he paid in taxes, especially that he has gone head to head with the teachers, claiming they earn a lot of money. I am curious to know how much he and his wife made.

Also Is it true that the governor’s wife works for Wall Street? 

The governor is going after teachers who earn $125,000, How much did he make himself? Is the governor  taking a pay from his current position ? Does he feel his outrage on others is genuine or hypocritical?

Just my observation. 

You want to know why I am keeping an eye on Sarah Palin, Here is one. Click and read

You have no idea how disappointed I am to learn that the group I thought were smart enough to capture the swap, bought into GOP lies and voted for the opposition.

 New Jersey Democrats voted for GOP Chris Christie, in the belief that Christie’s Message of change to Trenton will deliver them from Jon Corzine. Well they drew a blank.

Gov Elect Christie  took office, and his concentration to cut jobs goes to the democratic base,  though he is going to keep the prevailing wage. Which makes some moderates happy.

He is not mentioning auditing his base and cutting wasteful spending in GOP dominated counties, even though, there are  some wasteful spending in his base. Raising their salaries during the recession, just to name one. Yes I mean Warren County, with GOP leadership. Check their County Budget.

 I knew New Jersey was going to be duped.

I cannot believe how people can be this clueless on issues that are so important to their lives.

Agreeing with Baker, I saw this in Christie’s message, but People in New Jersey could not see through Christie.

“He could never win statewide otherwise,” Baker said. “Christie presented himself in a way that people who don’t like Corzine could feel that it was acceptable to vote for him.”

Very True. As I noted in June 2009.

Now follow my trail…….start connecting dots to see how Sarah is connected to New Jersey. Remember I live in a community full of the clueless. ..

Why do I care about all this?

I pay my share in property taxes, some how, some of my money is ending up into their pockets of GOP salaries in NJ Warren County. 

It is pissing me off, because not only the GOP leadership sucks, but they are all bunch of greedy,liers,self righteous sucking  ordinary Americans, and shifting the blame on other people when they are part of the problem.

 Sarah Palin connection to NJ-  Since she declared herself as the head of the tea party movement, below is the connection.

Steve Lonegan, Tea Bagger and Michael Doherty.

Assemblyman Michael Doherty, who has aligned himself with hard-liners such as Sarah Palin and former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, said conservatives have a better chance after eight years of “failed” Democratic leadership. “

Doherty was elected NJ Senate this election.

You’re going to see moderate Republicans become very conservative in the next few months,” said Lonegan, the state director of the conservative Americans for Prosperity group. “Everybody wants to be a conservative now.”

Christie and Doherty rode a political tide that has led to “tea party” protests against health care reform at town hall meetings, and bolstered the strength of conservative activist groups such as Americans for Prosperity, said Stephen Spinosa, chairman of the New Jersey Conservative Party.

“Even the state Republican State Committee, which conservatives believe has capitulated too much to the Republican Party’s moderate wing, believe the election brought together a party that has been fractured for more than a decade.”

“We are unified around core principles,” said Assemblyman Jay Webber, the state GOP chairman. “We are fiscal conservatives, and we have respect for traditional values.”

 Bunch of racists.

Christie’s campaign, he noted, emphasized fiscal policies and steered clear of social conservatism that’s championed by Lonegan and other hard-line conservatives.

“This pumps new life in the conservative movement but now he needs to govern like a conservative,” said Lonegan.

“Lonegan, for instance, said Christie should consider cutting programs that, he believes, are wasteful and defy conservative principles — such as the state’s stem-cell research initiatives. “

Who is to blame? Lazy Democrats. They just handed over the leadership to bullies.

CNN, reported that most Americans think Democrats caused the recession.

 It is sad, because this is what ignorance does to the nation. When people become like Robots, they depend on media to feed them with crap.

My eyes have stayed open on everything, since 2002 elections. I have followed politics. I was never involved until last year. From Nov 4 2008 to January 20 2009. After that date, the angry losers could not sleep having a thought of democrat worse of a black president in the white house. That is where the out cry of the constitution comes in, “I want my country back .”

I laugh every time I hear that outcry, “I want my country back,” because in all fairness, some should pack and go back to Italy, France, Britain, German, and the rest of the world were their ancestors came from. GOP claims their ancestors wrote the constitution for them.

Well did they say, this country belongs to Republicans only. George Washington’s family migrated from England, so was James Madison migrated from England. So go back to England and claim back your country.

Is Steve Lonegan, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Mitchell Bachman,Rush Limbaugh, Native American Indians?

I know to some, my analysis do not make sense.

 I pointed out the same observation way back . I got a negative response. I was told I am still in the  process of learning politics, people are smart, they are not going to buy the change message from the Republicans. They know whose’s slogan for change belongs to.

Well It happened in New Jersey, GOP Candidate Chris Christie ‘s campaign was change , change and change.

