Now whose fault was this mixup of Iraq and Iran? Expect Going Rogue part 2. Thank God this time it will be Hannity and Fox News, Hopefully. This is not Katie Couric. Going Rogue is all complaints about Katie’s unfair interview.

It looks like Sarah Palin  suffers from amnesia. I cannot believe that this woman can forget what happened just a year ago. This is the woman who could not explain what the Bush doctrine was in an interview with Charlie Gibson. I can not put up the youtube video,  find a link at the end of this article.

Whining and playing victim in her book is laughable. What scares me more are Sarah Palin’s clueless followers. Sarah claims her critics are  shallow minded and lonely. 

No ,we are just amazed with her memory and drama. Sarah Palin is a drama queen.

I borrowed this footage from one of my favorite sites, and smart good friend predicted it so right.


Going Rogue says it all. This came after VP loss.

It was only last year, how could she forget how clueless she was on issues.

What I know about Sarah is she is an opportunist, and the sad part is America elevates  idiots like Sarah Palin the blank clueless opportunist.

watch this and Stop playing victim.

Clueless Sarah Palin’s  Supporters. How scary is this.

Only dead fish go with the flow. This just  shows how many do not pay attention. Sarah and her writers recognize this fact, so it works to  her advantage. Unfortunately, there are people like myself who do not buy BS from any one. 

Last year Clueless Sarah Palin

Victim Sarah

And dumb

And Dumber did not know what the Bush Doctrine was…… It was all Katie Couric’s fault

“In what Respect Charlie?”

click and see this interview Charlie Gibson and Sarah Palin when she was asked what the Bush doctrine was? Sarah Palin was clueless.

Dumb and clueless. September 11, 2008 Interview

Playing victim all the time and refusing to take responsibility of her failures are  signs of lack of leadership skills. I am fine with her becoming a celebrity, but I have a problem with people pimping her for presidency. That would be suicidal. Call USA finished if Sarah Palin is elected President of this country. China, India will become super powers.