Dear Candidate Mitt Romney,

We still need some information from you – Your Tax Returns

We received your application for the vacant tax payer  funded federal Government opportunity – Office of the President. Thanks for your interest in this position.However, we still need  more information from you before we review your request.

Nothing personal, ” we are urging you to follow  our protocol of transparency set by past candidates and releases your tax returns. Employers (Voters) deserve to know your financial history.”

Please release or send us all of your information below as soon as possible. Don’t risk being dropped from this one life opportunity. We are happy that you are applying for the first job in this country. However, part of the interview process, is to submit to us all the documentation required.

There are rules and regulations to this vacancy  called “Vetting” as requirements for all the candidates. Since I am one of the panelists interviewing you, I noticed your application is incomplete. You didn’t send all the information required to approve your application.

As a matter of urgency for your pending application, Please send all your tax returns for the past 10 years by October 15,2012, to unable us make a right decision whether you qualify for this job or not. We will appreciate your response by October 15 2012.

Please let us know if you are having problems obtaining your tax copies from IRS, so that we can help you with option B. Fill in IRS Form 4506T-EZ ( Request for Transcript of Tax Return) – sign and date this form. You can choose to send it direct to IRS, or send it to us so that we can ask it for you.

NOTE: Please do not send us your original Tax returns. Send copies or post them on-line in PDF format so that we can download them and make them available to our panelists for your second interview. You have 2 more interviews to go.

Again, we appreciate your interest in the federal government job, but as per protocol, we are urging you to follow the same rule as precedent of transparency set by past candidates and release your tax returns.

By that we mean, all candidates should have no secrets about their financials, paying  fair share of taxes, and investing here in America.


Tax Payer

Your Prospective Employer


What happened last night? Romney got away with murder on middle class. No mention about 47%, No mention about Bain Capital, No mention “I like to fire people”, No challenging him on his Tax returns, no challenging Romney about shipping jobs overseas, No challenge on his investment in Cayenne Island, No going after him about his Romney Care. Millionaire tax cuts. How about Romney advocating to go

to war with Iran? No mention, nothing, Zero.
What happened to President Obama? Why did he look that flat? Why did he look so dehydrated? Why wasn’t he looking at Romney, and ask him questions about his flip flopping on issues? Why did he let Romney walk on him like that, without punching back? Could it be that, the president was dealing with some foreign policy issues during the day? Why did the president accept to have his first debate on his wedding day anniversary?
I mean Romney has said stupid stuff, and yet the president just stood there and said nothing about Romney’s record. The philosophical approach does not work when your opponent is taking you in a mud slide fight.
When somebody punches you hard, change your stance and punch harder. Romney is sitting on so many time bombs and yet, the president did not challenge Romney on any of his flip flopping stances. The mistake Democrats are making, is assuming all Americans are savvy, and know what’s going on.
Mr. President, your campaign advisor said Americans know the truth, and I am saying no they don’t. Many are not interested in reading long essays, or going to read on your website. They are babies. They need to be fed porridge every morning.
Not many people follow the blogs, or stick to a television set. A debate is a huge thing, and should not be underplayed. Many Voters wait for that moment, and President Obama just brought back Romney back in the race. He should have finished him off, by asking him to explain himself about the 47% remarks, About Bain Capital, and about how he, Romney was part of shipping jobs overseas. Again what happened to President Obama last night? I still do not trust Romney with the middle class and immigrants. So even if he shined on the first debate, having experience with Christ Christie, taught me a lesson not to trust anything that comes out of a Republican mouth.

Update: Health care passed with zero Republican vote. Wow.

Senate 56-43. House passed it by 219 to 212 initial and 220-207 second time. Congratulations!!!!!!

If I was a democrat Congressman, and voted No, I would be so embarrassed voting with the party that has crazy followers who are now sending threats to Democrats. Why can’t people respect the voting process. Violent is not the answer.

I blame  FOX news, Sarah Palin and GOP elected officials for playing  dangerous politics in feeding the American people with false information just for the sake of winning the elections. Instigating anger and supporting the party movement with wrong message.