I saw a swap in the message of campaign, and for sure, Jon Corzine’s camp could not catch it. They took it for granted that New Jersey residents are smart enough to figure that out. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

The election day I watched and head people at the Christie victory chanting Yes We Can, Yes We can.  I was like wait a minute, is nt that President Obama’s slogan????? That rings to my argument. GOP, run on bank ideas, they all wait for that one to give ideas that they oppose , but run with his slogan? The shocking part, is no democrats went after Christie to say hey, your slogan is COUNTRY FIRST. With the country full of clueless people, do not take anything for granted.

Mr Christie is not that change. The only solution he has for NJ, is to go after the public schools, although NJ101.5 is already setting the Gov elect’s standard low, after knowing that the plan is no plan.  Candidate Christie criticized his opponent Jon Corzine, on wasteful spending on public school, one of it is prevailing wages, making it a point, to New Jersey Residents as the reason property taxes are so high in New Jersey. The first change Mr Christie will do is to shrink the administration by firing some Union Members, and the Corzine Cronies, and replacing them with Mr Christie’s cronies. That is not change to shrink the adminstration organization chart. That is what we call replacement strategy.

After winning MR Christie now says, he is not going to touch the prevailing wage.

 Question of curiosity.

Wasn’t it the democratic system who made a prevailing wage as an executive order by Democrats Governors?

Like I pointed out in June,

here I still think Republicans are capitalizing on Democrats’s weaknesses.  The why Sarah Palin book Drama is one way the Republicans capture the public ‘s attention. The Glenn Beck Tea bagging drama is a destruction. The Fox Media, Rush Limbaugh, NJ101.5,  figured out one way to improve ratings is to do sound bites that will anger the clueless uninformed 

 stupid teatards?

Democrats are getting obstruction by Tea Baggers, while GOP candidates, are getting away with a message of change in their campaigns. This is working to the advantage of Republicans. Sarah Palin is the example of their tool to obstruct democrats.

Looking at how many millions of uninformed Americans in this country, my advise is, Democrats should start organizing themselves to start campaigns to educate people with how the system works, their government, starting from local and getting deep into municipalities.

If every citizen can take interest to attend the local municipal township and county meetings ,take time studying , learning the county, township budget, and everything in it, they will figure out who the culprits are, in this recession.

Fox News , NJ 101.5, have figured out, how to increase their rating, target the uninformed. It is working to their advantage.

So Democrats, do not take things for granted. Every VOTE  counts, your efforts to educate others is your responsibility.

Just my rant.

Just a note to say, although I rant on issues, I am mature enough to congratulate winners. That does not mean I will not hold the new governor accountable. We all will be waiting for his promises he made on the campaign trail. Lead by example.
Starting from cutting taxes, paying back all what is owed to the state, and making sure the deficit disappears in 10 months, just like GOP expected the president to turn around the economy in 10 months. Trust me this makes it easier for Dems. I will not behave like Tea bag retards, I will just follow issue by issue and see how it will be handled by our new Governor.
Congratulations, but be reminded that I will not be scared of any tea bagger and I will not put up with bullies. I am not going to live in fear. I will still air my opinions. The only person I fear is GOD. Period.

Thanks and good luck

Just highlights of things that makes me nauseous about Christie, John 198worse more thinking of Christie as New Jersey Governor is a nightmare.

John 180 Democrats put out the Corzine and Democrats Candidates, what Christie’s people have been doing is cutting and taking down all the opponents Rd signs like this. elections 115 This pissed me off , watching this kind of intimidation, and childish behavior from the GOP.

I find it hard to know that, the Republicans in NJ are being represented by the former US attorney, who supposedly, should spend time to educate his followers, about the process of democracy.

I think Republicans and their supporters should grow up before they decide to ran for any office. That including Chris Christie and Sarah Palin. Their bully style of leadership is sickening, and that is why Republican party keeps on shrinking.

Remember, Chris Christie came to Warren County 3 times in the last two weeks. Yes the Big elephant ‘s weight was felt. I do not mean his physical weight, but the weight of  power of bulliness and boucing up and down feeling Victory, by pretending to bring change to Trenton, when he is a fraud himself. I think in my own opinion, Christie and his cronies are are danger to this State and the nation in all. I have more pictures to show you what has been going on a county level.

I wish American people , start paying attention to their local goverment and manucipalities, learn how they are run.

 It is not Washington, or Jon Corzine who creats most of the deficit. Check your local government in your back yards before you blame Trenton and the white house.


First all the Democrats signs were either cut in pieces, or they were thrown out.

How do I trust Republican  Candidate Chris Christie and his cronies , with  their message of change to Trenton, when they are showing me already what their leadership will be in New Jersey if Christie is elected?

This act has been going on through out this year’s election. I have been taking pictures. When I see Democrats Signs disappear, I go in day light to look in the bushes, and bingo, Christie and all Republicans signs are up and Democrats are down (thrown in the Bushes). As seen above.

