Rachel Maddow: The Nobel Prize & Obama Derangement Syndrome

Reaction around the world.
U.S. Airman Frederick Jones“Because of him, the rest of the world is starting to see us in a more positive way. I’m very excited about this,” – U.S. Airman Frederick Jones, at the Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan “

French President said this:
“It sets the seal on America’s return to the heart of all the world’s peoples … I am convinced that everyone, all over the world, will draw from this an even stronger determination to cooperate with you and with America to achieve these common objectives.” – French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

“Under your leadership, you have begun making peace a reality and making it a key issue on the agenda, which must be realized. From Jerusalem I express my confidence that the bells of understanding and dialogue between the nations will start ringing again.” – Shimon Peres, Israeli President.

There will be a lot to do but a window of possibilities has been opened and his engagement for a world free of nuclear weapons is an aim that we all have to implement in the next years.” — German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“The president has consistently shown that he is committed to reaching out to other nations and positioning America to once again be the global leader for peace and prosperity. This is a great honor for our country and reminds us all of the promise our nation holds.”-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, R-Calif.
Former President Jimmy Carter“A bold statement of international support for his vision,” Former President Jimmy Carter, 2002 Nobel winner

Kofi Annan

“It was an unexpected but inspired choice. In an increasingly challenging and volatile world, President Obama has given a sense of hope and optimism to millions around the world.” – Kofi Annan