Brainwashed clueless Americans exposed their ignorance on Saturday 20, 2010 by protesting the most historical and important bill for every American in this country.This is because Fox and other pundits keep feeding the wrong information to ordinary poor uninformed Americans. The result is, people are drunk with the Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Sarah Palin. and Michelle Bachmann poison cool aid.

 This is video is compiled by the New left Media

and this is why we need education in this country.

 I do not know how to make of the republican party, who sorely decided to favor insurance companies, and other  rich financial corporations, and coldly  turned their backs on  ordinary Americans.

The formation of the tea party movement which the Republican elected officials consistently endorsed, not only has driven the racial slurs against the sitting president, but also, the GOP endorsement to this movement is highly  contributing to dividing this great nation. High profiles GOP political figures like, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, are proudly identifying themselves as heads of the tea party movement. This is a shame, because deep down Palin and Bachmann’s heart, they care less about the American people, but their names and $$ pocket period.

I am torturing myself today watching FOX News, so I can listen to their FAUX coverage. Oh dear me, I hope I make it through this day.


What a blessing to Fox News. Comedy will be so much fun to watch..wink wink

This made me laugh so loud. Sarah is dumb. I thought the above was just a make up of commedy. My goodness I feel sorry for SP and , her followers who think this woman is ready to be president.

Now here is the real clip below. Kill yourself with your own rope. Kate Courie was unfair. Let us see

 Palin bashed the media over and over. But did she ever bash FOX News. Now she is appearing on Glenn Beck’s show.

Now Beck is slicing her. He said to her..Bull crap. Look at  Sarah Palin ‘s face droping down.

 Ghost writers come and rescue Sarah. Glenn Beck is trying to tell her she is not trust worthy. But she can’t get it. This so good.

Governor you quit your job in Alaska for a book deal. You sold your soul. Simple and straight forward.

Sarah Palin is not trust worthy. She is chasing money.

Check the clip below: Bull Crap, even Glenn Beck knows Sarah Palin is full of BS crap.

How could Sarah forget this?? Check the link below

I am suprised she joined the media. Hypocrite. Media this, media that, and yet she was desperate to become part of media. Wink wink.

click on this links

Yes this was the same Fox Channel News bashing Sarah Palin

Welcome Sarah!!!! Keep endorsing candidates on Fox. You betcha… Wink, wink

Scott Brown is hot huh. 

Cant wait to interview him. Wink wink.

Is Todd Palin going to be sitting there at Fox waiting for Sarah? Just asking..because that was the norm when she was governor and VP candidate.