I stopped on RT78 on my way home from work, I saw Christie’ picture up above and Corzine had dissapeared. I stopped the car, went to look in the bushes, I picked up Corzine’s Rd sign, put it up close to Christie’s sign just to show his supporters, that People of New Jersey demand civility and democracy during the voting process. We have no room for bullies in New Jersey.

Here is Corzine’ recovered Sign that I recovered a week ago. I took pictures as evidence.

John 181
As I told you in my earlier posts, I have closely followed NJ election in detail just like I followed last year ‘s election.
First, be reminded that I live in District 23 in NJ headed by a Republican Congress Scott Garett ,  So Mr Christie Considers this district as, “his Base”.. …… You betcha I saw Christie in Hackettstown, Flemington, and Philispburg,’s trails.
I do not know how many years  Republican Congress man Scott Garrett has held this position in this district, Senate for District 23 usually goes to Republicans, District Assembly has always been Republicans. I think the last time Democrats won this seat was in 1970s. For senate I think 1920s was the last time they had a democrat. Few years ago. Freeholder board has always been Republicans. The scary thing is there is a lot of Cronism in this area, when it comes to this appointments.
Living in a Republican county has taught me one thing. Republicans are never civil when it comes to democracy. The level of hypocricy is frightening. Just like sarah Palin, who enjoys debating on blank ideas and making up stuff, they enjoy stiring up facts to suit their egos and sense of entitlement to power.
I am still saying this once more again. New jersey wake up before you are sorry. I still insist Christie is not right for New Jersey. He has so much baggage to take with him to Trenton.

Corzine did  not run for governor to make money, he gets $1 a year, Corzine does not need money, he already has money, and besides Corzine does not use Tax payers money to go to the Casino, in contrast if Mr Chris Christie is elected, the first thing he will do is to make his own rules that will only applies to him . To dip into our pockets.
Talking about Bullies. Here are comments that was sent to me by the Christie supporters. I laughed because they both sound like Sarah Palin .

Yeah but you’re just a liberal retard.  Of course you have your imagined concerns.  Why don’t you whine some about global warming and other made up crisis?”

“I think Daggett is a Corzine plant.   With Corzine polling low and in trouble over a year ago, the Dems knew the only way to win would be to run a third party and split the anti-Corzine vote.  With Corzine’s money, he could easily pay Daggett with no declaration.  The white house(dems) also tried to sneak a Democrat in the NY election.  I’m glad to see Hoffman and Palin use the 3rd party tactic agains the WH in NY.  Great Job Sarah. 
BTW,  Sarah also smacked down Daggett in facebook this weekend”

Ignorance has no defence.
Do not expect me to approve your comments if you leave nasty unproductive comments. I used to delete, but I think from now onwards, I will expose your ignorance.

This afternoon we heard a lot about Christie’ s attack ads on radio and TV. Today he was in my area. I kept following his trail.

Check this link… Warren County

I will post news later, as there is a lot going on in Warren County, starting from the Freeholder race to Senate. I will share things later. Keep checking back. I may find a minute to post pictures. It will tell you the story. A lot is coming out.
For now Let me share the Corzine Campaign note to NJ Voters. Below is not my writing. I am just distributing it….because this election is very important. We can not let NJ go for Red. It will be sucidal.

Message from the Corzine Campaign.

“The campaign isn’t even over and Chris Christie is already breaking his promises.

We’ve known all along that Chris Christie’s plan for dealing with our state’s budget is a fantasy — that’s exactly what the Star Ledger called it — but we didn’t expect that he’d break those empty promises even before the votes are counted.

Yesterday Christie admitted in the New York Times that his entire campaign has been based on empty promises and failed economic policies.

In fact the only thing he will still do is give tax breaks to the very wealthy by breaking his promises to the middle class.

Christie now says he will not restore property tax rebates, contrary to what he promised.

Christie now says will not roll back the sales tax, contrary to what he promised.

Christie now says he will use “one-shot” revenues to close the budget deficit, contrary to what he promised.

Christie now says he will not reduce income taxes, contrary to what he promised.
The one promise he is sticking with is that he will hand out more tax breaks to big corporations and to the wealthiest, which will raise taxes on the middle class.

The truth is the only economic policies that Chris Christie is staying true to are the same failed economic policies that George W. Bush employed that got the country into this mess in the first place. And now he wants to bring them to New Jersey.

Time and time again, Chris Christie shows that he continues to be extremely wrong when it matters most.

Maggie Moran
Campaign Manager

Ok guys, sorry I have not been updating you with Warren county Election news.

Growing our grass root and standing up for bullies.  We have three endorsements, here is one of them

I will update you more with what Brian and I have been up too. You will be jumping and clapping. I have to go canvassing now.