Brainwashed clueless Americans exposed their ignorance on Saturday 20, 2010 by protesting the most historical and important bill for every American in this country.This is because Fox and other pundits keep feeding the wrong information to ordinary poor uninformed Americans. The result is, people are drunk with the Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Sarah Palin. and Michelle Bachmann poison cool aid.

 This is video is compiled by the New left Media

and this is why we need education in this country.

 I do not know how to make of the republican party, who sorely decided to favor insurance companies, and other  rich financial corporations, and coldly  turned their backs on  ordinary Americans.

The formation of the tea party movement which the Republican elected officials consistently endorsed, not only has driven the racial slurs against the sitting president, but also, the GOP endorsement to this movement is highly  contributing to dividing this great nation. High profiles GOP political figures like, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, are proudly identifying themselves as heads of the tea party movement. This is a shame, because deep down Palin and Bachmann’s heart, they care less about the American people, but their names and $$ pocket period.

I am torturing myself today watching FOX News, so I can listen to their FAUX coverage. Oh dear me, I hope I make it through this day.


Ladies, running for president is easy. You are qualified if you can be a Hockey mom, or if you can change a diaper.

According to Sarah and Fox news, You are a normal person if you go round signing your book in a cold weather with a barefooted child with down syndrome. If you have all those qualifications, the ratings will go up, you can run for president 2012?  She is a real woman , and a real American.

In case people forgot how stupid Sarah is, her lack of sense of Judgement, here is a reminder popcorn. “Hello This is Sarah, how are you?” Click and listen to the hockey smart mom.


This was a great comment on this prank..

“How quickly some people make excuses for Sarah. Then again it is not suprising since she can not accept any responsibility for her actions or words.Sure the staff let the call go thru. However, It is Sarah that talks for nearly 5 minutes on the phone.Sarah is the one giggling and laughing like a school girl and awnsers his questions and comments.Every other person they have called figured it out within 2 minutes.”

Asking why  women are divided over Sarah Palin?

My answer is, her sense of judgement is questionable, she is a little bit crazy and imbalance  to become president. Only a Grade 12 drop out would think changing diapers is a qualification.

Once more again she got pranked, and she could not use her judgement to shut up.

Sarah Palin would like to interview Katie Courie, because she feels Katie’s interview asking her what magazine she read was unfair.
She would have been happy if Katie Courie asked her how many diapers she changes,
She had all the answers:
Before and VP debate she changed diapers. Also Sarah Palin was mad at Courie, because she never asked her whether she was a hocky mom.

The Blame game:   “It was Katie Courie’s fault, that I did not know the answers.”

May be Katie should try the change diaper questions this time.

Work up America, Sarah Palin is dangerous . Look at her audience.