GOP leaders together with the blue dogs should be ashamed of themselves. Really.

Sending  threats and filing law suits to block health care for all is a shame. It is so inhuman.

This is the most coward act I have ever seen in my entire life, using politics of fear and lies. I have no idea what play book the Republican Party is reading.

 Republicans in Democrats clothing  ( Blue Dogs) who voted against the Healthcare Bill will face reality come November elections.

 Voters will send you home on election day-Nov 2nd!”  they will send you back to the private sectors with  a “ballot”.

Democrats voters are civilized people , they believe in a peacefull election, not violent or stealing the ballot to win. If you think people will be afraid to go out and vote because of the GOP and tea party threat and violent tactics, wait and see. November elections are coming up.

Actually, the threats just made me sign up to volunteer for democrats. I am not afraid at all.

Americans sent you to Washington to represent them, not to represent the big Corporations. Shame on you !!!

Hey it does not stop getting exciting.

There is a grassroot movement forming up called “COFFEE PARTY USA, I think this movement is the opposite of the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.
I invite you to take a look and check it out.

This is the movement trying to challenge the Tea Obstruction Party movement.
I am loving this . click

This week New Jersey hit with snow 8 to 12 inches in most areas, with schools and work places closed, left a number of bloggers like myself to surf the net.

A day like this, you just want to laugh.

 Mike Scott the cartoonist  keep amusing me with his illustrations in his drawings. He makes me laugh. Here is one that made my day.

BY Mike Scott Editorial Cartoons

I am so sick and tired of GOP hypocrisy.  Are these guys real Christians or not? I am so tired of listening to their whining and inciting violence towards the sitting president. President Obama is hated just for sitting in that chair in that Oval office. Nothing more nothing less.

What would Jesus do, if he came today?

I think Jesus would first give the GOP and their religious white wing nut cases to read the same bible .

Leviticus 20:10.

“And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbor’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.”

My Plea to Democrats. Stop watering down your president.
With all the right-wing craziness, especially amongst the evangelical religious group calling for revolution like congress woman, Mitchell Bachman,Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin,Joe you lie and all the tea baggers going out shamelessly to incite the nut jobs. It  is irresponsible. Especially coming from some of these elected officials.

 Sarah Palin is just another person, who is full of herself. She does not take any responsibility on anything, and yes she is busy condeming President Obama’s foreign policy. My question is , where was Mitchell Bachman, Sarah palin, Glenn Beck and all the Religious right wing when Mr Dick Chenney and  Mr George Bush took this country to war? especially Iraq? Why did’nt the right wing condemn Dick Chenney.

This country went in a deficit under the GOP leadership. It is sickening to see  Flipflopers like Joe Liberman playing double standards. I am so tired of all this nosense.

 What is wrong with these people? They are sick in their minds. Really.

Threats like this

Ap reported on Nov 14 2009

WASHINGTON – Threats against a new president historically spike right after an election, but from Maine to Idaho law enforcement officials are seeing more against Barack Obama than ever before.”

This is unacceptable , especially in this country which stands out as the world peace maker.

Where is democracy? Where is the power of voting? Come  on guys, put your acts together.

On March 2 2008 – this

It will be wise if Democrats start speaking out and condemn these kind of threats towards the sitting president. You can not just sit back and let Rachel Maddow and Keith to do the work for you, they are the only two speaking out to condemn this threats. Where are all the liberals?
What would Jesus say if he came today. The right-wing crazies are weakening the security of this country. I am afraid to say so, but things I am reading and listening lately to in the news and media, are frightening.

 I do not know what has gotten into the minds of some republican leaders. This is not about the stimulus, health care reform or immigration issues, because when they were in power, I did not hear this kind of outcry when Mr Bush took this country to war, and almost buried this country alive with the huge deficit.

I think at this point, as much as Democrats wants to be intellectual and critical of the president, take yourselves back and condemn those who are busy inciting violence using the religious groups. Do we have our own Taliban in this country? Right wing religious groups are now sounding and acting like the Taliban.