According to Gov Howard Dean, the Campaign for Health care reform that will include the public option has reached it’s final stretch.800px-Howard_dean
“The fear tactics from the opposition did’nt not work because support for president Obama’s Healthcare Reform which includes the choice of a public health insurance option has increased since the beginning of August.” say Dean
This is a testament to the fact that you never gave up. All summer we worked together to make sure Congress got the message that inclusion of a public option in any healthcare reform bill passed this year is non-negotiable. And every time Republicans tried to kill it or the insurance industry claimed it’s already dead, you stood up and proved them wrong”

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Gov Howard Dean is asking us to join him in calling on congress to pass real reform with majority votes.


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Mudflats attended the Netroots conference,  she has some inspiring message for all of us. We are not yet done. The work is just begining now….Take action ,
It is not your government but the insurance companies standing  between you and your doctor.
Take action or we are doomed forever.
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